Quixtar Bonus Estimator

This calculator estimates income for those above Platinum with platinum or higher downlines. It assumes you are Q12 Platinum already. Blue fields are calculated. This is only an estimate based on my interpretation of the bonus schedule. If you find any errors or have improvements please write an e-mail (There is no error proofing for the input fields)

Fill in the data below for Q12 and non-Q12 groups. This sets the "average" volume each group has for further calculations.

For Non Q-12's: 1-5 months with volume under 7,500 PV 1PV=2.24BV From site visitors

Average number of non qualifying months (this should be 6 or less)

Average monthly volume in non qualifying months (this should be less than 16,800 BV)

Average monthly volume in qualifying months (> 16,800 BV)

For Q-12's: Q12 = 12 consecutive months with volume above 7,500PV

Average monthly volume (> 16,800 BV)

Input income from personal platinum group

Average monthly personal Platinum income

Emerald/Diamond Growth Bonus: sales growth from previous year in (0.2 = 20%)

Fill in the table below for the number and type of direct legs in the group. The number of third and higher generation platinums in your group is to better estimate the 1/4% Emerald and Diamond Bonuses.


# of Domestic Legs

# of International Legs

Direct Downline Pins

Non Q12



Non Q12








Total Number of legs

Third and + Generation Platinums

additional depth

 Yearly Bonus


One Time


Total Bonuses 

 Personal Platinum Income


 Leadership Bonus


 Q12 Award



 Ruby Bonus 


 Depth Bonus 


 Emerald Bonus


 Emerald/Diamond Growth


 Diamond Bonus 


 Diamond + Bonus


 Double Diamond Bonus

 Triple Diamond Bonus

 Crown Bonus

 Crown Ambassador Bonus

 Get FAA Bonus

 FAA Bonus

 Higher Award Bonus


= Emerald Volume
= Diamond Volume
= FAA points
= Get FAA Points