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    Amway / Quixtar's Finest Fake Books           Dec 4,  2005

"Casey and the See Through Head"
by Margaret S. Ross

Atlanta, GA (APP) - Based upon a true story of an actual Amway/Quixtar diamond, "Casey Combden the Clairvoyant".    The latest in the "Casey" series of books  written by the famous children's writer and outside consultant to the Quixtar IBOAI.

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"Casey and the See Through Head"
by Margaret S. Ross

Casey discovers the Top Secrets of cold reading.  Like a super hero, he can suddenly see through disguises, hearts, and time. How will Casey use his new powers to help his Quixtar business? Join Casey on the most amazing days of his life. Inside you’ll find:

  • Secret of being a real friend and having real friends – of all ages
  • Secret of getting people to pay $90/month for Standing Order System.
  • Secret of making the perfect Internet delivered Plan without breaking Quixtar rules
  • Secret of making dreams come true
  • Secret of polietly telling someone with beautiful eyes that they are ugly since they are overweight.
  • Secret of telling someone that their downline is holding them back from success and at the same time not offending them.
  • Secret of choosing your own channel
  • Secret of being able to “see” people

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Casey Combden the Clairvoyant

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Cold readings around the country

(a parody, duh)