A Line of Affiliation focuses on IBO Profitability!
What a concept!

"The mission of iTeam USA is to increase the profitability and productivity of our
independent business owners while reducing their business costs"

diamond_doyle.jpg (9313 bytes)I found an interesting tape on the internet by a Quixtar line of sponsorship called "iTeam USA".  It is run by a diamond named Brad Doyle, who was mentioned several times in the book "The Quixtar Revolution".  From the book Mr. Doyle said "we wanted to explore ways that we could use the new communications technologies to reduce the cost of business while increasing productivity and profitability.

Apparently Brad Doyle sees the same problems with the Amway/Quixtar motivational systems that I highlight so often on this site.   The heart of the problem with the motivational systems is that they can "eat" all the sales commissions that a  typical Quixtar distributor makes.   The majority of distributors are losing money in Quixtar because their costs are too high relative to their sales volume.  

Of course most uplines don't care that their downline distributors are losing money.  Those losses, created by the expenditures on the motivational systems, are precisely the source of the bulk of the profits for the upline.   I have always said that the Amway/Quixtar business is a necessary evil for the king pins.   The Quixtar business legitimizes their motivational businesses, from which the profits are far high than from the Amway/Quixtar products business.     

Brad Doyle has many super anecdotes on the tape audio_2.gif (929 bytes) (8.2 meg) and a new philosophy that a brand new IBOs should actually be profitable in their businesses, and not have to take losses for 3-4 years before he becomes profitable!  The tape is worth listening to.  It is about one hour long. 

According to the iTeam USA website they will will guarantee your profitability within 90 days.  It will be interesting to see how they work this guarantee.  

iTeam's focus is on 300 PV retail sales circles, 10 customers, 30 PV per month/customer with sales through their internet stores.   The website has store fronts similar to those I've recently seen for Britt and WWDB distributors.  

Another refreshing point to iTeam is that they do not sell tapes, and their recordings are not allowed to be sold!  They must be given away for free!    At the end of the tape it even says the tape cannot be sold but can be distributed and duplicated.  The tapes can be downloaded in .mp3 format for free from the iTeam website.

In contrast to the many popular business building techniques today that focus on 100PV - 300PV of primarily self consumption with large system costs, iTeam presents a business model where the lowest distributor will make a profit if he has the necessary retail customers.    The philosophy will be iTeam website will supposedly be a break even operation   The premium membership will start at around $69/month.  Unfortunately the $69 price is more expensive that what other LOAs charge for their monthly standing order tape system.  Quixtar is also offering the same internet website hosting to IBOs for free.  However, the price is supposed to drop as the number of subscribers increases.  It will be interesting to see what iTeamUSA charges for seminars and open meetings and how quickly the website price drops.  

The big "if" is how the retailing will go over with Quixtar's high prices. 

Anyway, I think Mr. Doyle is heading in the right direction with the iTeamUSA's philosophy.   Let's hope he can withstand the resistance to change from the IBOA board members who do not want to rock the boat of the tools business. 

iTeam's Founding Principles

  • To earn substantial income selling business support materials and to represent the resulting lifestyle as an end result of the Quixtar business opportunity is a fraudulent business practice.
  • The primary source of all income is from the Quixtar IBO Compensation Plan.
  • IBO personal consumption is not the foundation of a successful Quixtar IBO's volume; however it is a good business practice in that it helps IBOs be more knowledgeable about their products.
  • A Quixtar business without retail Customers is illegal.
  • Income is determined by Retail Profit based on sales to Customers and a Performance Bonus based on successfully training an organization of IBOs to retail products to Customers for profit.
  • All IBO recognition is based on Quixtar pin qualifications or the sale of products to Customers and IBOs.
  • Quixtar is an online business. The Internet and other technologies are only tools to provide better and more convenient service for Customers and IBOs.
  • The iTeam staff will be compensated at industry standards for work provided in the creation of Business Support Materials or Services.
  • Participation at organizational events and subscription to the iTeam website is optional and not a requirement for success in the Quixtar business.
  • More than 50% of all training content must be product-related training.
  • The measure of any business support material or service is in its return on investment in Quixtar profits and bonuses.