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    Amway / Quixtar's Finest Fake News Source           Sep 10 2005

Worldwide Dream Builders Runs
"Blue Light Special" on FED Tickets

Spokane, Washington (APP) - Quixtar's most profitable and most respected line of sponsorship appears to have fallen on hard economic times.  Just after Quixtar reported to Internet Retailer that sales would be flat for 2005, WWDB announced their "Blue Light Special" on function tickets for their 2005 "Free Enterprise Day" annual conference. 

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WWDB announced a "Buy one get two free" offer for FED tickets to all Premium Account Members.    The tickets, which normally sell for $125 each, can be given away for free to those currently not WWDB business owners.   The program is no doubt being used to get new people to a function and to possibly sign up as a WWDB IBO so that they will attend future seminars and buy all sorts of motivation books and tapes. 

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This is the first time such wide spread discounting has been seen in the Amway/Quixtar motivational tools market place. 

Industry experts pointed out the fact that motivational material sales is an indicator of future Quixtar sales.   "The sales of tapes and seminar tickets can give you an indication of your  future PV".  There is usually a time delay of about 6 months", noted one WWDB diamond.  "The fact that Quixtar sales will be flat for the year, also reflects the fact that sponsoring and the resultant sales of motivational materials have also taken a hit for the year", noted another diamond.  

MLM industry trend watchers noted that there is a very psychological advantage to having large numbers of people at a function, and why free tickets are now being given away.    People can observe if a function is growing or shrinking.  A shrinking function will have a very negative effect on the seminar participants.  To combat declining numbers many lines of sponsorship have consolidated their major functions to make it look like overall attendance is stable or growing.  The fact now that attendance is trying to be boosted with two free tickets for every one purchased by a WWDB premium member is an ominous sign, noted one industry observer.