Have you been drinking Purple Kool-Aid?


Numerous site visitors, who broke free from the grasp (grapes?) of the Quixtar motivational systems have compared their addiction to the system as "drinking the purple Kool-Aid".

"As for the veil of purple juice being lifted, it started
out by being a nagging feeling. Then, because I am
a professional person that has been in business for years,
I had to add up all the expenditures and finally face it.
I think I didn't want to believe a man that I have had to
dinner in my home, gone to dinner at his, spent hours
with their family, laughed and cried with, could be
using me."
- Site Visitor

Of course the grape Kool-Aid connotation comes from the Peoples Temple cult who committed mass suicide by drinking poison laced grape Kool-Aid.

Site visitors mention that being on the Kool-aid (the system) fogs their judgment. No doubt many of the systems employ cult tactics to control their members thinking.

"I was drinking the Kool-aid with the rest of them." - Former Diamond Bo Short

"Is Jim Jones going to come in here and serve us all a refreshing fruit-aide drink soon?
As the topic progressed, the Zombies we were surrounded by took more and more notes."
From "Merchants of Deception" by
former Emerald Eric Scheibeler

 Here are some of the logical conflicts that the Purple Kool-Aid drinkers might have to face.

  • Ho much money you really making, and how much time do you spend on the biz? Take a look at all your tax returns and your planner.
  • Are people shopping or being pressured to buy stuff just to meet some PV goal? How many cases of coffee have you got in your basement? How many cases of SA-8 on your laundry shelf?

" Something was said to me that I couldn't stomach, and the light bulb went on. I had
questioned what in the world I could buy to get my required PV for the month.
I didn't need anything. I now had to continue to buy cases of coffee, even though my
basement was full of them, or something else just so I could get big PV so I could go to
meetings where I would hear the same things I had been hearing over and over for years."

- Site Visitor

  • Are system goals more important than PV goals? Why do the systems have awards for people who recruit more people on the system then they have awards for actual sales of Quixtar products? Is your upline using you to move Quixtar products or their tools systems?

"What people need to think about is what GOALS do you run for at
a Seminar? Certainly not PV! The goals are for ticket sales and system count.
Team 10, Team 25, Team 50, then go to TURBO Goals. Turbo 10, means two legs
(not counting you) at ten each leg, Turbo 20, 2 legs at 20 each leg, and so on.
The turbo goals are for tickets sold to the seminar! Then if you really want
to be on top of the heap, go TRIPLE 100. You guessed it, 3 teams with at
least 100 tickets in each! It is incredible that People do not get this, but
then I didn't either for a while, and I am not stupid."
- Site Visitor

  • Honesty and integrity are the supposed foundations of the business. Yet those IBOs claiming to have paid no taxes or even to have claimed huge tax refunds are either not making any money or they are cheating on their taxes!

"An Emerald in our group was bragging about how he did not have to pay any taxes
due to his involvement the business. I thought this was strange since he was either
not making any money, or he was lying about his deductions"
- Site Visitor

  • Does the business really free people from their jobs or have they just replaced their job with another that has more risk?

"our diamond told us about he had just got back from
flying to seventeen cities in fifteen days.
- Site Visitor

  • Does the business really allow the leaders more time with their families?

"It is interesting to think that the claim is you can be with your kids, yet kids are home
after school, and Quixtar mole-people go out mainly at night, don't they?"
Site Visitor

  • How much money is each IBO spending on the business building system in comparison to what they are taught to self-consume? Does it make sense to reproduce a business model that has average sales of $200-$250 in sales per month, yielding a gross profit of about $83/month, yet with system expenses of $175/month or more?

"I am very concerned about others that I care about, but it is no use to try
to talk to them, as they are still drinking the purple juice."
- Site Visitor

"The big thing is to not listen to the tapes, because you get sucked back in. I know
what I know, and I am not going back for seconds. It is an awful thing to know if
you even tried to out right tell your group, or those in it you really care about,
you will be shunned like a pestilence carrier."
- Site Visitor

"...the average person doesn't do anything except buy a kit, some tapes and books.
They don't listen to them or read them and if they do, they don't follow what is
said on those materials. Then they blame their upline for their own inactivity."
This is an example of the common cult tactic known as 'doctrine over person,'
meaning that doctrine never fails, only people do. Scientology plays the same
game; the "tech" of L. Ron Hubbard is infallible; if it doesn't work for you,
it's YOUR fault, not the "tech." Don't drink that Kool-Aid!!
- Site Visitor

"The one thing that always bothered me about our line of sponsorship ( WWDB) is
that we were constantly told that we could ONLY read the books on their book list
and ONLY listen to business tapes - we were instructed to not watch the news, not
participate in our church or to associate with anyone who did not want to join our
business. I told my husband at the time that I was waiting for someone to tell me
when to drink the grape kool-aid."
- Site Visitor

"Misconceptions abound about people who join groups-- but Amway? Why,
this group is main stream, these are people just like us--wanting a better life,
sacrificing family-time to make just a little more money.

From Jonestown to Heaven's Gate we have found comfort in believing,
'Those folks are a bunch of nuts-- Thank God I'm not like them!'

Eric Scheibeler's chilling portrayal of life inside a professed money
making machine will convince anyone who ever said, 'That could never
happen to me', to think again-- It can happen to the best of us."


Author of Seductive Poison, A Jonestown Survivors Story of Life
And Death in the Peoples Temple.

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