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    Amway / Quixtar's Finest Fake News Source           Dec 4, 2005

Amway Diamond Upset With Publishers Over Missing Information

Australia (APP) - Successful Australian Amway Diamond Dave Bradley is definitely upset these days.  He claims in his Diamond profile that he is former team member of England's legendary soccer team, Manchester United, yet Dave claims he has been erased from the football team's history.  Dave is particularly upset with two books, in which he is not listed as a former member.

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Dave's Profile of Success pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) clearly says he played for Manchester United.

Competitive? Definitely. Dave Bradley played professional ball for one of Britain’s best soccer teams, the Manchester United. His soccer career took him to faraway places, including South Africa in 1985, and to New Zealand in 1986, where I played ball and coached. “I liked playing soccer,” he says. “But I didn’t want to wait until I couldn’t play any longer to start thinking about life after soccer.”

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ISBN 0-23300-102-6

The two offending publications are:

The Complete Encyclopedia of Manchester United ISBN 1-904104-03-0 and The Official Manchester United Illustrated History ISBN 0-23300-102-6.

Dave cannot understand how two reputable publications, which have followed the history of the legendary soccer team for decades, managed to leave a reputable Amway Diamond out of their books.  

Critics say Dave never played for Manchester United and it is just another lie told by an Amway Diamond.  Dave on the other hand says he will be working closely to fix the unexplained missing information in the books.