Religion and Politics

Unlike most other businesses, Quixtar lines of sponsorship outwardly promote and endorse fundamentalist Christian views. Most Quixtar leaders can be associated with the radical right as well. Religion and politics are a fundamental part of the business. Many meetings and functions will have prayers, and there are Sunday morning services where the some of the leaders will preach. Understand that religion and politics are an integral part of the business. It is not uncommon for IBOs to eventually have clashes with their upline due to the ever-present mix of religion and politics in the Quixtar business.

Birdie Yager reveals the newest addition to the Bible's book of Acts at a Yager function.

Dexter Yager gives a rather bizarre speech while quoting the Bible.

Rich DeVos, Cofounder of Amway, expresses the need to remove religion from the Amway business

Ron Puryear quotes Isah 61

Crown: Dexter Yager "God has anointed this business"

Crown: Bill Britt: "Everything we teach is founded on God's word"

Crown: Bill Britt: "If you get right spiritually, you can go Diamond"

Larry Winters "our job is to fill seats for our Lord and Savoir", "Dateline is a Satanic attack".

"they preaches Personal consumption of products and the system as if it were your salvation.
And if you don't do well in your business, they ask you how your relationship with God is
doing, as if you aren't a good person if you aren't succeeding. Great self-esteem booster."

"I left Quixtar for a lot of reasons, mostly because of the Religious and the political speeches.
I didn't see the relevance to my business. I would have continued but, as you can imagine, the
money just wasn't there either."
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