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randy_bancino.jpg Quixtar's chief architect of its failed Google bombing campaign,  VP of marketing Randy Bancino officially "resigned" on Monday November 21, 2005. 

Randy was originally an IT person and was part of the Technology Development Group which came up with Quixtar under Amway's Creative Department.  The Creative Department under Nan Vanandel was later cut in Amway's rounds of layoffs in 2001 under Dick DeVos, who is running for governor in Michigan against Jennifer Granholm.  Dick DeVos's brother, Doug DeVos now runs the business.

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Amway's "Technology Development Group" that developed the Quixtar concept

The following report comes from over a dozen diamonds and above currently in the business:To Diamonds and above,

I'm writing to let you know that Randy Bancino, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, has resigned from Quixtar. Yesterday was Randy's last day with the company. We thank Randy for his many contributions to the business and wish him all the best. We will be filling his position as soon as possible.

I wish you and your family a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Jim Payne
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Quixtar, Inc.

Quixtar's Web Reputation Campaign

Quixtar's Web Reputation campaign devloped full force at the June 2004 IBOA board of directors' meeting, however legal harassment of web critics was discussed in the earlier January board meeting.  The complete web strategy was laid out by Jody Victor, Billy Florence, Randy Bancino and one other diamond.  Margaret S. Ross of the Karmaron Institute was hired in June 2004 to manage the Web Reputation campaign.  She is a close friend and an associate of IBOA executive board member Billy Florence.  She is also supposed to be a platinum in Billy's downline.

Quixtar's web campaign had a three pronged strategy.  The first portion of the campaign was to file harassment law suits against Quixtar's web critics to get them to remove their sites as a condition of settlement for the suit.  It was decided in the January 2004 IBOA board meeting that (this website) was the single largest threat to Quixtar and that site would be the first target.  A legal harassment strategy based on copyrights was chosen since the defendant's discovery of the plaintiff would be limited to things dealing only with the copyrighted materials.  The suit was actually filed in the name of a line of sponsorship but the IBOA and corporate attorneys, including Jim DeKorte were working behind the scenes.  Using a line-of-sponsorship, the corporation and the IBOA would not take the public relations heat for beating up an individual exercising their first amendment rights.    The Amway Corporation suffered a public relations fiasco with the Sidney Schwartz/AUS lawsuit and they did not need to repeat that again.  The strategy decided was that the line of sponsorship would take the public relations blow and then change their name to side step the bad press.

The IBOA's endorsed SLAPP lawsuit, was curiously filed in the US District Court in Grand Rapids, home to Quixtar and their attorneys, and not in the closer US Court District where the LOS does its business.  Most likely the IBOA or the corporation selected the Grand Rapids attorney, Tom Kuiper from a small no-name firm to represent the line of sponsorship.  No doubt the Corporation and Quixtar have "relationships" with many local Grand Rapids attorneys and it would have been a mistake for me to select an attorney in Grand Rapids since I would possibly select an attorney already "owned" by the corporation.  Bruce Anderson learned the hard way that it does not pay to have an attorney who also secretly works for the corporation.

The second strategy of the IBOA was to spam the Internet search engines with information-less websites, which turned into the now infamous "Google bombing" campaign. The plan was to introduce numerous "positive" Quixtar web sites so that the critical sites would be harder to find.   After the June 2004 IBOA meeting, various blogs appeared, including: Billy Florence on 7/7/2004, Quixtar and Amway, Opposing Views on 7/16/2004, IBOAI on 7/20/2004, Fred Harteis on 7/2/2004, Harteis International* on 7/2/2004,  BizNet Productions* on  7/2/2004, E-Quad News on 7/20/2004, and many more.  Google finally caught on to the intended manipulation when it was informed of the many "pro Quixtar" blogs all hosted on Quixtar IP addresses.   Google punished Quixtar by moving the Quixtar site to 25th hit for several weeks under a search for "Quixtar".   Quixtar then threatened Google with a lawsuit unless Google reinstated them to the number one position.  Google has since reinstated Quixtar to the number one spot. 

The third strategy was to create a character assassination blog, run by an anonymous author calling himself  "Qrush".   Qrush attacked and libeled Quixtar's most vocal internet critics. This site was started in August of 2004 at the allegedly at the demand of
Jody Victor and Billy Florence of the IBOA, and is alleged to be organized by  an employee of Quixtar and written by someone working for one of the IBOA diamonds.   The information about Bo Short and his Passport business came from the IBOA diamonds.  The other misinformation and lies were just made up to suit the authors' needs.  The site dealt with trying to discredit Bo Short, Eric Janssen and myself.  The site used Scientology type character attacks, since the IBOA could not debate the overwhelming truth on the critical web sites.  The IBOA's talking head, Qrush, resorted to falsely accusing me of strange homosexual perversions and sadomasochistic behavior to try to somehow discredit me. Qrush did not debate the business issues, he only tried to discredit the messengers by making false accusations of their sexuality.    The critics were only stating that the majority of people are lured into Quixtar with deceptive and false income claims and then end up losing money, on the "optional but very necessary" success systems peddled by the IBOA board members.   Margaret S. Ross (see initials "msr") even made posts to Billy Florence's blog linking Qrush's site.

The whole "web reputation" situation is rather comical and should be very embarrassing for the IBOA, as it has only produced results directly opposite of those desired.  It is too bad that the non-professional IBOA diamonds have control of the Amway/Quixtar business and not the business professionals and family members who are supposed to be running Quixtar. 

Why does the board get away with such shenanigans?  Quite literally, the IBOA has the DeVos family's "Amway jewels" in their hands and all the IBOA has to do is squeeze to get their way.  The IBOA, or then ADA squeezed Rich DeVos in 1983 when the Britt and Yager lines of sponsorship enacted a boycott of Amway products to protest Rich DeVos's crack down on the tools kingpins and their abusive systems.  Rich DeVos could not stand the pressure on the "family Jewels" and said uncle when sales dropped a whopping 24% on a yearly basis, even though the boycott did not even run its planned 90 days.  Rich saw the imminent destruction of Amway, and thousands of Amway jobs if he did not let the king pins continue to rip off the common IBO with their abusive systems.   When Rich DeVos retired even his son, Dick DeVos, who is now running for governor in Michigan against Jennifer Granholm and did not stop the tools scam against the common distributor.

Now we have to ask Margaret Ross,  Bachelor of Science Education, if the web reputation campaign has been successful.   Is is rather ironic that Harvard educated Margaret S. Ross, whose company's mission statement is to "is to positively impact the way the world thinks" would endorse such strategies to squelch free speech, libel critics, and try to restrict access to opposing views, since one of the programs hyped by Ms. Ross is the KC3 Positive Label Program is touted as an anti-bully program for grade schools.  What about an anti-bully program for those people wishing to criticize Quixtar and not be labeled a "sick pinko sadomasochistic homosexual", or suffer SLAPP suit harassment?  Surely since Ms. Ross attended the board meetings she knew all about the strategies being employed. Margaret's other site  that is just a thinly veiled site for selling books by the same IBOA diamonds who demanded the Internet bombing and the legal attacks.  The IBOA links to her site on their page with the link by Billy Forence.

MRK.jpg (26476 bytes)Margaret Ross , President Kamaron Institute, Inc.

Margaret Ross is an award winning business consultant, expert communications strategist, and recognized author, Margaret Ross’s, (BS, BSE), profound impact with companies like Delta Air Lines, Cox Communication, and Universal Business Exchange served as the foundation for her visionary venture as the Founder and President of The Kamaron Institute.

The Kamaron Institute, Inc. ( provides proactive, solution-oriented business consulting, executive training, leadership development services and educational programs that produce measurable outcomes that increase productivity and profit.

Margaret’s success in marketing and branding has created a new paradigm in the way we empower people and companies to do business. Utilizing her experience, knowledge and vision, Harvard educated Margaret Ross, author of the book “Making Business Work” and the increasingly popular “Casey” series provides leadership by transcending old modes of communicating, with the goal of providing knew opportunities for both the company and the consumer by identifying and solving management and consumer perceptions.

Whether your market is children or adults Margaret Ross’s proven track record in solution based consulting has opened new markets and new avenues to move consumers to action. As a leader in the field of business development, Margaret Ross’s leadership is evident in the many public speaking engagements she leads annually. As a national Conference speaker for the American Marketing Association, the Conference Board, and the Direct Marketing Association, Margaret’s message responds to ever changing technology, business and cultural challenges that face every company.

Using excellence as the cornerstone to how she does business Margaret Ross believes that solutions to ever greater business challenges can only be addressed through solution oriented strategic thinking. KC3 Positive Label Program for schools and buses.

The KC3 Positive Label Program has proven to improve a school's atmosphere for learning and to increase bus safety by decreasing name-calling, negative, and distracting behaviors while increasing self-esteem, kindness, citizenship, and positive character behaviors.

Casey Books

Margaret wrote the first Casey story as a gift to military families. She created the National KC3 Positive Label Certification Programs (for school, bus, home, and after school programs) and wrote these new Casey stories at the request of educators, parents, and helping professionals.

Available on this site and at, the Casey stories include: the just released Casey And The Amazing Good Finder, Casey And the Growing Spurt, Casey And The See Through Head, and Casey and The Amazing Giant Green Shirt

Feel free to contact Kamaron Institute to inquire about her rates and availability for speaking engagements.

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