Diamonds walk away from Financial Obligations
Dream House Sold in Bank Foreclosure Sale

A site visitor wrote me reporting that he had just purchased this 7,000 sq. ft house at a bank foreclosure sale . The owners in default were WWDB Diamonds David and Debbie Shores. The visitor wanted to know how to contact the Shore's since the built in appliances were missing from the house. $1.440 million was owed on the 7,000 sq. ft White Fish Montana home.

It is a bit disheartening to hear that qualifying Quixtar Diamonds, which are implied to have million-dollar per year incomes cannot afford their mortgage payment. Maybe the income at Diamond is not really what it is all cracked up to be. Interesting to note that in the time of low interest rates the Shores' loan carried an 11.5% interest rate, which normally implies some sort of credit risk.

The Shores' payment would have been at least $14,000/month, which a "million dollar income" should be able to handle.

Stranger yet is that they would walk away from the house and let it fall into default rather than take responsibility for their actions and sell it themselves.

Site visitors report the Shores are now renting a house in Salt Lake City. The Shores are still listed as qualifying Diamonds on the WWDB web site.

 David & Debbie Shores

"It's hard to believe that it has been eighteen Years since we became Amwav distributors. The business has turned out to be an unshakable financial foundation for our family that affords us choices that many others don't have. Last year we took the plunge and sold our home in Washington to try our hand as full-time Montanans!

"Whitefish, Montana is a little bit of Heaven and the world seems to have slowed down just moving here," says Debbie, "even in the midst of a major remodel!"

They plan to be moved in by Christmas with 7000 square feet that's newly remodeled to enjoy. "I'm not an architect," says David, "but I have really enjoyed designing our lake home."

"We tour the lake almost daily in our boat, catch trout from the patio, swim with our chocolate lab Choco, ride the wave runner, hike, bike, hunt, golf, and generally just hanging out. In the winter we ski Big Mountain resort, just 10 miles away, and snowmobile on trails starting across the road from our driveway."

To accommodate their freedom as a family, they have hired two teachers who travel with them and provide private schooling for their children. Talia (13), Taylor (9), and Spencer (7) think that living as a full time family is great! Talia was only 2 1/2, when her dad retired from engineering back in 19891

David's first dream in Amway was to purchase the family ranch where he grew up over 10,000 acres near Malta, Montana. They were able to do hat several years ago, and their children will be the sixth generation to own the property. After all these years, the Shores' still leave doubting people asking questions about whether it's really worth it, and wondering whether the great opportunities and benefits are still available to the newest Independent Business Owner (]BO).

".Amway is a face value business; it's what the plan says it is. It's better today than it has ever been especially with the addition of Quixtar, and it is definitely worth it," says David.

"Showing the plan regularly is the key, It is the most honest business we know of. The greatest stamp of endorsement we could give it is that we hope our kids eventually choose to become Amway/Quixtar 1BOs and build the business to a high level,' say David and Debbie.

"We are in our third year of home schooling for our three kids. We were able to hire two great teachers with over 20 years experience each. Last year we took the kids and teachers for eleven days to Kauai. This year it was eleven days in Washington, DC to see all the sights. Conclusion: the teachers like their jobs, the kids like their school and we love our kids, each other and our life. World Wide Group and Amway have just been a fabulous combination!" "So the bottom line is, here we arc eighteen Years later, more fired up about Amway than ever before. We still have big goals from here, and our refrigerators are all covered with hopes and dreams for our family's continued success. We enjoy the material goods that a big income affords, but besides our spiritual convictions, our marriage relationship and our three great kids, our personal freedom is our most precious accomplishment. We love arid appreciate Brad arid Julie Duncan, our sponsors, for sharing this great opportunity with us and for setting such a great pace. We've all truly been blessed by this business; now you need to build it. We believe in you and in your future!"

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