Network 21 Sued for selling unauthorized
copies of the book "Skill with People"

Leslie Giblin, author of the book "Skill with people", sued the Amway/Quixtar motivational organization, "Network 21", for unauthorized translation, copying, and selling of his book in China, Greece, Malaysia, the Philippines, Romania, South Africa and Turkey. Network 21 is a Nevada based corporation, operated out of Georgia, headed by Amway/Quixtar Crown Distributor Jim Dornan.

Network 21 is one of the leading overseas Amway/Quixtar motivational organizations.

A motion for "forum non conveniens" was filed to dismiss the case, but the court never granted it. "Forum non conveniens" means that the chosen court was not the proper court for the action. The dispute was however resolved before the court ruled on the motion to dismiss.
The case was dismissed with prejudice. This usually implies the parties negotiated an agreement. Being dismissed with prejudice means the plaintiffs can never file the case again.

Sources report that Network 21 settled for $250,000. If site visitors have any additional information or copies of the books from any of these countries, please write me.

Copies of the complaint in .pdf format:: pages 1-15 pages 16-30

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