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I received the following email from Crown Leonard Hall asking me to modify some wording on my site:

Apparently a crown distributorship, Leonard and Paula Hall in California went around in the early 1980's stealing distributors and selling his system to the distributors who had no system at the time. Specific page


Part of the above statement is not true. Paula and I did not steal distributors. It is impossible to steal distributors within an MLM company. What is true is our attempt to sell "tools" to other Amway distributors other than our own who had no upline support system. Amway attempted to terminate us but the ADA Board refused to terminate us. Encouraging crossline groups to "plug in" to your group was very common on the East Coast. Much to our surprise, we were being set up by Amway. Paula and I were the newest Crowns with the smallest downline, so Amway figured they could use us as an example in its effort to control the "tool" business. "We are going to get ourselves a Crown out in California," said one of the top Amway executives during a dinner party in his home.

Paula and I were a few years ahead of our time. It is now an accepted practice and sanctioned by Amway(Quixtar) to invite all the "orphans" (Network 21 for example) to join your system. We never recovered from the "heavy handed" approach by Amway. Up until that time, our record was spotless. We were considered the "white hats" of Amway. Amway placed strong pressure on us to sell our business. We eventually sold to our daughter. Paula died not long after we sold.

I have a lifetime of Amway stories. Most are positive.

MLM has been good to me inspite of my naive attitude concerning Amway. Most distributors do not attain their initial financial goals in MLM. What they do attain is a healthier life, convenience, and a dream that someday, they just might put in the effort to reach financial freedom. From a healthy standpoint, is it better to dream about winning the lottery or worry about North Korea?

Eight MLM companies do over 1 billion a year each. The industry is over 50 years old. Success or failure in MLM is no different than any other business attempt.

Leonard Hall

Dear Mr. Hall,

Thanks again for writing. I have modified the page you questioned.

"Apparently a crown distributorship, Leonard Hall in California was selling his system to the distributors who had no system at the time. This occurred in the early 1980's. At this time Amway did not want to allow such practices. It seems Mr. Hall was ahead of his time as the Corporation now accepts that anyone can buy BSM's from whomever they choose. "

I hope this meets with your approval.

Do you happen to have a copy of Rich DeVos'es directly speaking I? I have a copy of the second on. I am always looking for old Amagrams if you are ever thinking about getting rid of any.


Scott Larsen


I may have Rich's directly speaking tape in my attic storage. I will look sometime this week.

As far as the tools go, my inside knowledge would probably not do our industry justice. Tools in Amway organizations are a major source of income. The Amway pay plan is one of the worst in the industry so tools help make up the difference. Yager shares the profits with his downline Diamonds, Emeralds, Ruby's.

CD's, t apes, etc are a major industry in all direct sale organizations including Tony Robins. Do they do the individual any good? Let's say they are better than what's seen on TV or today's entertainment videos. The 20% who make money in my industry learn from them. The other 80% at least have something positive to store in their brains. It takes 100 lbs of positive to offset 10 pounds of negative.

Stay in touch.


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