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Charged with Sexual Harassment

In a case (00-07323NO)  filed 7/25/2000 Amway/Quixtar Crown Ambassador distributor Dexter Yager was charged by a former Amway employee with sexual harassment in Michigan Circuit Court of Kent County.  (Grand Rapids and home to Amway/Quixtar)  The Plaintiff claims she lost her job over the incident.  Were there political repercussions inside Amway when she complained?  Can an IBOA board member get an Amway employee fired?

From the complaint:  pdf file 650K
5. On March 15, 2000, Plaintiff was employed in the Special Events department of Amway Corporation, as the Photography Administrator.  As such, she was asked by Amway to assist in photographing the board of the Independent Business Owners Association ("IBOA") and various committees during an Amway convention the "IBOA" being held at the Amway Grand Hotel.

6.  Defendant Yager, is an Executive Board member of the "IBOA" and was present at the convention to be photographed with other board members.

7.  During the time photographs were being taken, Defendant Yager intentionally, unlawfully, and repeatedly touched Plaintiff in a sexually suggestive manner, including putting his arms around her, fondling her neck, and pinching here in the genital area.

8.  As a direct and proximate result of Defendant's assault of Plaintiff, Plaintiff suffered damages, including the following:

  1. humiliation, mortification, and embarrassment;
  2. emotional distress;
  3. loss of professional integrity;
  4. loss of job.

The court docket shows the case was settled before it went to court and was settled with "prejudice".  I assume the Plaintiff was compensated to keep the issue quiet and away from a jury trial.

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