Consumer Reports: 
SA8 top in price and cleaning power

A site visitor wrote and told me that the January 2007 Consumer Reports (page 43, 44)  had compared High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergents.  Here is a brief review of Consumer Reports findings.  Consumer Reports also has a summary page on their website

bio.jpg (11307 bytes)Quixtar's SA8 with bioquest came out at top list for cleaning power and also for highest price.  It appears SA cleaning efficiency is only undone by Quixtar's inefficient distribution method.    SA8's price (61/load), according to Consumer Reports.   Consumer reports, is twice the price of the leading store bought alternatives such as Tide Free HE (27/load) and Gain HE (20/load).  Consumer Reports also made a funny jab by saying that the SA8 came from a company "formerly known as Amway."  

Topping Consumer Reports's list again for total value is Costco's kirkland Signature Ultra laundry detergent.  Although it carries no PV/BV, it only costs 12/load.   Also rated as a great buy was Wal-Mart's "Great Value ultra Glacier Breeze", which also costs 12/load.

consumer_reports_2007.jpg (21455 bytes)

Missing from the article is how exaclty consumer reports calculated the cost per load of the SA8 with Bioquest.    The Quixtar web site sells a 9.9 lb box (150 loads.) for distributor price of $28.10 (18.7/load).  The suggested retail price is $34.10 (22.7/load).  the product carries 10.40 PV and 30.2 BV.    Including the shipping ($6.75) for one box increases the cost per load to 27.3.

Consumer reports says the cost per load is based on the product's retail price and label recommendatins for a heavily soiled medium-sized load.  The SA8 powder was rated.  To justify the 61/load price Consumer reports must have had to use about 2.7 (61.0/22.7) times as much detergent for the heavily soiled load. 

A Quixtar distributor in the 25% bonus bracket would then have an effective "consumers rerport price" of
37 = ($28.10 - (30.2BV x .25BV/$)) / 150 x 2.7  for a heavily soiled load not including shipping costs.   The distributor would of course be better off secretly using the Kirkland Signaure Ultra for 12 per load and promoting the SA8 Bioquest to his downline.  With the money saved on the SA8 the distributor could afford to buy some of the many low priced Amway/Quixtar motivation supplies on Ebay