Billy Florence's revised Custom SA4400

A site visitor in Billy Florence’s team (DCI – Dream Chasers International) sent me an updated "custom SA-4400" , which updates the numbers and in my opinion exaggerates even more the income potential from the Quixtar business.     The previous copy showed an income potential of $48,000.  The new form shows an income potential of $56,940 earned over 24 months or more. The new plan ads another $7,500 in one time bonuses (Sapphire) and and additional $1,440 to the 4% leadership bonus. 

dci_strategy_1.gif (20540 bytes)

The updated custom SA440 now says the end model is a "Sapphire".  According to the 2005 business compendium pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) a sapphire needs to have 2 qualified North American legs and 2,500 Award Volume on the side or 3 qualified North American legs for 6 months in a fiscal year.  The model shown in the original custom SA4400 did not show clearly the 2,500 PV side volume leg.   Without this 2,500 PV leg the distributor is not a sapphire and would not qualify for the additional $17,500 in GetFAA or Sapphire one time bonuses. 

dci_strategy_2.gif (13002 bytes)
Clearer View of Sapphire Structure with side volume

Like the last custom SA4400 from Billy Florence, the potential income includes mostly one-time bonuses, which comprises now a majority (59%) of the income claimed. Of the $56,940 potential highlighted by Billy Florence, $33,500 was from the one time bonuses. (OTCA – One Time Cash Award).

Again Mr. Florence avoides including potential expenses in running a Amway/Quixtar distributorship.  Here is a page summarizing tax returns from a tax preparer for numerous Quixtar distributors using the stacking method.  In this study the average couple had expenses of $15,752 per year.

Here we also find a contradiction in the numbers between the old plan and the new plan.   The old plan said one out of 1,046 IBOs earned at least $48,000, yet it is now reported that one out of 440 (.22698%) earns what?  $56,940?  Over what period of time?  Which one is right?  Maybe they forgot a zero in the new numbers and it should be .022698% or one out of every 4,400 IBOs. Maybe it has to do with the variable time periods.   Who knows?   These inconsistencies can only serve to confuse the reader.

On the old form it states that only .0956%, or one out of every 1,046 IB0s paid leadership bonuses, earned at least $12,000. It does not say if the $12,000 is just from leadership bonuses or if it is all income from Quixtar.     

The new form also says the number of IBOs earning $13,440/year in leadership bonuses was .00537%, or just one in 18,623 of IBOs who were paid a leadership bonus! The reader must understand that only a small fraction of IBOs qualify for a leadership bonus.   Now factor in that just one in 18,62, of the already small percentage of distributors qualifying for a leadership bonus, earn at least $13,440 dollars in leadership bonuses.  Again we do not know over what time period, 1 or 2 years, the $13,440 in leadership bonuses are to be accumulated.   The reader needs to read the fine print here to understand the probabilities of earning what the custom SA400 presents.  I'm sure the income is theoretically possible, although highly improbable.   Maybe Mr. Florence would to care to ask Quixtar for the statistics on the percentage of IBOs who achieve Sapphire in a just a two year period. 

The original custom SA4400 pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) stated that "the average leadership bonus for direct fulfillment distributors of record was $1,063 in calendar year ending December 31, 2003.   0.0956 (1 in 1046) of Leadership bonus recipients in 2000 earned at least $12,000." 

In the updated custom SA4400 pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) it now states "the average leadership bonus for direct fulfillment distributors of record was $1,063 in calendar year ending December 31, 2003.  0.00537% (1 in 18,975) of leadership bonus recipients in 2000 earned at least $13,400".

With all these conflicting statistics and variable time periods, I am a bit confused.  Are you?

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