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Thank you for your informative site. We had a call last night from an old neighbor of my husband's, wanting to talk to us about Quixtar. I figured it was some kind of 'sales' business. He gave me the founders name, and I told him we were really too busy to try to meet with him right now. (we don't even have time to weed our flower beds!) He said he would call back in a couple weeks, and I said fine. I decided to do a search on Quixtar and found your site.

I have a friend who has sold Amway. there are a few of their products that I like (SA8 and Dish Drops) and I think they are worth the money, but when I need them, I can get online and order through Bob's site and get my stuff - no pressure from him at all. The LAST thing I need right now is something that will take up more time, energy, and money. I have a 5 year old son who is autistic, and I need all my energy for that...

Thank you for your information. I now know what to tell my husband's old neighbor when he calls.... thanks, but no thanks.


Dear scott (or i suppose you are scott?),

I am currently an IBO in a tiny island called Singapore and Amway is part of the direct selling association in Singapore and that makes it perfectly legal.. In fact there are worst MLMs that require you to pay an obsence amount of money to 'join'; in the range of 1000+. But I will have to say that your site is a definate advantage for people like me.

As for me, i was roped into this business because i wanted to give myself a chance; part of the business talks about the Dream, but for me and my downlines, the focus is on products and customer service; and only will good service can you have a reputable business.

It is sad that some so call diamonds earned most of their money from motivational tapes and such but i guess they earned what they deserved. For 1 I am also part of such a group but i never wanted to waste my money and tapes and videos.... I motivate myself everyday! It is absurb to think that you would have to repeatedly listen and waste your time on people going on and on about how they suceeded...haha May I request that you put on you site that a good upline supoort is more important then motivational tapes. My directs alway tell me that to suceed... you have to go CORE and so on... but i tell them that i will only do thing that will increase my business volumes!!(purchases of tapes are optional and don't count towards your pv; if yes, then maybe i would buy the tapes.)

This is my side of the story...

And by the way... i love smallvile and will never give up watching it for listening to tapes.


Dear Scott,

I am impressed at how embarrassed I am know that someone so uneducated could promote a sense of fact. A lot of what you have typed in your report is speculation based on what you think and not what you know. I thank you for inspiring me to drive my business to the next level and living the financial freedom reality, not dream, I and many friends have created for ourselves together. I, by the way, am extremely ethical person that speaks from facts and not speculation. A fact: Why don't you join the business, work the program, test the products etc... and see if this helps you make your reports accurate. Worst thing that could happen... you'll become a better person. That's what the system does and has done for so many people. Here is a fact that you can add; "100% of those that commit to success achieve it. 100% that fail to commit, fail to succeed." Thanks for the inspiration to continue truly educating people!


Its too bad that there are people out there that have a need to tear down a organization as well grounded as Quixtar. I myself have been made a better person in the years since joining Quixtar, primarily due to the association of the people and the books, and tapes. Even though I have not made a good sum of money doing things Quixtar way, I would do it all again glady paying ten times what i do for what kind of person it has made me.

Hello Scott. I live in the Grand Rapids area. As a former Ruby in the Amway/Quixtar business I have watched the Doris Shaw case with interest. Our local TV station has posted the latest on this story today. I think the above link will take you to the story.


Hi Scott,

I am in Quixtar.

Being college educated and having been in the business world for 14 years, I can safely say I still don’t understand how this program (Quixtar) works. To date, I have not found one person, not one, who has made a dime from this. The person that recruited me has a tap root of 72 IBO’s, and he is telling me how much he is making a month. The truth being known, he is just getting rebates back from the money that he spends, ex: he buys a thousand dollars worth of product and makes a hundred.

This person was constantly trying to sell me tapes and books that were just too pricey for their content. And this guy carried around a car trunk full of it. I admire this person’s enthusiasm however; I think he gets it from these Super Tuesday meetings where they have all fervor of a religious revival tent show. All hype and no hard figures to support the get rich claims.

After 5 months, I am still trying to find that one person who has become a multi-millionaire in 2 years.

I appreciate any comment on this.



More Amway divorces for your page:

Emeralds, John & Denise Wirtanen from the Brad & Vera Doyle, Tom & Lorre Hansen organization (Diamond Quest/Inter-Biz) John now owns and runs the failing business.

Emeralds Mike & Wendy Hepner from Bob & Bonnie Howard organization. Wendy now runs their organization.

Even after several years of deprogramming from the Amway way of life, I still have flashbacks and nightmares of being responsible for a downline and products and especially "tools" (books and tapes and "Ad-Packs", the main source of the cash.) I do remember lying directly to people regarding tool bonuses and function ticket bonuses (ticket kickbacks based on how many people you got to a function, especially the large Yager functions). I have vivid memories of 3am meetings with Dexter Yager, Eating lunch at the Yager estate for "Emerald Club" .

I am an Ex Amway Emerald who lost her marriage, house and so-called friends to the addiction of power and promises.

One day I'll write my memoirs, and send you the section on "My Life as an Amway Wife" or "Soap Got In My Eyes"

I am Denise Wirtanen (now Myers)

Fully recovered Amway Emerald.

any questions? Feel free to e-mail me

I recently received introduction to Quixtar. An aquintance tried to sell me on the program after meeting me just twice. You see, in those brief meetings, she just knew that "I have the gift of doing right by people."

The pitch included a spiel of getting paid for buying all my regular household items online. I need toilet paper, right??? "Shop at home, save time, make money"

A large portion of the pitch was "oh, we're going to replace both our incomes in less than 2 years. We'll be making so much money we can probably retire in 5-6 years. You can too, why not get paid for buying items you need?" Not once did she mention selling product to others, give solid figures on how much she's making, nor did she tell me what it would cost to sign up.

The conversation ended when I asked for the website and promised to get back with her. I went on quixtar and did a quick search on toilet paper. That was part of the pitch, so heck, I'll look.

At that time, I found product alright, and a lot of it. Shoot, I can buy a case of toilet paper for $35.00. Help me understand why I should spend $35.00 ... for toilet paper???

Now yes, I know that's a lot of toilet paper for that amount of money, but where exactly am I supposed to store it? And what if I don't like single ply? (What came up first in that TP search is junk -- the really thin cheap junk that comes off the roll one sheet at a time...)

And honestly, how does one justify purchasing toilet paper in that quantity? Sorry kids, we can't eat this week, mommy needs to get toilet paper!

I did get back with the lady. Last week in fact, when she was trying to talk my friend into the program.(incidentally, she's met her just twice as well)

I stepped into the pitch with the information I found about the toilet paper. Her response is that I'm getting paid for the $35.00 purchase, so it's not really $35.00 for that toilet paper. (Just that vague, no solid figures on how much I'm really spending)

Quality? Do I really care what my toilet paper is like? When I said that I do care, she informed me there is Kleenex brand available, furthermore, her husband says it's the best toilet paper he's ever used! (she shared that she wasn't aware that her husband cared about the quality of toilet paper until she started buying it from Quixtar -- he just RAVED about how great it is!)

What was that about saving time? I'm on dial up, I don't have time for searches to narrow down and compare which I'm going to buy, I need to see it to know it's not junk! Afterall, I don't want $35.00 worth of toilet paper I hate sitting in my basement. Well, there are certain items she will not compromise quality on either. You buy those products at your regular store and just buy the things you don't care about from Quixtar.

$35 is really too much? Well dearie, just remember, it's only 1 week that you'll struggle to feed the kids. You won't need to order toilet paper again for a long time!!!

Yes, but in the meantime there's a sale on toilet paper at my regular store. I'm going to lose that warm and fuzzy feeling when I see that. I have $35.00 worth at home, but I could get my favorite brand for $15.00 if I stocked up at the store. Oh, silly me, I didn't really pay $35.00 because I got paid for buying.

Anyway, thank you for your website. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together for people looking into Quixtar. I had already decided it wasn't for me, simply based on the toilet paper search. However, I now know Quixtar is Amway and well, Amway has been a dirty word since I was a kid!

I hope many people find their way to your website.



I have read the comments allowed on your website about the persuasion level people justify for their own failures. My husband and I were involved in Amway/Quixstar multilevel business and the only thing I have to say is thank you. Thank you for the good friends, thank you for the experience, thank you for bringing me back to my faith, thank you for helping me be a better parent. Did I get rich, no, not monetarily, but spiritually and pratically. Did I learn about money and business, yes. My husband and I chose to get into the "business" but we also chose to leave the "business". I will not expose all our failures but I will tell you we were in sucessful in the experiences we lived through and I think it is unexucseable that those who think they were better then anyone to find blame with their failure. You who file suit ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You brought on your on your failures but it is always easier to blame your upline. You don't have the guts it takes to be leader, because leaders have to go thru the crap before they can really lead. but those who sue are gutless. Have the guts to accept your own frailties for your failure and stop blaming anyone else for your failures. You messed up>>>deal with it.

signed a former Amway representative

In 1998, Linton sold his Emerald business to his brother, Double Diamond, Craig & Anna DEANE to re-pursue a career in Personel Recruitment.

Treveor & Sally FARMER from Queensland, Australia. Also Emeralds, Sally committed suicide in their new Mercedes wearing her 'Go-Diamond' ball-gown!

Thanks for the site, it is massively informative and sometimes a real shocker.


Hi Scott,

Mike and Barb Popovich were under Howie and Theresa Danzik.

He is no longer on the speaker list even as an Emerald on Regional opens.

Neither is Dave Grosvenor who was a new Diamond under Brad Wolgamont in 2000.

You are right. In order to maintain their status, the EDCs have to start stealing from the Diamonds, when IBOS keep falling out like flies.

Won't it be fun if we could come up with a spay that is "Guaranteed to Keep Quixstar IBOs, Diamonds and other pests away"! :) We can start a new MLM just marketing this spray! :)



Hi Scott, we have never met,but I had a site up a long time(1995) ago when Sidney was still doing AUS. You are doing a great job with the info...keep it up. Here is a link to a text version of what I had up at one time. If you think it helps, feel free to use it. If you think the info is still relevant, would appreciate some guidance on possibly resurrecting the site.

We were approached this past week by friends who are "gung ho" into Quixtar. They want us to join. It didn't take long (one Google search) to find a whole bunch of reasons not to get onto the band-wagon. We feel sorry for our friends because we think they haven't done much (any) homework and have simply bought into this "American Dream."

Thank you very much for some very good and interesting information. We will be passing some of it to our friends when they "get back with us" to find out our decision as to joining. I don't think they even know Quixtar is part of Amway.

Dave & Mary

p.s. We're not giving up our day jobs.

Bill Britt has a brother that was involved in a truck accident (he was a truck driver) probably about 15 years ago. Anyway, his head was split open and got some brain-damage. His name is Eddy. During the accident, he lost all his teeth. He was placed in a nursing home in Fayetteville, NC. Bill has never gone to visit him, nor has Bill been interested in helping his brother in any way. Right now, Eddy still has no teeth or even shoes.

Eddy can talk to his family members and can recognize them. While conversing, Eddy loses his thoughts and forgets who his family relatives are or what the conversation is about. But, Bill is not interested in Eddy's well-being, that would cost money.

Another one: BB's Mom passed away. But while she was alive, BB gave her a brand new car. How about that! BB has 27-31 vehicles, Mercedes, Ferraries, Porsches, Excaliburs, Roll Royces, Lexus and other exotic cars. What's sad about this? His Mom wasn't worthy of an import, he got her a Chrysler........I guess she wasn't worth much to him.

Hey Scott….keep up the good work

I got this link off a blogg…

"Craig, there's something you really need to see. Go to this link

and type in Bonds Grove. This house is down the street from me, and is owned by some Amway folks."

I’ve been there…it’s the Storm residence. I guess Don’s and Ruth need the money so they are selling. Perhaps their little island in Massachusetts is next.

Just thought you might like the info.



You seem to know a lot of information. But I can tell that you were never a participant in Quixtar. Quixtar offers people much more than a business and that's why the business is still growing with very little income coming in. To really know and understand it you really need to become apart of it. After understanding it you probably would not look at it negatively but positively. Take advantage of Quixtar system and see for yourself what a great organization it is. Become an IBO and try it out and see what it's all about first hand and you will see it in a different light. Ask former IBO's different questions and you might understand it better. Like what did you like about being in Quixtar? Did you take advantage of the system? The longer the person took advantage of the system the more successful they will be in Quixtar and the more they will understand what Quixtar is all about. Which is helping people become the best they can be in anything they do life which includes the Quixtar business. We help them to become better people: become people of integrity, character and better self-esteem, better at relationships with family and friends at the same time remaining humble. Your missing out on the great things that Quixtar teaches through it's system. The Quixtar business isn't perfect and I know it will get better over time. But what business is perfect?

Always thanking God for our many blessings which are in Jesus Christ.

David K

Dear Scott.

I was one of those people who felt he got 'suckered' into the Amway scheme some 6 years ago. I looked at the 'plan' and it certainly seemed plausibile (I have read a degree in engineering, in mathematics and statistics and in computer science. I also have a diploma in management and IS project management and I'm operating in a business analyst role, so I'm pretty qualified to make that statement), if nothing else, and hey, who doesn't want to make some money for doing almost nothing... But of course herein lies the catch. There are undoubtedly many people who push the Amway IBO business in an underhanded way, overstating the benefits and understating the effort., and pushing you for a quick decision. But to me this is the policy of almost every marketer or sales person in every business in the world. So, I took it, with a pinch of salt, and looked over it in my own time and asked the questions that I had to ask, and researched it on the internet.

You see, if you are even a mildly intelligent person, you should examine the actual small print before you get in too deep (I believe that there is a 90 day return and a full money back policy) and ask the relevant questions. Do you sign up for an insurance policy without understanding the premiums and benefits? Do you accept a job without understanding what is fully required of you? Do you buy a soap without checking the label, the fragrance and the price? I suspect that the people who write into your site don't. Anyway, I gave it a whirl, maybe lost a couple of bucks, and threw in the towel. I still used a lot of the products because, though a bit pricey, to my view on my selection of products P&G and other manuacturers quite simply can't match the quality.

A year or so later, I decided to give it another try, because I still think that the plan is a good plan, and the business a good one, if you are honest about it. I approached someone I knew and trusted 'in the business' and signed up. Again, I failed, but this time I at least made a bit of money through retailing the products. Both I had no downline and sales is definately not a strong point. I did not renew.

I have in the interim tried to start a couple of other businesses and they have been horribly unsuccessful, with large capital investments, and correspondingly large losses. You see that is the way of the real world, at least in South Africa. I was at a business presentation yesterday (absolutely nothing to do with Amway) that indicted that only 12 percent of new businesses in South Africa survive the first two years and only 8% the first five. Why should Amway IBOs be so much different, except that the loss of investment is much smaller. I have made substantially bigger losses than authors in your site over far shorter timeframes from endowments and stock investments, not to mention other business attempts.

So, a short while ago, I took all the knowledge that I have gained and, guess what, signed up with Amway again. This time (and I have to emphasise with complete openess and honesty), I have started a business that distributes Amway products, i.e. and Amway IBO, and have so far been very sucessful. I understand the business for what it is - a retail business that takes pressure off the owner by requiring him to have a few (I have 20-30 regular customers) that he can service well and a downline that he is required to give assistance to in doing the same thing (not RUN their business), i.e. get a few customers and help someone else do the same. These are still early days for me, but I understand the principle, and it does work - for me. I am not rolling in money, but I understood that I'm not going to get rich overnight, or even in a year. In truth, it is even happening a bit faster than I expected, or wanted. Sad thing is, I realised what is wrong with many of the people that are similar to the authors of letters on your site, and maybe even some of them. They are the people that will always moan about everything, their job, their salary, the price of the products they use and the success of other people. It is a type of person that wants it all for nothing. Sure, this is a generalisation and cannot be applied to everyone, but I make no apologies for offending people that are like that. They have offended me by challenging my integrity and grouping me with the bad apples of Amway - which there ARE. But there are also bad lawyers, bad retailers, bad plumbers and bad pastors. There aren't too many sites moaning about those people. Amway is just an easy target and it's nice to try to prevent others from being sucessful because 'I' haven't. By the way, to the person who tried to by SA8 in a 44 gallon drum and repackage it and resell it according to your own specs - try that with any other premium brand manufacturer - no one will go for it, whether you are an independent retailer or not.

My advice, unwelcome as it may be, to people who have been burned: take control of your life, check things out thoroughly before committing, don't do what you feel is not right and don't take the opportunities away from other people who want to try something that MIGHT work. I guess that this is an e-mail that will never get published because it is obvious that your site is there only as a warning to people not to 'do Amway'. Sad, because there are a lot of good Amway distributers out there - definately the majority.



My husband and I are considering becoming a part of Quixtar, and would greatly appreciate any information, in addition to that provided in your website, that is pertinent to the success and/or failure of those affiliated with Quixtar. If at all possible, we would be very interested in speaking with an ex-Quixtar participant.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Scott.

Mike and Barb Popovich (Colorado) became Diamonds under Howie Danzik with much fanfare just more than a year ago.

They have completely disappeared from the scene.

Perhaps one of the list subscribers can shed some light on the subject.



Dear Mr. Larsen,

Thank you, so much for all of your time, dedication and research about this company. I went on line to find some answers specifically about Quixtar but did not expect a gold mine. My good friends are totally bought up into Quixtar dream/nightmare! I needed some facts to get them off my back. They think we’re blind not to see what’s really going on but they continue to come back with the same lies. The biggest one that they adamantly stick to is that this group is not Quixtar and that they are not a team of Quixtar. They state that they are using The Quixtar model to get them to a place where they can break away on their own. Is there any truth to this? Can they take the model they are using and become their own separate company? I know they will probably use some play on words to get out of this claim but what do you think?

I hope I am making this clear. Even if there is truth to this claim I have no interest in Quixtar, I’m just tired of being lied to by my so-called friends and want some facts.

I’m sure Quixtar would love to know that this group is denying the connection so strongly.

I truly am grateful that you went to the trouble to put this site together, Hopefully my friends will see the light before they go bankrupt!



A friend recently had me invited me to attend a Quixtar business opportunity meeting in Southfield, MI. The business venture deals with content, e-commerce, and community, with IBOs making money through the development of pipelines of new IBOs. I'm trying to determine how many IBOs beneath mine would need to make the kind of income to leave paid employment or to earn the the BIG MONEY of diamonds, emeralds, platinums. The specifics are not provided in the book. The meeting and the book, on consumerism, was interesting and somewhat persuasive, however a friend directed me to the Skepdic internet site to do research on multi level marketing and pyramid business prior to making a decision. Through my internet surfing, I found your page, which seems to have finally provided the information I need.

Are these guys. simply 2nd generation Amway? Has Bill Gates provided / joined with the e-commerce venture, or did these two men come up with this idea as they describe in their book? Can you refer me to any other relevant information pertaining to this business? I think my friend is well intentioned, but perhaps not adequately informed herself. Thank you!



Your information is invaluable and I'm so glad I found it before making the wrong decision. No, I do not have any tape or recording re: them leaving Quixtar once they are too big. Where would they go?/do? I hear one tape which basically gave their rags to riches story with a lot of emotion but few details.

I made print outs of a couple of the articles to send to the person who asked me to attend, but I don't know how receptive she'll be to considering the information there. She already has the "BELIEF." The FTC and the MLM Watch Home Page also had good gen'l info on pyramids and MLM. She, her husband, and friends are all educated people - teachers, engineers, business people, etc. How could so many be pulled into this without doing research??? You're right, there was no business prospectus or plan with the kind of info you provided at the open mtg. It seemed all about the group psychology of creating excitement, dreams, and the fear of missing a wonderful opportunity. I would hope my friend would read the articles at your site before putting more time, energy and money into it. I have not heard from her again since I mentioned I needed to do more research prior to making a decision. I hope it will not be too much of a rift in our friendship.

In the book, they make no mention of Amway, only of the brainstorming they did after hearing Gates speak and that they came up with this revolutionary business concept. The book is well written and very persuasive. I might've fallen for it had I not come across your site. I notified my friend that I would not be joining Quixtar effort, so I don't think I'll be given any further access to their materials. How did you develop an interest in this kind of matter? Answer any of this only if you have time to respond. Best wishes and thanks for your efforts.



I had written to you a while ago, and mentioned that I had been a PSDD in the Bradshaw/Covington/Miller/Britt LOS, but left the business at the start of Quixtar for various reasons, including disappointment with upline, Quixtar hype, tools fiasco, etc.

It was with great surprise that I read of the recently publicized separations of both Paul and Debbie Miller and Bill and Peggy Britt (right after the Dateline report...hummmm). I thought, "...never in a million years would I have guessed that these couples would split up..." But then, I got to thinking....I already know Bill and Paul set up family residences in Florida to avoid paying state income taxes. And, I know that Paul follows Bill's advice to a "T"; whatever Bill suggests, hints at, recommends, etc., Paul would unashamedly do, in the name of "duplication of upline". Wouldn't it be a hoot if both of these very successful Crown distributorships have found a way to protect marital assets from other taxes...I'm no lawyer, but could there be some kind of community property laws, or other loopholes in the state tax code (NC)--or even federal code--that come into play when a marriage goes into separation? It would not surprise me if they have stumbled upon a way to sock away more of their (primarily tools-derived) incomes, even if it means public humiliation!

What I'm speculating is (and wouldn't put it past these guys, who usually have the best legal minds working for them) that they have found another creative way to hide even more assets by feigning separation/breakups of their marriages. And I wouldn't doubt for a minute that Paul would follow Bill's lead on this. Maybe I'm just too cynical about the blind "follow your upline" doctrine they preach in this LOS, but I'm betting that this is some sort of ploy.

Your thoughts? (Keep and eye on this for me, would ya...)




i was in amway at one time than my husband had a heart attack and the business didn't transfer to me it went up line .

we were married at home and joined amway shortly there after but something wasn't right with the man who married us so we were remarried in reno at amway rally in 1984.

we had a small business but it paid for our trip down there and back and paid for our room for a couple of days .

our upline stood up with us at our wedding than we went to the rally and thought that we were the only ones that knew and when we walked into the room 4000 people stood up clapping and i think my face turned 7 shades of red.

we ended up on the front page of the amagram because of the wedding and we had friends that cared .

they had a photographer follow us around all week end and at the breakfast on sunday the pictures were shown not that we did anything wrong its just everyone got to see .

6 weeks later he had a heartattack which he went into a coma and the business went up line and amway said there was nothing they could do to help.

our upline tryed to help but even they couldn't do anything i even went to a lawyer to fight it but that did nothing to help either and i didn't have the energy to figure it out and i was the mother of five to . we were with world wide dream builders.

now i'm in business with oasis which those people are so cool and i have made some great friends and love this business and products. but i have heard other people are also having problems with amway to and some diamonds are also leaving because of these problems.


Hey Scott,
I was involved in the Znetix scam. Also have an Amagram with Al. He was the "Big Z" salesman that I wrote my check to. His platinum picture is in the January 1999 Amagram. My good friend is testifying at his sentencing Friday, July 2nd. If you want the Amagram its yours.

See Ya,


I will share my story. If you do print it, please change the names!

I am an accountant and my ex husband a computer programmer. We had discussed internet businesses for years but were never interested in get rich quick schemes. My brother Sam was previously in Amway which we said NO to. Years passed. My brothers daughter and her husband got into Quixtar. They both have Masters degrees and have always portrayed high ethics. They were already platinum and had won the trip every year that I knew of. I heard the buy from yourself, dream the big dream, utilizing the internet. There was a little twist in that I understood it to be a little expensive for awhile until they built up their buying power to 1 million, then they would be able to command better discounts and you would not only get better prices but more money would be available for bonus. Like being an initial stockholder at Wal-Mart. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else but I trusted them. I even asked if it was Amway, he just laughed and explained how this group just uses Quixtar because they have the site and the group isn't big enough yet to have their own site. He went on to explain that I would be a member with the group not Quixtar and that Quixtar has other teams but Quixtar has a special relationship and is not bound by the rules the other teams have. There is more but I am trying to keep it brief. I did the meeting, bought the tapes etc, I was on the verge of getting the first power player month, had lots of special invites when one of my recruits asked me a question I couldn't answer. I had been told our group was not a MLM. The recruit asked me why Quixtar wasn't a pyramid scheme. I didn't even know what one was so I went on the internet to find the answer. I looked and found out allot and then I didn't take what anyone said for the truth. I called Quixtar myself and researched their website. I came up with a whole bunch of rules that contradicted what I was told. I asked my nephew, the Platinum, and the first thing was "Oh you've just been looking at a trash site. Those people have been ordered to stop their lies and don't even live in the states anymore. " When I explained I didn't take the sites at their word but did my own investigation, I got the "we are a special team and it doesn't apply to us." I called Quixtar again, told them what was said and got the same reply, they checked with their supervisors and no one knew of any special relationship this group possessed with Quixtar. Called the nephew back and he said he had talk with, I think an attorney for them says that everything they were doing was legal and the nephew was going to stand by what he said. So I sent a letter to Quixtar detailing everything. Shortly after I got a letter from the nephew stating they were bound by Quixtar's rules and never meant to convey anything to the contrary. I cancelled my membership, lost my relationship with my brother, his wife, the nephew and niece and I don't know who else. I resigned as a member?? with Quixtar at the cheap price (instead of the $230 original price) just to try and get the relationships back. He had turned into such an arrogant A^%$%$% that the first time we got into a disagreement, he stormed out with his wife (Who used to have a backbone). Haven't spoke to him since and probably never will.

Additionally, the platinum nephew did refund me every penny I had spent and I returned all the promotional materials. I would have left with good feeling except then either he or my brother managed to tell most of my family who don't even live by them how bad I was to the nephew and how great they were to me. They were good but they had to give me most of the money back anyway per Quixtar rules.

The damage Quixtar does is more than a pyramid or MLM. It is closer to a cult rife with brainwashing using a Christian perspective, or if that doesn't float your boat, they just go for the greed!

Just seeing if you saw the movie "Man Apart", starring Vin Diesel on dvd. Anyway, in the deleted scenes section you can watch one of the actor say (not quoted exactly): do you know what happens when rules are broken? Things start to fall apart and the pyramid crumbles, just like in Amway. Just thought you might find some enjoyment in seeing this. Its the deleted scene where Hollywood Jack is talking to 2 of his employees and one is in a tanning booth doing some drugs.


Thank you for the info on your site. I have a sister and brother-in-law who are into Quixtar extensively and have tried to recruit me. Fortunately, I have been introduced to similar things, so I went to their meeting with a wall up. I asked several questions (I wish I would have known at the time that it was Quixtar and been more educated at the time) but did not get answers. I have a degree in Chemistry and have had extensive math courses and when I challenged some of the basic numbers, I was simply told my math was wrong but when I asked for explanation, I was shut off. Unfortunately, their involvement has put a wall up between my sister and I and especially between her husband and me. Their main business (a construction business) is starting to fail because of the time spent on Quixtar activities, and I worry about the future financial security, not to mention the marital stress that comes with debt and financial problems. Thanks again for your information. Please continue to keep us informed!


Hi, My Name is Steven and i`m an IBO with an offshoot of the Company currently known as Quixtar!

The name of this off shoot is INTERBIZ and i`m think that in light of how much i`ve seen in the past four (4) Years, I can Quite HONESTLY say that you are ABSOLUTLY correct when you say it is a scam as well as the nbc report said that the HIDDEN business is books and tapes and there is hardly any money to be made other wise!

I was pulled in and lied to by my recruiter telling me that this not AMWAY but i found out after 1 year and becoming close with some of my upline telling me that they were formerly amway distibutors who were promised that the new Interbiz will be different and ethical?

The head of the new amway ( INTERBIZ ) is known as Casey Combden who is a very to say the least obnoxious person always flashing his rings and one of a kind porshe making promises to the suckers of the world out there that we can be rich in 6 months to a year if we would just plug in to the system and show the plan at least 3 times a week along with your support team that will pick up the slack and show the plan for you andrecruit people from your contact list and put them under you! ( Which never happened by the way, they put them under another person directly and i was told it`s to help build everyones business in your team ) Now that word TEAM has never had the letter I in it or did i miss something in school and was taught another lanuage or something !

Well i could go on and on however i don`t have the patience right now to do it so if you do want to know anymore about this SCAM Then please don`t hesitate to contact me ( I`m in canada just north of Toronto ) and there is a us interbiz as well !

P.S. The only reason i have stayed with the company is due to being brainwashed and loving the products wich cannot be bought on the open market!

I look forward to hearing or speaking with you soon,

Yours Truly....

Steve B

I was in Amway from 1981-1998. I kept moving around trying to find the right sponsor. Things just never seemed right to me. The reason I stayed in so long was because I do believe that God wanted me to see the inside of this Amway scam. I have a lot of information. I was personally sponsored at one time by Mickey Hamlett.

When I got into Amway I was a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. I was headed towards a degree in fine arts. My goal was to be a filmmaker. I quit school to build the Amway business, because diamond direct Bob Monahan convinced me that I could make enough money to produce my own scripts.

I have written a script that I am shopping right now, however, I am also writing a murder mystery that deals with a TV evangelist and a multi-level marketing guru.

I'm rambling because I'm just giddy, Paul and Debbie Miller are divorced, I'm sorry but you have no idea what that means to me. The turmoil that that business has given to this single black grandmama was horrible, so I'm so sorry but I am tickled by their pain



I just thought i'd let you know a bit about my story. I am almost 22 years old and have been living with Amway for that long. As a child I see that I was brainwashed in the same way my parents are and for a good 10 to 15 years wanted to go diamond myself. But I wasn't 18 yet so thank God for that and the fact I still have my friends because I surely would have ruined that if I had tried. About under a year ago a group of friends of mine joined Amway and were 'fired up' and the stories of hurt individuals are many. One friend of mine was hurt and felt used and he opened my eyes to the harm Amway causes. It was as if my eyes were suddenly open and could see everything. It was then I became a zealot, going out to undermine the business and save anyone who was not in. It was about this time I realized the strong hold it had on my parents, but mainly my mother, my dad is against it only because after losing money for 25 years who wouldn't, but he still thinks he has 'grown' through the business. The sad bit comes now, when my mum found out all her 4 children were against Amway, her life, she had a mental breakdown so to speak, I had never seen her like this and this once happy family was dysfunctional for the first time. She takes it so personally it is really hard to explain and it is also very weird, it seems like a cult to me, I have studied quite a bit now about it, and I pray all the time that God would take Amway out of my home and the lives of my family. So far I have just had to be quiet about it. I hate how they use God as part of their business, I know He does not agree, He loves the people but the destruction He hates. And I hate it, I hate what its doing to my parents marriage. They fight now, we cant afford much, and then my mum goes and keeps spending money on emma page. She actually thinks she's a failure because she never made it anywhere, but that's what the tapes teach anyway. And believe me when I say I've heard many of them. cheers. Sev

Scott; Thank you for the help in understanding what is happening with this business.

During a meeting with our upline emeralds, the disclosed that they make $0.50 to $1.00 per tape, and a they make 2-3% on tickets for the functions, after they move 200 or 400 tickets. If I find out anything additional I will email you again.

They do make monies on all other tools moved through their organization. Although I wasn't able to get them to go into any detail.



I came upon your site when I was trying to find out more about Quixtar, because after going to an open meeting as a prospect, I found the entire thing really shady and cult-ish. All the people I talked to seemed somewhat gullible. I was completely turned off when I saw everyone pay $5 at the door, but I had to act interested to be nice. It was really scary because the person I went with seemed so enthusiastic about everything. He seemed brainwashed. After coming back, I looked up one of the speakers on the internet. At the meeting, he was introduced as being the owner of a company associated with GM for 15 years. On the site where I found him (the picture on the site looked like the speaker, so I was pretty certain it was him), he was actually the head of a company and he would’ve been president for at most 7 years. Thank you so much for making the site. I will try to use it to prove to my friend that he needs to back out and maybe convince some other people to file a complaint. This is a scam if I ever saw one.


Paul Grant sentenced to prison: 20 Some odd years ago, when Paul was becoming a little spoiled brat, I was approached by Leo & Amy grant to "sign-up". In fact she paid all my expenses to go to an Amway convention in Denver. She was schmoozing me bad and really wanted me in her "line". I declined. After that Randy Haugen wined and dined me to "sign" under him……. This was when he was still employed in the parts department for a local car dealer…… I declined on him too….. Hmmmmmm… Now I am glad I did…..