Analysis of a second tap root leg

For those site visitors interested in more stacking statistics here is another leg example from a site visitor. This tap root strategy is being employed in groups like Team DCI, Team 5000, Team ANS, and Interbiz.

This data also confirms my previous analysis, which is that the majority of stacked IBOs have pathetically low sales. The two largest IBOs in the group did 110PV in personal volume. The previous comparison had a leg of 96 IBOs in a 2,500PV group versus this comparison of 198 IBOs with just 1,100 PV by the 26th of the month. The total for the month was 1,400PV. It would require a downline of over 1060 people just reach platinum level with groups like this. An open meeting implied platinum level can be achieved with just 75 people!

In this line of 198 stacked IBOs, only 24 IBOs had purchases that were over 5PV in sales. The deepest leg goes 51 people deep and has two major branch legs. There were two new kits moved to the group in this month. 87% of the IBOs had no personal PV above 5 PV points. The previous leg study showed that 72% of IBOs did not have volume about 2PV. The peak volume of this leg was one time 4,600 PV.

The histogram above shows the distribution of the personal PV across the group. The majority of the group's volume is supported by just 11 IBOs (6%). The average PV is just 7 PV/IBO. This leg has only 18% of Quixtar's reported average of 38.5 PV/IBO in 2002, and is only 5% of the 150 PV goal. The average PV for those IBOs with any PV was 28.2, and is far short of the 150PV goal making only 19% of the target.

The histogram above shows the distribution of bonuses for the 26th of the month. The top earning IBO made about $116 of which $30.21 was attributed to personal volume. The rest came from capturing the bonus spread on the downline legs.

It is obvious that there is very little money for the people doing business this way. The majority of the people registered are not buying anything and the lack of width makes it so any bonus the do get is essentially a rebate on things they paid too much for in the first place.

Again the big question to ask here, is why are the sales per stacking IBO so low? Certainly the data show that there are a few shoppers and/or retailers in the group, but the majority of IBOs for some reason can't find a good reason to even "shop from their own store". Anyone expecting to build a quick group should realize that up to 75% of the IBOs will be doing nothing. Anyone expecting to build the business should realize that the majority of IBOs signing up will not buy anything let alone sign up reliable members or clients.

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