Rich DeVos Said....

Commentary by Bo Short, resigned Quixtar Diamond.

The "fine print" in the SA4400 contradicts the speeches that are given in homes, hotels, and convention centers around the world about the possibility of creating tremendous wealth by becoming an ibo in A/Q.

Freedom, financial independence, dreams that come true...It is my impression that corporate officials attempt to take the position that these are not their words, but the words of overzealous distributors.

If this is true, how then could one be so foolish as to believe the words that are spoken from stage, convention after convention, when the SA4400 seems so contrary? That's simple. This supposed great company is seen at these very conventions holding these kingpins up as great leaders and mentors. Corporate officials told me countless
times that I was in one of the best lines of sponsorship in that business. Remember the statement, if you want what they have do what they did.

Do not talk to me about the fine print in a document. You may disregard my views so let's look at what the co-founder of Amway, Rich DeVos has to say about his opportunity and its' leaders.

From: Compassionate Capitalism, by Rich DeVos, 1993

Pg. 75-76:
"Remember Hal and Susan Gooch?...They started their own little Amway business and worked hard to
make it grow... And that house of their dreams that began as a small summer cottage for the owners of Thomasville furniture, that grew into a sprawling mansion, is now the home of Hal and Susan Gooch...
Their story is not unique. I've seen it happen time and again..."

Pg 77
"Less than a dozen years after their car wash days, Pam and Larry Winter are financially independent."

Pg 59
"Remember Jack Daughery, the son of migrant workers, who spent his childhood picking
cherries in the hot sun and wanting something better?...Compassionate Capitalism reached
out to the Daugherys, and their hopes of a better life came true."

Pg 89
"...They wanted to show us a business opportunity...
Remember Ron's (Puryear) words: I chose freedom..."

Pg 174
"Today, Dexter and Birdie Yager a sprawling colonial-style dream house with six
fireplaces. The old row house is just a memory...The Yagers are trying to reprogram
a whole generation...One important way to improve your "diet" is to listen to tapes and read books.

Pg 181
"...Dexter and Birdie Yager had succeeded in their business beyond their
wildest dreams...they were wealthy and powerful..."

Pg 180
"...They (Bill and Hona Childers) knew in their hearts that something would come along to give them financial stability, and they saw the opportunity to own a business in 1973...Today they live in a beautiful home...Best of all, their future and their children's financial future is guaranteed..."

Pg 191
"...Britt has gone on to become one of the greatest mentors in the history of our company..."

Pg 207
"...Rex Renfro...just knew he wanted a business of his own...
Pg 210..."It was an easy price to pay", Renfro remembers"

Pg 251
"...And it all began for Don and Nancy Wilson, for Paul and Debbie Miller, and for millions
like them when they decided to take free enterprise seriously...And the rest is, as they
say history. You, too, can succeed. Seize the day! Find a mentor."

Pg 262
"...Jim and Margee Floor saw amazing results when they began to work seriously on their
business once again. "Our business grew in leaps and bounds," Jim remembers. "For
the first time in our lives, our income continued even when we weren't working...And
Margee and I saw our dream of financial security come true."

I could go on and on, but why?

I guess the question becomes, who are you to believe? Unfortunately for me, I was so struck by his words that I believed Rich DeVos himself, as well as what his apparent friends and so-called leaders said from stages around the world. Financial independence, making your dreams come must be true. He said so himself.

Out of curiosity, I wonder what these corporate officials would say under oath. Would they paint the same glowing picture of opportunity that these stories in his book seem to? I would see no reason why they wouldn't; he said it. He said, "...Their story is not unique. I've seen it happen time and again..." To read what he wrote any rational thinking person must come away with the idea that this is not only possible, but also probable if one follows his leaders. Then again, he was not under oath when writing his book. However, I took him at his word.

After reading what he wrote, why would anyone not succeed? Why would anyone question the leadership of these people that he seems to highlight as his success stories? Remember, according to Mr. DeVos, "...Britt has gone on to become one of the greatest mentors in the history of our company..." I can only assume that he sees them as good, trustworthy mentors who live the family values they teach. Many of them appear to be more than leaders of his organization; they appear to be his friends.

I read an interesting statement this morning:

"Deceivers are the most dangerous members of society. They trifle with the best
affections of our nature, and violate the most sacred obligations."...
George Crabbe

Lastly, when given the opportunity to speak up, do so. Cast aside any sense of embarrassment, stand up and give voice to those who will not or cannot. Thank you for allowing me to be here with you.

Bo Short

The preceding comments are based on my experiences and opinions.

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