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Welcome to An In-Depth Look At The Amway® Business Web Site! For your browsing pleasure, this site is loaded with pictures and audio links (that look like this: Click here for audio but actually have sound when you click on them.) For those of you not hip with the Amway® jargon, you can click on italicized hyperlinks for definitions.

The purpose of this site is to inform and educate the public about the Amway® business. While it may seem like a new Amway®-related site comes online daily, one thing for sure: YOU WILL NOT FIND A SITE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD LIKE THIS ONE! Why? Because this is the only site that gives you a candid look at the Amway® business, from the perspective of an individual who has been an Amway® distributor for over 10 years, and an Emerald for 6 of those years.

One last thing before you continue, you may be wondering why there is no e-mail address to send your comments; this is because the Amway® Corporation has a rule which basically states that Amway® distributors cannot have a site that solicits any type of business from other distributors or prospective distributors. As you will soon learn, this site has neither a product or service it is offering to anyone. Furthermore, even if it were, by not providing you with any contact information (i.e. e-mail,) there is no way you could buy said product or service because you can't reach the seller. So, while we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues that this site brings up, it would mean giving up our Amway® distributorship, which we are not willing to do at the present time. Additionally, if you are able to obtain a phone number for us, WE WILL NOT RESPOND FOR THE SAME REASON MENTIONED ABOVE.

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