Quixtar Tools for Sale on Ebay

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While surfing on Ebay it was interesting to see how many auctions there were for Quixtar line of sponsorship items.

To see why people were selling their "keys to the secrets of success"  I wrote a few of people why they were selling their precious tapes and books.  

Surprisingly I found that many of the sellers were still proud Quixtar members looking to rasie a little extra money.  What is the possible reason?     

Another theory might be is that it is tax time again and many of the Quixtar distributors are approaching their three year limit on reporting consecutive losses on their taxes.  Distributors might be trying to make up for the negative cash flow the business is generating by unloading some unneeded tools.

Site visitors have also written me telling me how the Quixtar tools systems work.  Quixtar distributors sometimes get "stuck" with tools that their downlines did not pickup or buy.  Numerous distributors could be getting "stuck" with extras this way.   One might not be seen as a team player if they try to return tools they could not convince their downline to buy.  No doubt returning tools would be seen as a negative action and one might risk being cut off from upline support if one tries to return extra standing order tapes that could not be moved downline. 

Seeing how there are duplicate tools for sale in some auctions it makes sense that the IBOs that got stuck with standing order tapes their downline did not buy, and which their upline will not take back, are trying to recoup some money by selling them on Ebay.

Quirks in the Quixtar BSMAA allow this to happen. Reading the fine print in the Quixtar BSMAA one sees it   does not allow for refunds on tools purchased for other than "personal use".   So in this case the IBO gets stuck with the extra tools.  The $6 per tape loss for the IBO is automatic profit for his upline.

I did not see any auctions for Quixtar function tickets.   Maybe these will come next.......

Distributors can save money on their standing order systems by listening to the tape and them passing it downline.  This way many people can use one tape and save money.

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