Quixtar - Super Nova or collapsing Blackhole?

Well it is renewal time for Quixtar IBOs.  This is the time of year when upline nervously await the news of how many people in their groups are going to be quitters and losers.

Previously Amway published that just over 50% of all IBOs renewed.  Additionally Quixtar has published to their Platinum Index" that just 32% of 1st year IBOs renew. 

Site visitors from  two groups with legs consisting of well over 100 people in each leg were nice enough to send me their renewal information from their groups.  These legs were 3-4 years old.

From a total of 365 IBOs, 301 IBOs had not renewed by Jan. 3, 2005.   82.5% of the IBOs did not renew, only 17.5% renewed.  One leg had a renewal rate of 18.5% and the other just 14%.  With just a 17.5% average renewal rate from 2004-2005 it might imply that next year might look kind of dim.  Has the ever expanding Quixtar Super Nova finally lost its growth momentum?   Unfortunately I do not have the renewal rates from 2003-2004 for comparision but this rate seems far above the rates Quixtar has previously reported. Granted this is only a sample of two legs.  Any site visitors wishing to send me more data is encouraged to do so.   With some more data from other large legs we might get a better picture of what is really happening with the renewals and if Quixtar is collapsing into a black hole or will still remain a shining star.

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