Quixtar = Amway: A proof

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Come one, come all! Follow the changing corporate name. If you can guess which shells cover a company that was once called "Amway" then you win a prize!

What do you win? Anything below the stereo and on this side of the bicentennial glasses. Anything between the ashtrays and the thimble. Anything in this three inches right in here in this area. That includes the Chiclets, but not the erasers.

So which of the following is or formerly was legally known by a name that included the word "Amway"?

Alticor, Inc.

Quixtar, Inc.

Amway Corporation


Answer key:

All three!

Alticor, Inc.

"Alticor, Inc." is not a newly formed corporation as some IBOs believe, though it is the "parent" company to both "Amway Corporation" and "Quixtar, Inc." (as well as "Access Business Logistics" and "Pyxis Innovations"). While there was no company called "Alticor, Inc." until October 23, 2000, the records of the Corporations section of the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth indicate that the original filing date for the entity now known as "Alticor, Inc." was September 6, 1949
camera.gif (951 bytes)! How could that be? Did the founders of Alticor, Inc. know fifty years ago that someday they would launch a new company called "Alticor" and rule the world?

No. It's much simpler than that. The reason is that "Alticor, Inc." is just a new name for an older company. That's right. Alticor, Inc. is some other company renamed on October 23, 2000. What company? Well, according to the Michigan records again, the name the company used prior to October of 2000 was . . . "Amway Corporation." In fact, according to the records, Alticor, Inc. was known as "Awmway Corporation" from December 3, 1963 until October 23, 2000.

"But wait a minute . . ." you might ask. ". . . you said the company dated back to 1949. What up with that?" Good question. It turns out that Alticor, Inc., formerly known as "Amway Corporation" changed its name in 1963 also. What was its original name? According to the Michigan state records it was called "Ja-Ri Corporation."

"What is Ja-Ri Corporation?" you ask. The "Ja" stands for JAy Van Andel. The "Ri" stands for "RIch Devos." That's right. Ja-Ri Corporation was the original Nutrilite vitamin distributorship started by Rich and Jay in 1949, way back when Nutrilite was its own multilevel marketing company (Nutrilite has since been purchased by Alticor/Amway/Ja-Ri and is now a brand name for Alticor's vitamin line).

Here's an interesting question. Are any "lines of sponsorship" in Quixtar traceable back to "Ja-Ri Corporation"? According to the FTC in In re Amway, the top of all the lines of sponsorship is "Ja-Ri" ("Mr. Van Andel and Mr. DeVos, through the Ja­Ri Corporation, were distributors as well as manufacturer") This is confirmed by the granddaughter of Walter Bass (the first President of the Amway Distributors Association), who states that her grandfather was sponsored directly by Ja-Ri Corporation. And Dexter Yager is downline from Walter Bass. If that is true, does it mean that not only is "Alticor, Inc." the parent company of "Quixtar, Inc." but Alticor, Inc., formerly known as "Ja-Ri Corporation," is actually a Quixtar IBO itself!?

Weird, huh?

Quixtar, Inc.

This one is a little more complicated. There was a Michigan Corporation called "Quixtar, Inc." formed on July 21, 1999. That corporation is now "inactive" according to the Michigan Secretary of State. It has been inactive since November 1, 2000. But there is another corporation called "Quixtar, Inc." that is still active. It's not a Michigan corporation though. It's a Virginia Corporation.

So let's take a look at the Virginia corporation now known as "Quixtar, Inc." According to the Virginia Secretary of State's records
pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes), this company was formed on May 18, 2000. There was a merger with another corporation on November 1, 2000 and the Virginia Corporation was the "survivor" company. In other words, on November 1, 2000 a company was merged "into" the Virginia Corporation. What company was merged into the Virginia corporation? Well, take a look at the merger date: November 1, 2000. Look familiar? It should. In the previous paragraph I noted that the Michigan Secretary of State's records show that the inactive corporation known as "Quixtar, Inc." became inactive on November 1, 2000 - the same day that the Virginia Corporaiton now known as "Quixtar, Inc." went through a merger.

Okay. So what? Quixtar, Inc. used to be a Michigan Corporation and now it's a Virginia Corporation. But hold on. According to the Virginia records, "Quixtar, Inc." was not its original name. Nope, the name was changed to "Quixtar, Inc." from something else . . . . "AmwayUSA, Inc." Thus, "Alticor" and "Quixtar" are just new names for the companies formerly known as "Amway."

Amway Corporation

But if Amway Corporation changed its name to "Alticor, Inc." why is there still an "Amway Corporation"? That's another good question. The answer: the entity now called "Amway Corporation" is a just a name change. This time for a Delaware corporation formed in 1980 according to records from the Corporations division of the Delaware Secretary of State.

October 27, 2000 saw the company formerly known as "Amway International, Inc." renamed "Amway Corporation." Of course, this would be exactly four days after the Michigan corporation formerly known as "Amway Corporation" changed its name to "Alticor, Inc." thereby freeing up the name "Amway Corporation" to be applied to the company formerly known as "Amway International, Inc."

So there you have it.

Alticor, Inc. is the same company that was known as "Amway Corporation" from 1963 to 2000 and as "Ja-Ri Corporation" from 1949-1963.

Quixtar, Inc. is the same company as was known as "AmwayUSA, Inc." prior to a merger in November 2000.

And today's "Amway Corporation" is the same company formerly known as "Amway International, Inc." from 1980 to October 2000.

Here's a chart to make it easier:

Previous Name

New Name

State of inc.

"Amway Corporation"

"Alticor, Inc."


"AmwayUSA, Inc."

"Quixtar, Inc."


"Amway International, Inc."

"Amway Corporation"


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