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    Amway / Quixtar's Finest Fake News Source            25 June 2005

Howie Danzik Fakes Being Married as Diamond

Diamond confesses long time scheme

Washington State (APP)  In news that shocked the Amway/Quixtar community, World Wide Dream Builder's Executive Diamond confessed to faking being married to a woman named "Susan" audio.gif (929 bytes) whom everyone took to be his wife, but was in fact his sister.   In a recent update to his "Profile of Success", Danzik noted that he was really a single when building the business.  Danzik wanted to once and for all clear up the rumors that he was divorced.

Howie and Theresa
  Howie and Theresa

Howie's profile states "Howie and Theresa had each built their business to Diamond as singles; Theresa in Hawaii and Howie in Colorado. When they got married, it marked the first time in Quixtar’s history that two Diamonds were married."

In and exclusive interview with APP Danzik explained how he was never married to Susan, who he now claims to be his sister.  "I got caught up in the excitement of the business, and everybody being couples", noted Howie.   "There were no singles in our line of sponsorship and I felt very out of place."  "My sister, Susan was also interested in the business, so we formed a partnership type operation."  "We were living in Colorado at the time and we worked the business very hard."  The partnership went diamond."  

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  Howie and sister "Susan"
Diamond picture Amagram April, 1996


"Well soon after I went diamond, I met Theresa the real love of my life.   My sister Susan and I had to do something so we dissolved the partnership and I married Theresa."

"I had to come clean on the whole scheme.  I'm really embarrassed about it now, considering how much integrity there is in this business.   I'm ashamed to have perpetuated this lie on the fine distributors in World Wide Dream Builders.  No one should lie about a thing like being married.  It will come back to haunt you. "

"I've learned my lesson now.  There will be no more lies", noted Howie.