Major Quixtar Lines of Sponsorship

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Here is a summary of the major lines of sponsorship and how they run their business. If you have additional information as well as the logins and passwords to their web sites, please write me. Last update Oct 7, 2003

Britt World Wide - BWW
Leader: Bill Britt
Product Distribution: Direct fulfillment from Quixtar to IBO's home.
Tool $: Profits shared with directs and above. 2 tapes a week, 1 book a month, and 1 seminar per month, website available. Tape price is being increased to $7.50 each.
Income: WWDB Founders Emeralds are said to earn $87,881/year, Diamonds $136,332. See Britt Powerpoint slide
Other: Centered in the US Bible belt of the Southeast. Fundamentalist Christian group. Mixes religion with the business. They have an "Eagle" and "Double Eagle" program to reward people for sales and how many downline they get to buy the BWW tapes and system.
Lawsuits: Woods vs. Britt

World Wide Dream Builders - WWDB
Leader: Ron Puryear. Group is run by a Board of Directors made up of WWDB diamonds
Product Distribution: Most Platinums are still on the old Amway product pick up system. This is the system closest to operating like Amway did. All products except large ones are done through the line of sponsorship. This reduces the "store for more" shipping charge from 7% to 4%. All products carry a 4% shipping charge with no minimum order (ie. no $5 or 5%), with the new system in place. IBOs start ordering from the corporation, at the Platinum's discretion at 1000-1500pv. This is partial ordering for case quantity items only.
Tool $: The tools profits are claimed to be re-invested within the organization by supporting functions that are not yet profitable and funding promotions. Directs and up get "tape" breaks.

Tapes cost - 1.5 tapes a week @ $7 per tape. Every so often they add $3 on per tape so that they can give that money to a charity of their choice. There is no accounting of the donations..1 book purchased from upline or bookstore. Seminar 8 times a year, if all 3-4 sessions are attended it is $18-24 per Seminar. 4 Major functions a year, per person - Dream Night $66, $150(?), $150, $90. WWDB Ron Puryear  claims there are no overhead expenses.

Voice Messaging: Communikate ($25 - $31.95 per month or $19.95 for voicemail only. A month free if you pay for a year at a time.)

Internet access ISP and - $12.00 per month and $1 for personalized web site access. (It may be $15 if you pay month by month, instead of for the whole year.) $5.00 for email only and personalized web site access.

Income: They claim to have the highest average PV per distributor. This group does promote retailing in addition to "Private Franchising". WWDB Founders Emeralds are said to earn "$110,000/year,"" Diamonds $250,000/year" on average.
Other: Centered in the US Pacific Northwest and the West coast. They stress a 300PV (+$600/month) Home Consumption Plan. They encourage IBOs to pay themselves Quixtar retail prices for personal consumption and count the markup as profit for their business. The artificial mark up can then be used to pay for tools and functions. They have an "Eagle and Double Eagle" program to reward people for sales and how many downline they get to buy the WWDB tapes and system. Besides Eagle and Double Eagle, WWDB also has the River Rendezvous. This is where they can go stay at Ron Puryear's huge river house for a weekend: Qualifications are one needs to sponsor 10 new legs in that 14 month period. For example, a Platinum currently has 12 legs, he needs to sponsor 10 new legs whereas 3 are at least at 1000PV, 7 at least at 100PV and the total volume of the new group is 7500PV or greater.

WWDB use to hold weekend Mini-Rallies, that is an Emerald who would show the plan, have a seminar and rally. This function seems to have been replaced by product seminars. WWDB has three types: Artistry Clinics, Nutrition Seminars, Home Seminars (Home Care Product Education)

WWDB  discourages the Member option in Quixtar.

History: History: Here is the history of the qualified North American WWDB Diamonds. The sources of these numbers are from the WWDB Profiles of Success for each year. The numbers do not include Bill & Peggy Britt, Leonard & Esther Kim (South Korea), Karl & Ruby Meyer (Philippines).

2001 (Quixtar) - 27
2000 (Quixtar) - 31
1999 (Amway) - 34 Two ILD Diamonds returned to WWDB
1998 (Amway) - 30
1997 (Amway) - 35
1996 (Amway) - 38

One notices a general downward trend, even with Quixtar. The increase from 1998 to 1999 is partly because of two Diamonds returning to WWDB from ILD.

A net loss of 10 since 1996 (not 11, because of Diamond Howie Danzik marrying Diamond Theresa Tsuruda in 1997), while generating only 7 new Diamonds since 1997 (1.4 year).

Since Quixtar launched, WWDB has seen a net loss of 7, while generating only 2 new Diamonds (1.0 per year).
Lawsuits: Taylor-Duncan
Business Statistics:

AS OF JULY 2003 for fiscal 2002 and 2003

WWDB The rest of Quixtar (Includes our numbers)

WWDB YTD BV up 13.06%, Quixtar YTD BV up 7.87%
WWDB YTD PV up 10.21%, Quixtar YTD BV up 5.0%
WWDB new IBO’s up 8.04%, Quixtar new IBO’s down 5.19%
(much of this is due to the fact that since 1999 many other organizations depicted Quixtar as a g get rich quick scheme where there was no work involved)

WWWDB new members up 44.91%, Quixtar new members up 23.99%
WWDB new clients up 339.28%, Quixtar new clients up 133%
(The source was supposedly a personal letter from Ken McDonald as well as a Kate message from him directed to Ron Puryear.)

The following is from a site visitor: There are several reasons why these numbers for WWG Members & Clients look so impressive - (World Wide Group - formerly WWDB) they do not tell the whole story!!

First and foremost, you must remember that WWG is on the old call-in/pick-up system, which means folks in WW line-of-sponsorship cannot just go online and order anything they want, anytime they want. If we log onto Quixtar and want to order Nutrilite, for example, it comes back with an error message that we must order those products through our upline. So for the 'core' products ('Choices' catalog - all the main items), we must still call our Platinum upline during their one-hour window on our specified order day. Prior to that, OUR downline have to call us within OUR one-hour window (usually scheduled 1 hrs before we need to call - this gives us time to combine orders for OUR call-in to the Platinum). Pick-up is the same, but reversed...we pick up in a one-hour window from our Platinum, and then hold our own pick-up for our downlines. WW is the only one, as you note on your site, which still operates on this system. Many people who are just 'Prosumers' (i.e. Members, people without a substantial downline, or people just ordering products for personal use), find call-in and pick-up inconvenient, or too far too drive, or you miss your call-in time, and/or not in line with their personal schedules. So they circumvent the system. They will set up a 'client' account on Quixtar, using a fictitious name with their own mailing address. And since clients are not IBOs, they are free to order anything anytime they wish through the Quixtar site with their own Client number. So now, an IBO can log on through the client number instead of their own IBO number. They still get the volume, because they were the ‘sponsoring’ IBO of the client. Therefore, some client accounts may actually be dummy accounts for IBOs, and would therefore be duplicates.

There is one drawback with this method however, and that is that retail price will be charged, because a client does not pay wholesale. Then IBOs get even more creative!! You can sign in with your own IBO number, then you can order FOR a client, at IBO cost, and it's shipped to the 'client's" (your own) address. All you need to do is enter the Client Number under 'Ship To' and you're all set. This is pretty common practice, and works very well. I heard about it during a discussion at a function, of all places, where some women were tired of driving miles & miles to pick up, and found a way around it! Quite frankly, I use this myself quite frequently! Saves me the hassle of doing call in at 10:30 on a Sunday nite (of course, I have a JOB, so I have to get up Monday….)

Another reason for the seemingly high numbers is that WWG has been the line-of-sponsorship of choice from Quixtar to run 'test case’ contests - one has been completed - called 'Track2' - and a new one has begun - called 'QuickCash.' Essentially, the idea is to accumulate PV strictly through client orders. However, orders MUST be placed through a client number, and cannot be shipped to an IBO address for them to count for the contest. The prizes aren’t half bad if you finish within the amount of time – there’s about $600 cash and 3 Travel albums – 3-nites each. Total value is around $1500. So WWG members have an incentive to sign up all of their friends, neighbors, etc. as clients, that other lines-of-sponsorships don’t have. And I’m sure you have figured out by now that some IBO’s would have been creative enough to combine these two elements….

WW’s client numbers are probably higher than other LOS without these two things, because they do encourage clients (those who say no to the business should ALWAYS become clients – you’re supposed to guilt them into it because they are your friends). But the statistics you show seemed way over the top, even to me. Then I got to thinking… Anyway – thought you’d find that interesting.

Leader: Chairman is McCracken.
Product Distribution
Tool $: 6 tape and 1 book subscription $70 per month (varies) monthly seminars, Diamond and Emerald plans, Quarterly major functions plus Go Diamond Weekend. monthly newsletter plus System website. Genie system promoted. Sell many tools created within other Diamond systems
Other: Mainly located on the US west coast
History: This group is composed of former INA diamonds who left to form their own system in l997.

Last know Diamonds: McCracken, Crown Leif Johnson, Strom, Bob Payne, Dick Payne, Singleton, Carlton, Jaramillo, Morales, and Bellacera. Jaramillo was kicked out of the Globalnet team due to tools loading in his downline.

All of GlobalNet is under Jack Daughery, ILD chair, who personally sponsored Leif Johnson. Jack Daugherty and Jody Victor are featured at many GlobalNet events.

There once were five or six Diamonds who were part of WWDB. Around the mid 80s these Diamonds left WWDB to form another system which soon was renamed INA or International Networking Association. INA had a board of directors (the diamonds) and held diamond meetings several times each year. All Diamonds had voting rights but most stuck to the lines of sponsorship and voted whatever their upline Diamond did. Some ten or so years later Jim Elliot achieved the EDC level and was recognized at the 96 INA FED as a new EDC. He was also recognized as the new 'chairman for life' of INA. Less than a year later 11 Diamonds left INA to form GlobalNet. INA elected to change from a diamond board to a structure more like the Amway Policy Board structure. Thus, the founding diamonds sat on Executive Board and the other underling diamonds sat on various committees mirroring the current IBOIA structure. INA diamonds say they all have an equal say in INA decisions while GlobalNet IBOs claimed only a few INA diamonds controlled all INA Right around 95-96 Jack Daugherty left WWDB to form ILD

International Leadership Development. Some ILD members went back to WWDB after some time. Jack D. is the personal sponsor of Leif Johnson. Leif Johnson was a big star in INA until he divorced his wife. Then Leif remarries Beverly Sallee, a single female INA diamond. Leif is then back on the INA speaking circuit. A few years later Leif and Bev divorce and Leif once again disappears from the INA speaking circuit. Note--Leif Johnson is a Crown Diamond. No other INA diamond ever got beyond EDC.

Leif eventually remarries a lady called Bonnie. The time-line blurs (it's been 5 years since INA 96 FED) but what is clearis that Jack D. leaves WWDB around 95-96 and forms ILD, then INA recognized Jim Elliot as new EDC and chairman for life of INA, then GlobalNet is formed by 11 former INA diamonds, and INA reorganized its board of diamonds to mirror the Amway board and the various committees. It is rumored that GlobalNet elects to stay with the Diamond roundtable with all Diamonds participating in Diamond meetings and decisions.

So now we have WWDB, ILD, INA, and GlobalNet.

ILD - International Leadership Development
Leader: Jack Daughery
Product Distribution: Direct fulfillment
Tool $: Genie voice messaging system. 6 audio tapes per month - $42; Book of the Month - varies ($8 - $15); ILD Online membership - $25 annually; Various Web Tools - $15-$25 per month - $7.50/month
Other: .Mostly on the US west coast, some groups in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Wisconsin.
History: Between 1993 and 1995 WWDB broke quite a few diamonds, many of which were in the Daughery line of sponsorship. Daughery's philosophy of pin building was "create the pin and the volume will follow." In other words, do whatever it takes (read: BUY the pin) to create the new emerald or diamond and, because of the excitement created, more people will be sponsored and the volume in that leg will increase to where you have a legitimate diamond or emerald business. People were buying vacuums and Kitchen Queen cookware by the cases and doing pv/bv transfers to create that elusive 7500 pv to artificially create new direct businesses. This is why many of those ILD diamonds are no longer qualified - they didn't have the roots to support the title. (Ron Puryear and WorldWide as a whole discourage this. They have "Pin Parameters" that must be met before you are allowed to receive the next highest pin - Direct or higher - because it is viewed as a huge negative to the organization to fall out of qualification.) Anyway, because Jack was creating most of the diamonds, Jack and a few of his downline diamonds felt it may be time for a leadership change in WWDB. Ron Puryear had been at the head since it's inception in the late 1970's. Ron supposedly said that he would step aside and let Jack lead Woldwide if the leadership board voted to support it. Well, Jack didn't have nearly enough support and lost the vote. Within 6 months he had started ILD (called "I Love Daughery" in these parts) so he could be Grand Pubah and feed his massive ego.
Other: Because of Jack Daughery's love of Harley's, part of the motivation for reaching Diamond is to be able to join Jack and other Diamonds on a cross country (usually somewhere thru the west) Harley trip. This is a time to "connect" with other motivated ILD leaders. If you don't like riding bikes or can't, you can tag along in a vehicle.

INA - International Network Associates
Leader: Jim Floor
Product Distribution:
Tool $: $60 per month for two tapes a week, 1 book a month, internet site access, 1 training meeting tape profits shared with directs and above
Other: .Mostly on the US west coast

Markerman Productions - MMP  
Leader: Jody Victor
Product Distribution:
Tool $: $410 registration fee which includes the Quixtar portion of about $100, the markerman website for $120 a year, and all kinds of training tapes of Jody Victor.

CEC program at a cost of $34.50 for each block of 4 tapes which come at the rate of 6-8 per month. There is a leadership tape series, which is another 4 tapes a month.

Voice mail is "IBOCs". IBOCs has a similar pricing as the old Amvox system $9.95, 19.95 & 29.95 but with slightly higher PV/BV than amvox had and with many more features.

There is also a book of the month.

Seminars are the all inclusive at a starting rate of $450 for a single, $610 for a double, etc.


Network 21 -N21
Leader: Jim Dornan
Product Distribution:
Tool $: Only higher leaders receive any income. Income based more on what sells. $60.00 per month, which includes website, tapes and book for each month. Genie voice messaging
Other: .Mostly on the US west coast. Has a large international group.
Network 21 - Malaysia

Ringgit Malaysia exchange rate to US Dollars is USD1-00 = RM3-80.

A Business Preview cost RM4-00 (USD1-05), Business Building Seminar cost RM35-00 (USD9-22) and Weekend Leadership Seminar cost RM400-00 (USD105-00).

From the Network 21 owner's manual version 8.0, it stated, Be A Core Person.

Part of the trancript:

Core people are distributors who follow the System. Your business actually begins once you go Core (No puns intended, they actually bold these words). It brings recognition, provides entry into special meetings and assures that you will duplicate the right attitude and habits. Remember: it's a SYSTEM.

1. Show the Plan
At least eight times a month

2. Be a 100% user
Use 25 or more of Amway's products

3. 10 retail clients (200PV)
Develop and service 10 customers

4. Listen to the Recommended Tapes (RT)
Subscribe to the RT program

5. Read 15 minutes from the Recommended Book (RB) each day
Subscribe to the RB Program

6. Attend all system functions
Business Preview, Business Building Seminar, Leadership Seminar

7. Learn Teamwork



No cross-lining

Lawsuits: Giblin v. Netwrok 21 Network 21 sued for unauthorized translation and selling copies of his book "skill with people".

Yager Groups passwords are 'dream' in the first field and 'big' in the other.

Yager Group Lawsuits Morrision Setzer Lavoi Hayden

EDDinfo  http://www.eddinfo-com
Leader: Don Storms
Product Distribution: Direct fulfillment from Quixtar to IBO's home.
Tool $: 2002 Nov 22-24 Dream Weekend $590 double occupancy before Oct 15, $816 after Oct 15.  Registration form., Leadership weekend: $623 double occupancy  Registration form
Income: EDDinfo Claims Emeralds make $84,577/year, diamonds $228,091 Income claims
Other: .Mostly on the US east coast.
Legal: Don Storms solicited many people to invest in a $17 million failed Ponzi scheme 4NExcahnge.

Leader: Fred Harteis
Product Distribution: Direct fulfillment from Quixtar to IBO's home.
Tool $:
Other: Mostly on the US middle US east coast. International groups are called "International Business Systems".
History: Schiebeler-Harteis

Leader: Hal Gooch (Tim Foley in practice)
Product Distribution: Direct fulfillment from Quixtar to IBO's home.
Tool $: profits shared with directs and above. 2 tapes a week, 1 book a month, 1 seminar or convention a month. Website available but most diamonds are not promoting it very hard - $20/month
Other: Mostly on the US southeast coast. Strong in Florida and Latin America.
History: Pronet has the most prominent list of tools disputes and lawsuits among IBOs in the business.
Lawsuits: Double Diamond Brig Hart #1, Hart #2, Crown Kenny Stewart vs. Gooch et all, Stewart, hart, Schmitz versus Quixtar/Amway/Alticor

United Ventures
Leaders: Tim Bryan, Serg Vallee
Product Distribution:
Tool $: 2003 Winter conference price was $92 in advance, $100 at the door.
Other: Located in the French speaking areas of Canada, and the Northeast USA. Has a special pin program to award those who sell 15, 30, 45, and 60 tickets to the next function. Depth charger pin for those that make 3 new legs 3 deep in 90 days. Width builder pin for those who pay nine bonus checks in one month. Quick charger pin for those who sponsor 3 people in one month.


World Information Network (WIN)
Diamond Leaders: Loretta Alfrey (1991), George & Melody Peintner (1989), Linda Brollier (1989), Jim & Marcia McAnarney, Bill & Jan Newton
Product Distribution: Direct Fulfillment
Tool $: They encourage a standing monthly order of PDP (book and tape) at $41.00. Seminars are $100 three times a year. Your first one is free if you are good standing on ordering the PDP and made you B/V,P/V for the month preceding the seminar.

Standing Order Tape & Book of the Month $41.00
Standing Order Tape, Go-Getter & Book of the Month $66.00
Standing Order Tape, Go-Getter, Inspirational Tape & Book of the Month $91.00
Standing Order Tape, Inspirational Tape & Book of the Month $66.00
Inspirational Tape & Book of the Month $41.00
You may add Video of the Month to any of the above orders $16.50
You may receive CDs in place of the Standing Order Tape on any of the above packs $ 6.00

The registration fee is $114.00 which consists of annual business fee (Quixtar) $39.00; IBO publications $20.00; and product introduction pack of $55.00.

Other: . Groups in the central US - Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Colorado.

WIN Business Concept Deceptively avoids the name Quixtar and Amway. Instead says the IBOAI is the parent company that brings it all together. "The IBOAI makes available thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers."

No mention of retailing or product merchandising is made. They promote the illegal "buy from your self business model". "You learn to shop on line and create points. You teach this shopping method to other people."


Team 5000
Leader: Chuck & Colleen Goetschel upline Crown Dan Williams
Product Distribution: Direct Fulfillment, promotes the "self consumption" business.
Tool $: They utilize the Yager system
Other: Chuck's father had been in Amway for ever and recruited Chuck.
History: Chuck sponsored Diamonds Hal & Harriet Lyons who were kicked out of the business by Quixtar immediately after their faked Diamond qualification was found. .

Emeralds: Charlie & Betty Goetschel (Chuck's dad), Craig & Jennifer Hopps, Todd Clark, Tom & Phyllis Mattinson

Interbiz -
Leaders: Tom Hansen, Randy Wolfe U.S.A. Randy Wolfe, who is a non-qualifying Emerald has teamed with Tom Hansen to be the United States component of InterBIZ.
Casey Combden does the portion in Canada

These Groups are currently working in the Detroit/ AnnArbor areas of Michigan, and the area Toronto and Windsor areas of Canada.

Product Distribution: Direct fufillment from Quixtar
Tool $: -3 Books per month, 1 tape/cd,Monthly workshop/ conference, * all of the above are optional but strongly encouraged : Cost to join: 44.75 initially, (price to renew is higher)
Other: This group concentrates on using "Ad Packs" to prospect a lot of people very quickly.

Information about how the business works is deliberately sketchy at weekly Tuesday night meetings where IBO's pay $5.00 to attend. They can purchase packs of guest passes so that prospects may attend for free but, I have know immediate knowledge of how much the passes cost.

When asking about the history of the company, I still hear that "this is a brand new business that has only been around for (3-6) months".

When they 'prospect' a new recruit they are very insistent about showing the plan in the persons home- when my boyfriend was introduced it was on the dual purpose of a job interview (highly unusual in my opinion)- because they want IBO's to screen potential members.

Diamonds, Emeralds and the top people are elusive about exactly how long that they have been involved in the business, which in all honesty is disconcerting, if you were to ask anyone about their job most are forthright about the length of time they have been in the business or tell you in conjunction with how long they have until retirement.


Dream Chasers International
DC International and

Leaders: Billy Florence
Product Distribution: Products are sent directly from Quixtar to the IBO but are ordered by a product group leader (usually a Platinum but can be a lesser pin if they are considered responsible enough). They also have a CD called We Got It Right that sets people up with a email reminder shopping list so they get a reminder in there email every week. All they have to do is click on what they want to order and send the email back.
Tool $: They have a "tapes in a box" system where you get 8-10 tapes each month (depending on how many Sundays are in a month) consisting of 4-5 Standing Order Tapes and 4-5 Leadership Tapes. These are sent straight to the people too (I think maybe the Emeralds handle this -- they used to but it may of changed). They use IBOCS to communicate.

DCI Membership Program

Beginning January 1, 2004, DreamChasers will begin a preferred member IBO Status to enable IBO's to purchase their personal Business Support Materials and personal Function Tickets at a discounted price.

Every IBO may now choose to purchase for $35 a month, a DreamChasers preferred member IBO subscription. A subscription is for one year payable in monthly installments of $35. By doing so, you will position yourself to receive the following benefits:

Training Seminars – Conferences @ Member Rates

Member Yearly BDS Pass - $70
Major Function Tickets - $65-$70 (Non-Member $100-$105)

Business Support Materials @ Discounted Prices

Member Tape Price - $2.50 (Non-Member $6.00)
Member CD Price - $3.50 (Non-Member $7.00)

All other Business Support Materials will be sold at the DreamChasers Distribution Center’s cost which means that if at the end of the year there are monies left over from operations those monies will be used to reduce prices in the following year.

Governance of the DreamChasers Distribution Center will be maintained by your Leadership Team, which is comprised of six rotating members that have reached the Platinum level or above.

This program offers an optional way to purchase your BSM's and personal Function Tickets provided you have read and signed the BSMAA. Participation is at the sole discretion of all IBO's to determine if purchasing of their Business Support Materials and Function Tickets as a Member will reduce their business expenditures.

Business Support Materials and Function Tickets purchased as a Member will be for your own personal use only. Business Support Materials purchased through this program are intended for the use only with IBO's who are engaged in the DreamChasers IBO Training System.

The revenue from the monthly subscription fee of $35 will be paid to the Platinums and above who are active in the DreamChasers Training Organization to help off-set some of the education and training costs they incur which are not normally covered by the IBO Compensation Plan.

All Membership IBO's who for whatever reason cancel their subscription to the Membership Program and later re-join, will be charged a re-connect fee of $25 in addition to the monthly subscription fee of $35.

Had set up tools delivery with Alticor's Access Business group.


INS International Networking Systems (INS).  
Leaders: Leader-Jack and Effie Reid, Sub Diamonds-Van and Carol Larrimore, Former Sub-Diamonds Jerry and Kay Huffer
Product Distribution:
Tool $:
Other: Yager subgroup
Product Distribution:
Tool $:

Progressive Business Concepts
Legacy Business Group
Leaders: Randy Haugen
Product Distribution:
Tool $:
Other: Yager subgroup
Product Distribution:
Tool $:

Team InFocus (now disbanded - more info)
Leader: Barry Joye and Gerry Betterman
Product Distribution: NA
Tool $: They had published a tool profit sharing plan. $88.00 per month which includes website, 8 tapes and book for each month. This group is following Casey Combden's method of building. They have also billed themselves as THE opportunity with Quixtar being one of their "partner" stores.
History: Group was formed to make the tools system "fairer". Quixtar terminated three diamonds in April 2002 after they refused to stop a new tool, the MAP pack, whereby new IBOs could make money selling it. 15 other diamonds resigned in protest and started their one MLM program, still named "Team in Focus".

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