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Update for 2004:
Summary data from a tax preparer for 20 couples and 8 individuals:  Couples lose an average of $10,450/yr, singles $5,300.

A site visitor sent me data for the 2003 incomes from the Team 5000 website. There are much fewer data available from this source than has been made available from other web sites in the past. Should any site visitor come across a more complete listing for 2003 please send it along.

Update for 2003:
The Average Platinum income dropped an amazing 39% in two years. Despite that most Amway plans claim Platinums to make $2,000-$3,000 per month, the data (from Team 5000) says the average Platinum now makes $15,240.

Periodically the Amway business and now Quixtar release average income figures for qualifying pins of Platinum and above. The first such document is from a Britt Worldwide Quixtar "Show-the-plan" booklet sent to me by a site visitor. I wrote Quixtar to verify the authenticity of the data and they confirmed it was their data. They were using 1995 Amway numbers to represent the 2000 Quixtar potential. These data are in the left-hand columns below.

The "Frequency of Pin" refers to the proportion of IBOs qualifying for that pin at this point in time. This number should not be confused with "odds of attaining" the pin. The odds of attaining a pin would be very difficult to calculate and must take into account all IBOs who have quit.

The income information below does include not system income nor does it take into account IBO expenses to run their business.

An explaination of the various Quixtar awards and pin levels.

Pin Level

Amway 1994-1995
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Quixtar Info, enlargement

Quixtar 2001
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Quixtar 2003
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Quixtar 2004 Quixtar 2005

Annual Income


Annual Income


Annual Income


Annual Income
Annual Income




1 : 236


Not reported  
Founder's Platinum




1 : 370


Not reported
Q-12 Qualifier


1 : 745


1 : 759


1 : 410


1 : 2,873


1 : 2,183


1 : 2,380
Founder's Emerald


1 : 5,913


1 : 5,376


Not reported  


1: 12,970


1 : 13,157


1 : 5,681*


Founder's Diamond


1: 93,457


1 : 55,555


Not reported



1: 22,271


1 : 23,809


Not reported

Founder's EDC


1: 104,166


1 : 142,857


Not reported

Average Active IBO







*The following are approximate percentages of Direct Fulfillment IBOs of record in North America who achieved the illustrated levels of success in the calendar year ending December 31, 2004:
Analysis of 1995-2001 Data:

The biggest change to be see is in the "Q-12 Qualifier" income which dropped 36% from the 1994-1995 report. This highlights one of the great deceptions Amway perpetrated with data back in the days of standard product fulfillment. They only stated gross income and not net of downline bonuses. It is my opinion that Amway knowingly misled prospects and distributors with the higher and more attractive "gross" income rather than more realistic "gross income after downline bonuses". Most "plans" however did represent gross income net of downline bonuses.

Despite the technical capability to poll IBOs on-line and inexpensively collect a significant amount of data, Quixtar still makes no attempt to quantify and report the more practical and honest "net income" of IBOs. In my opinion the corporation purposely avoids this type of reporting to deceive prospects and IBOs of the true income potential of the business.

Further review of the data reveals that the average incomes, except for "Founder's Diamond" have not kept pace with inflation in the 6-year time span. This observation might not be completely accurate since the income reported for 2001 should mostly likely now represent income "less-downline bonuses", where the data from 1995 included downline pay-outs, which would inflate their actual income. The 2001 net incomes of higher pins, which also have personal Q-12 groups, might be on average of $23,000/year greater than those of 1994-1995.

Addtions to 2005 Data:
Maximum Q12 income was $172,625  1:6944
Maximum Emerald income was $ 183,773  1:7633
Maximum Diamond income was $594,362 1:45,454

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