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    Amway / Quixtar's Finest Fake News Source           Oct 23 2005

Kiyosaki admits he's a failure at Amway/Quixtar

Hawaii (APP) - The famous millionaire businessman and best selling author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki admitted today after almost 7 years of being an Amway/Quixtar distributor that he is still not even a Platinum distributor.  Kiyosaki had announced his joining Amway audio.gif (929 bytes) under Diamond Bill Galvin at a Yager function in 1998.

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Robert Kiyosaki
Amway/Quixtar Distributor

In an exclusive interview with Amway Parody Press, Kiyosaki admitted that he can't stomach any longer being an Amway/Quixtar distributor and is no longer working his Amway/Quixtar business.

Kiyosaki noted "Amway made me feel good about myself and raised my self esteem, but I always spent more money trying to build the Amway/Quixtar business than than I earned from my bonuses".  Kiyosaki did say that he made a killing on speakers fees and noted that without all the Amway people buying his books, that he would never have been a best selling author today.  Kiyosaki did say, "I have Amway to thank for my popularity today."

I had always had positive things to say about the Amway business, but after I observed what really went on in the business, I found an Amway/Quixtar distributorship really did not meet my criteria for a "B" type business.

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Bill & Amy Galvin
Kiyosaki's upline Diamond

"In 1999 I wrote the book 'The Cash Flow Quadrant' and all I could see from the way the Amway business was being taught, it was really a highly negative cash flow business", said Kiyosaki.  "We were taught to spend money on buying expensive products from our own business, to spend money on our upline's tapes, books and seminars, to spend money on overpriced products to give away, and spend money on prospecting materials sold by our upline and not to mention all the money for gas to show the plan.   It was a highly negative cash flow operation", noted Kiyosaki".  "I guess after my own cash flow analysis, I just got 'stinkin' thinkin' and lost my dream,", Kiyosaki said candidly.  "I finally learned the cash flow is not in the Amway/Quixtar distributor business but in the upline's the support business."

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John Maxwell replaced Kiyosaki
on the Amway speaking tour

"The Amway/Quixtar business has way too much turnover in distributors, probably because the prices are too high, so there is no residual income; is not a true B-type business", declared Kiyosaki.

Quixtar's leaders have detected Kiyosaki's stinkin' thinkin' and he is no longer a featured speaker at Quixtar functions.  Leadership guru John C. Maxwell has replaced Kiyosaki as the  new 'in' Quixtar speaker and author.

Eventhough he has fallen out of grace with the lines of sponsorship, Kiyosaki said there is still a way for him to make money on the Quixtar topic.   He is writing a new book called the "MLM negative cash flow Quadrant" to sell to the millions of people who have left the Amway/Quixtar business to explain why they all lost money.