Amway Products Price Comparison

Amway Personal Shopper Catalog

Every year, Amway compares the prices of a small percentage of their products to other catalogs. For 1996, they compared 289 items, approximately 4% of all of their items, to similar products in the Spiegel, J.C. Penny, Lands End, and Fingerhut catalogs. The results of their survey was that at suggested retail, 69% of the 289 items were less than or equal to the items in those catalogs. At distributor cost, 91% of those items were less than or equal in cost. Many distributors use these percentages to indicate how competitive Amway's prices are for all of the catalog items.

Amway never reveals what products were compared. It could have been things like pens, post-its and socks for all we know.

In the table below I wanted to do a price comparison of a few of the catalog items. These are not sale prices, they are the regular price of the product at local retail outlets. A brand name in the description indicates an exact match. As I find more items, I will add the comparsions, but I hope you understand that adding to this list is a very low priority. I think I made my point with these items. Can you find some good deals in Amway's catalog, yes! Can you find some terrible deals in Amway's catalog, yes! Price comparisons and shopping always results in saving money.

Description Amway Price Store Price
In-Line Skates $64.19 $44.99
16 in Weedeater $139.09 $79.99
2 line Telephone w/speakerphone $89.99 $49.94
Cordless Telephone w/answering machine $135.99 $79.99
2lb Bread Machine $171.19 $99.99
Eureka 12 Amp Vacuum Cleaner $181.89 $129.99
Web TV $369.98 $329.99
12,000 BTU Air Conditioner $695.49 $529.00
Sharp 8 MM Camcorder $914 $649
32" TV $999.99 $699.99
Goodyear Radial Light Truck Tires w/RWL (2) $224.99 $129.98

The Goodyear price includes mounting and free tire rotation for the life of the tire. The Amway price, almost $100 higher, does not!

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