Peepod v. AmQuix


A few days ago you asked for these numbers on the Quixtar Now message board. I had the figures that I posted scrawled on a note pad.

I went back through the numbers tonight on both websites for the products that I originally posted on 1/29.

It is kind of a pain figuring this stuff out because you have to try hard to compare apples to apples by converting to per oz, or per 100, or whatever works best for the product. This is probably why so few people actually take the time to look at the prices in any detail.

9 of the products were slightly more or less than I originally posted (prices may have changed since then or more likely my math was bad!), but the story is pretty much to same. I left the original difference there and put the new difference and additional comments in (parentheses).

Feel free to go to because it is a great place to compare prices. Iím one of the few lucky ones who can actually get Milk, Fruit, Meat, Veggies, and everything delivered right to my door! They serve my area here in Northern Virginia.

Well, I hope you find this information useful. Let me know if you have any comments.



AmQuix Losers

Scrub Pads = 76% more (should be 71% more)

Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge 3 pak = .83 ea

E-1681 Soft Buds = 1.42 ea

Diswasher Tablets = 17% more

Electrasol Automatic Dishwasher Tablets =.157 ea

EE-0247 Dish Drops = .184 ea

Paper Towels = 15% more (should have been 8% more)

Brawny Paper Towels Thirst Pockets White = $1.53/100 sq ft

X-6888 Meadowbrook = $1.65/100 sq ft

Quart Food Bags = 50% more

Super G Ez-Lock Storage Bags Quart Size = $5.98/100 pcs

X-2628 Meadowbrook Reclosable Food Storage Bags - Quart = $9.00/100 pcs

13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Bags = 82% more

Glad Kitchen Bags Large 13 Gallon = $6.57/100 pcs

Z-8815 TIE 'N' TOTE Indoor Trash Bags = $11.98/100 pcs

Plastic Wrap = 37% more

Glad Cling Wrap = $1.35/ 100 sq ft

X-8419 MEADOWBROOK New Heavy-Duty Plastic Food Wrap = $1.84/100 sq ft

Toilet Bowl Cleaner = 55% more

Lysol Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner .11/oz

EE-0222 PURSUE Toilet Bowl Cleaner = .17/oz

Foaming Tub Cleaner = 96% more

E-8346 PURSUE Foam Cleaner = .236/oz

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Antibacterial Spray = .12/oz

Toilet Paper = 44% more (Assumed Charmin regular roll was approx equal to Quix smallest roll - Should have been 57% more)

X-8485 Meadowbrook Bath Tissue 350-sheet roll = .48/roll

Charmin Bath Tissue White Unscented = .305/roll

Facial Tissue = 41% more (Should have been 13% more)

Z-1764 MEADOWBROOK Cube Facial Tissue = $1.77/100 shts

Kleenex Facial Tissue White Qube 3 Pack = $1.56/100 shts

Toothpaste = 49% more

E-9530 GLISTER Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste = .58/oz

Aquafresh (Tube) = .39/oz

Triple Antibiotic Ointment = 79% more

T-7600 FormuCare Triple Antibiotic Ointment = 4.63/oz

Super G Triple Antibiotic Ointment = 2.59/oz

Bath Soap = 20% more (should be 24% more)

E-2170 BODY SERIES Family Bar Soap = .31/oz

Dial Ultra Antibacterial Skin Care Bar .25/oz

Q-tips = 13% more

X6680S2 - Cotton Swabs by Meadowbrook = $3.93/500 pcs

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Value Pack $3.49/500 pcs

Granola Cereal = 36% more

Z-6660 CRITIC'S CHOICE 100% Natural Oats, Honey & Raisins Cereal = $3.67/lb

Super G Granola Cereal With Raisins = $2.69/lb

Honey Nut Toasty O's = 20% more

Z-6694 CRITIC'S CHOICE Honey & Nut Toasted Oat Cereal = .25/oz

Super G Honey Nut Tasteeos = .21/oz

Ketchup = 17% more

Z-2444 CRITIC'S CHOICE Ketchup = .07/oz

Hunts Ketchup = .06/oz

Peanut Butter = 4% more

Z-7801 CRITIC'S CHOICE Peanut Creamy Butter = .13/oz

Super G Peanut Butter Creamy = .12/oz

Jelly = 55% more (should be 60% more)

X-3461 Algood® Pure Strawberry Preserves and Grape Jelly = $27.60

108 oz each of Super G Grape Jelly and Strawberry Preserves = $17.28

Slimfast type bars = 78% more (should be 63% more)

E-358 POSITRIM Peanut Butter Food Bars = .98/oz

Ultra Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch = .60/ OZ

AmQuix Winners

Glass Cleaner = 23% less (should be 33% less)

E-7485 L.O.C. Plus Glass Cleaner Refill (makes 67.6 oz) = .06/oz

Windex Original Glass Cleaner Refill - .08/oz

Mouthwash = 73% less

E-9529 GLISTER Anti-Plaque Oral Rinse (makes 200oz) = .064/oz

Super G Antispetic Mouthrinse = .11/


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