The Quixtar Systems

The "systems" are by far the most controversial subject of the Amway/Quixtar business. The System is the only means to success in the Amway/Quixtar business, or at least, as it is taught by those selling the systems. It is repeated over and over that those IBOs not using the system and teaching others to use the system will fail in the Amway/Quixtar business.

The various Quixtar lines of sponsorship sell their "systems" or Business Support Materials (BSMs) consisting of audiocassettes, CD's, videos, voice messaging, seminars, and open meetings to train their IBOs. The system is supposed to promote the Quixtar business. A critical analysis of the system content would reveal that the system is used only to perpetuate the use of the system itself, making the sellers of the systems yet more money.  Most tapes I've heard and meetings I've attended stress buying the systems more than Quixtar products.  The systems are geared more to recruiting additional people to participate in the system than they are to increasing the average sales of Quixtar products and Quixtar bonuses for IBOs.

"Tools in Amway organizations are a major source of income. The Amway pay plan
is one of the worst in the industry so tools help make up the difference."
Former Amway Crown - Leonard Hall in an e-mail

"The tool and function business generates enormous profits. Simply put, the money is not in
the Amway business; it is in the hype of the Amway business."
- from Quixtar suit filed by
Crown Kenny Stewart, Double Diamond Brig Hart and Diamond Charlie Schmitz

The corner stone of the system are the audio recordings reproduced on cassette tapes and CDs. Many of the tapes are just recordings from past meetings, in which the "system" itself is being promoted. A good portion of the teachings from these materials is why you should be buying into the system of tapes, books, and seminars and getting others to buy it. My observation is that the system is used to promote the system itself. There is greater emphasis on promoting the system than there is of merchandising the Quixtar products to retail customers.

Listening to their tapes and going to their meetings will reveal the repetitive messages about using the "proven system". In reality, IBOs need to continually listen to the repetitive messages on the tapes, so that they can continually relearn, why they need to continue to buy and listen to tapes and attend their meetings. It should be clear to the casual observer that the main emphasis of the business is to purchase the system and convince others to purchase it. Of course after attaining a certain level, and bringing enough IBOs onto the system, one can begin to profit from promoting the system. The system is nothing more than an "dummy product", which the lines of sponsorship use to divide up the profits in their own product pyramid scheme.

The reason that the meetings and tapes are so repetitive is that new people are always being brought in to the business. The new people could never come up to speed if the techniques being taught had a compounding base of knowledge such as that in Medicine. The Quixtar business can only reproduced if it remains simple down to its core. This means that the messages on their tape system will quickly become routine and repetitive. The only reason to continue to buy into the system is to show your loyalty to the system so that others will follow your example and buy the system as well. Getting enough people to follow your example will enable you to profit from their purchases when you sell enough to qualify for the tools kickbacks.

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