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spinsider.bmp (15054 bytes) Spinsider's Mighty Random Response Generator
Get the right response from Quixtar's self appointed expert!

Hosted here in the interest of free speech

dave,bradley_sm.jpg (6892 bytes) Amway Diamond Dave Bradley gets his name added to official Legendary Soccer Team's history book.
samir.jpg (7871 bytes) wwgheader.jpg (3752 bytes)

From Shoplifting Suits at Nordstrom to Shopping On-line with Quixtar

World Wide Dreambuilders Profiles Diamond Distributor Samir Attalah

quixtar_pimps_video.jpg (13558 bytes) "That pimp is Quixtar" video

dickenstein.jpg (9213 bytes) Birth of a candidate:  Dickenstein! video

too_much_xs.jpg (9878 bytes) Too much XS! video

secret_amway_man.jpg (11812 bytes) Dick DeVos as "Secret Amway Man".
puppy_stomp.jpg (15392 bytes) Don't vote for Dick DeVos because he was president of Amway video

mate.jpg (10785 bytes) Amway Neighbor video.

hope.jpg (14364 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
DeVos campaign to fight Michigan's negativity with hope and motivation

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license_sm.jpg (9204 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

DeVos campaign proposes corporate advertising on Michigan license plates to replace revenue from SBT.


mt.jpg (8575 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

IBOAI to volunteer Web Reputation task force resources to combat the thousands of Negative Web Sites about Mother Teresa

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larry_winters_thmb.jpg (16517 bytes) amazombie.gif (2416 bytes)
Larry Winter's Tax Tips for Quixtar IBOs.

"How I stayed debt free from 1997 - 2004"!

boxotapes2.jpg (10150 bytes) Quixtar Tools for Sale on E-bay

Funny Video  (4 meg)

devos_for_amway.gif (4882 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
On the Road with Dick DeVos

"I told them my number one job was to make sure they had a spot reserved in Amway/Quixtar when they got out of school" 

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amway_china.jpg (5435 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Amway considers name change to "Asway" since majority of sales are in Asia.

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amway_indy_car_tmb.jpg (7208 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Amway testing Magnetic Fuel Treatment in Amway T-9300 Indy Racer

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NOT APPROVED BY IBOA main5.gif (3477 bytes)

IBOAI to review Web sites critical of Amway/Quixtar for accuracy

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dick_video.jpg (8091 bytes) Dick DeVos campaign video...from the other side that is.

To the tune from the Sanborn Singers
"What is this thing called Amway"!


american_dream_system.jpg (5939 bytes) Been to a Multi-Level-Marketing meeting lately?

Hilarious video!

cookware_crown_sil.jpg (4218 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

IBOA recommends bringing out old pin level of "Cookware Crown"  to fire up sales.

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devos_hope_thmb.jpg (6717 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
On the Road with Dick DeVos

"Michigan Needs Hope and its in
our Family's Soap!" 

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crowns_thmb.jpg (19184 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Amway forgets to list Crown Ambassador in 1982 Annual report.  Mistake discovered after 24 years.


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cookware_crown_sil.jpg (4218 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Quixtar Critic Takes Stand Against Rumors
Wants to Debunk "Cookware Crown" Rumor

Help critic debunk this rumor!

dr_teeth_thmb.jpg (9976 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayham debut at Amway/Quixtar conventions with "Money" song!

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minority_diamonds_thmb.jpg (22433 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Minorities three times more likely to achieve Quixtar Diamond than their Caucasian counterparts.  Statistics reversed in 10 year span.

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casey_combden_hypnotist_thmb.jpg (5885 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Casey Combden, certified master hypnotist can help you increase your motivational tape and seminar ticket sales!

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brian_buckley_thb.jpg (6241 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Barnes & Noble speaks about problems with Quixtar distributors in their retail stores.

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jerusalem.jpg (9422 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

A Phenomenal Journey for Bill & Peggy Britt …
A Visit to the Holy Land

See their travel log!

casey_thmb.jpg (9921 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
Casey Combden starts "Life Liberating Conversations" for $120 a pop.

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dick_devos_bum_sm.jpg (8049 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Billion-Heir asks "Hey Buddy can you spare a dime for my campaign?"

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butt_xs.jpg (9080 bytes) main6.GIF (3251 bytes)

Sexy Fashion Model Launches Retail Web Site That Offers Over 3 million products including XS energy drink

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manchester_unitd_vk_tmb.gif (16187 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Amway Diamond, Dave Bradley, and supposed member of the legendary English soccer team Manchester United upset about missing profile in team's history books. 


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abby_masthead_thmb.gif (15229 bytes) Dear Abby debuts on Amway Parody Press


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most_wanted_thb.jpg (15840 bytes) topten.gif (10998 bytes)

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information_minister.jpg (12115 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Quixtar's Director of Misinformation Announces Quixtar's 2005 results.

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baghdad_bob_sm.jpg (6406 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Baghdad Bob turns to motivational speaking. Newest hit at Amway/Quixtar conventions.


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robert_kiyosaki.jpg (6181 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Robert Kiyosaki throws in the towel as a Amway/Quixtar distributor.  John Maxwell replaces him on speaker circuit.


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devos_plan.jpg (11629 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
Dick DeVos:  The solution to Michigan's economic woes is the Amway/Quixtar Plan
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robert_miller.jpg (10901 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Delphi wants to use mirror of Quixtar's compensation plan to save costs.

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arbeit_is_scheisse_tmb.jpg (17952 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Amway Distributors' "Work Sucks" Campaign Moves To Germany

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blue_thmb.jpg (10240 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)

Attention WWDB Quixtar IBOs there is a "Blue Light Special" on Free Enterprise Day Tickets in isle 9!

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thumb.jpg (9666 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
Distributors Protest on Labor Day
IBOs Want Living Wage Commissions

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Qbay for dummies! amazombie.gif (2416 bytes)
Starting a Quixtar "Qbay" Business

Ever wonder how you can do your 150 PV points with Quixtar, to support your team goals and not feel like a loser yet not drown in After-Eight CoffeeTM, LOCTM , SA8TM laundry detergent, or Double XTM vitamins?

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kentucky_cabbies_guide_tmb.gif (10039 bytes) amazombie.gif (2416 bytes)
The Kentucky Cabbie's Guide
To Identifying Amway Distributors

Every had a total stranger start talking to you about ways to make extra money?   Well if so, you have no doubt been prospected by an Amway/Quixtar distributor! 

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math_prof.jpg (6737 bytes) main5.gif (3477 bytes)
92 - 97% of Amway distributors have quit after 5 years in the biz.

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