Bad Things IBO's Say to Me

It is amazing some of the E-mail I receive from distributors who are adamant about their belief in Amway / Quixtar and how one day they will be millionaires. Despite the nice Christian image IBO's like to portray there are many not-so-nice people who are working the business, as in all walks of life. You need to be careful whom you will choose as your sponsor. Many of the people below may not make ideal sponsors. After several letters back and forth IBO's will revert to personal attacks rather than debate the issues I make in my site. I just want to debate the economic issues. Those that can't debate the business issues will resort to comments like those listed below. If you are looking into Amway/Quixtar, be aware that all types of people are in the business and that you should choose your upline wisely. Warning! Profane and abusive language follows.


To: Scott A Larsen <>

Subject: idiot...


>From: Scott A Larsen <>


>Subject: Re: idiot...

>Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:48:45 +0200


>I think you forgot to type your message.


>On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 23:32:32 -0500 "chris Ducharme"

><> writes:

No I didn't all I wanted to say is your an idiot.

Thank you.

From: "Weichert, Tim" <>

To: "''" <>

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 04:48:28 -0600

Subject: Rebuttals

Yeah, there's another thing. I was taking a look at your rebuttals.

I came to the realization that you're basically a loser. Not only that, but you probable took a half-assed shot at business.

You probably fucked it up.

You're pissed, thinking that you were fed a crock of shit.

You get a kick out of knocking down other people's dreams.

I feel sorry for you. Just so you know, nobody in my business gives a shit about negative people like you and your bullshit.

You're the reason that some people are so skeptical in this world that they can't give an ounce of faith for anything.

I'll be looking down on you....from the top. ;-)

From: "Small, Sean" <> Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 16:04:14 -0500

I must say this is the 1 million Loser, I mean anti-Amway site I have come across. You and this site are how should I say it, PIECES OF TRASH!!!

People like you are why our kids are messed up. What a DEMOCRATIC viewpoint you have and you know NOTHING about business or intelligent business practices. Why dont people like you promote the free enterprise system to people instead of glorify working for a living. I am so sick and tired of people giving this business the bad-mouth and they are broke, busted, nobody losers!! I grew up with the big fat LIE which was get an education, get a good job, so you can be a CORPORATE SLAVE for 40 years!!!! I bet you are real WEALTHY that you can sit back and talk about someone bettering themselves without the use of a stupid, needless, J-J-J-J-J-J-JOB!!!! You make me sick!!!! And yes I am a proud QUIXTAR IBO!!!!! LOSER!!

Make a "inteligent decision off that".

If you only spent 1 year in the business then you don't know "shit". Every thing you know if from others who have failed too or did'nt have the guts to try and stay with it. I mean REALLY.

What do you expect them to say? You know as well as I do that you can make numbers say what ever you want to and you are obviously good at should go work for the Clinton's, they could use a guy like you. I will give you credit do make a convincing arguement to me on some of the more irrevelant issues and you could really confuse a guy if he did'nt know the REAL facts. You spent too much time arguing points that have no bearing on the Quality of the business.

Another letter from the same guy

"You also talk tough too but what you fail to understand is that if you want to debate me you will do it on MY terms, when and how I say. I deal with guys like you all the time, even before this business and what I found was that they are useually all talk and when the rubber meets the road they run and hide or in your case QUIT and complain. FAIL is a better word.

If you had the GUTS, the BALLS, the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to win you would have done so but you FAILED. End of story."

You sound like a Liberal Democrat to me which will explain a lot. You

probably think O.J. is inocent too don't you.

"Let me are 5ft 8in, 150lbs glasses, you wear a baseball cap backwards. an ear ring, you support gay rights, no children, never read the bible, love Clinton, smoke pot, drive a BMW, watch the Simpsons, think Madona is sexy, have books on a shelf to make you look smart and brag about you 401k. CLOSE?

You guys are all the same. If you can't referance your sources for your site then you are just another internet bonehead trying to make up for some type of sexual disorder by lving on-line. Get a girlfriend man and enjoy life."


Another letter from the same guy

"I am not continueing this for your benifit but mine...........I personaly don't give a damn about you or your bogus site but if you can help me to be a better IBO them I'm willing to stomach your BS until a time when I feel that I have squeezed all the BS out of you that I can then I will be able to tell people that I have gone "toe to toe" with you and that you are just another book worm with no spine for this business and the inability to admit his own failures."

Another letter from the same guy

"As far as the up-lines go, you said your self that many people have been tossed out because the Corp doesn't want to have the good Quixtar name ruined by a few bad apples that seem to get all the attention as you well know."

"It would be the most humiliating, demoralising, blow to your inflated ego since the last time you were turned down by crack whore for sex.

This business is for men, real men, not whiners and complainers and people looking for someone to blame. So stay retired or whatever you do and don't infect this brand new business with whatever disease you have so we don't end up like Amway".


Another letter from the same guy

"You sound like a nice left wing liberal, Clinton loving, borderline communist with touch of good old anti-capitalism in you. I'll bet you love the Jessie Jacksons and the All Sharptons of the world too. I'll bet you have posters all over of Allan Dershawitz and Johnnie Cochran too.

Come on tell me I can se it now, I have been waisting my time on a hard core liberal with Nazi tendancies. You probably got an education on an affirmative action scholarship and took a lot of anti-American classes too. All I can say ow is ........put down the hash pipe, turn off the tv and read the bible or study REAL American history and for God's republican. " (Jim Smith)


From: (Jim Smith)


Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 21:35:26 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Still at it?

Hey Squat Larson,

I see you are still at it. Great for you. I guess your 'retirement' didnt last long. Going back to your job now? I was thrilled to read your letters back and forth to the lawyers concerning them wanting to supeona the crap on your site. Looks to me that your days are numbered. Keep looking over your shoulder man. I see that there is indeed a relationship between this Shwartz guy and you. When this is proven not only will your bogus site e removed but I am sure there will be a heavy fine or even jail in your future. All I can say is there gonna love a little tight ass like you in "the big house"

Just for the record, I was also glad to see that if you look real hard there is a section o your site that says that this is indeed your opinion only. This is a key phrase that you should use more often.

By the way, sorry to hear that your guy Al Gore is dropping in the poles. Damn, things just are falling apart for you arent they?


Well Dickhead, seeing as I am not very Christian, that comment won't matter. I'd ask whether your parents were brother and sister but that wouldn't be very Christian of me either. See as you are too scared to approach Dexter or the ADA board or and other pin of their calibre, I thought that Mr De Vos may have been able to point you in the right direction. Then again I should have realised that that is why there are dickheads like yourself. There are plenty of Diamonds pre system who are still pre system, who went Diamond on few products from the core range of Amway. They are still making money from, dare I say it? NO TOOLS SALES..., but from the 65% in the dollar return from their business. Yes there are good Christians in this business, which you cannot prove to me would sully their persons on the crap that you try to shove to the poor bastards trying to have a go. Can you sleep at night? Obviously for you to have the time to put this pack of whinging losers together online, you must be on unemployment benefits or maybe retired on sickness benefits. By the way, saying none of your business is a polite way of saying, Fuck OFF... and have a nice day :) Nick Chase

"you poor failure. feeling sorry for yourself. guess what shit head amway is not a shoppers club, its a business oppertunity, and when amway distributors now a days prospect people their basically looking for people who want to make a profit by becoming a I.B.O. , not people who want a good deal. And If you did some studying, any business in the world makes a royalty cash flow through duplication. Can you compare any other business that is as profitable, as fast, and as less stressfull than this one. so stick that negativity up your ass sideways stupid! oh and have a nice day."

"Maybe I'll watch the wedding announcements in the Charleston newspaper, and see when you will get married. As you say, as well as what is stated in the SF article says, its not illegal... Then when YOU announce your marriage, I'll forward these e-mails to your future wife??? Maybe she'll start asking you questions...Maybe I'll save herfrom YOU. Maybe (I don't know) you have a desease?? Are a wife beater or have a child fetish??? Oh, but Amway doesn't disclose ALL their info. Do you Scott??"

You are good Scott, so is ABC, CBS and NBC in telling what the people want to here, and what THEY want the people to believe. I'll be watching the engagement announcements.... Then I'll launch MY Scott ``LIAR'' Lawson web site.

Any Old girlfrineds or ex-wives I need to know about??? Just being realistic Scott. Truth HURTS! What would any of your ex's say about you??? I bet they would say not so good things, or you'd still be with them. But your current beau, would speak highly of you, wouldn't she??? Same with the Amway haters and current distributors. Look at the media coverage during the OJ trial. 5 years ago this week, and now you have a law that a cop or a military person can't carry a gun because he was accused (not convicted) but just accused with wife assult. Ever smoke dope scott?? drive after ``having a few''??? HYPOCRATE!!! Lets make it easy, ever go over the speed limit??? Did you go to the police station to confess!!!"


 Scott you must have been a kicker and a screamer when you were a child and never grew out of it.

"If you had spent the same amount of time building a buisness that you have in doing price comparisens, finding everything wrong with the corporation then you WOULD of been very successful."

"If you put as much time into the business as you do bashing it, you might realize the true benefits."

"If you would only put your negatives into forward motion, you may find it would work for you too."

"Although, if you had spent as much time working in, truly researching and actually learning about the business as you did putting together this page, you would have been a Crown!"

"A wise man once said don't look (listen) at someone who failed (you)."

"After reading the absolute rubbish that is on your web page i came to the conclusion that you either have no idea which end is your arse, or you are a very bitter person who is trying to rationalise your own failures in life."

"Just because you failed miserably at your attempt does not mean that you have the right to try and stop others from creating a better life for themselve's and their families."

"You sound like the typical X-Amway distributor, if you spent your time doing something constructive you might become something. I have never met an X anyone that went around bragging about their failure in life."

"I'm sorry you hurt your self, and your jealouse. But who are you and what credability do you have. Apparently you havent consulted with the better buisness assoc.or the federal trades commision. Tyr being a little honest please"

You are too wrapped up in this stuff for your own good. Find a therapist now! A PhD Psychologist from OSU


Hi Maxine,

A good friend of mine is also a behavioral psychologist. Quite apart from believe I have a problem, she feels that I offer a valuable public service in clearly demonstrating (and debating) the highly questionable business practices of Amway.

I noticed that you did not debate any of the business and economic issues I raise about the business. Surely, as a Ph.D., you are aware of the power of variable reinforcement and a quasi-religious (or even cult-like) context, both of which are put to good use by Amway/Quixtar.

In terms of being "too wrapped up", I have to ask you, how many years have you studied Psychology? Did you not also write a masters and PHD thesis? Doesn't this usually take a minimum of 5 years, with a national average of 7? If so, you have spent FAR more time in your research of psychology than I have of Amway/Quixtar If we use your logic, you are too wrapped up in psychology for your own good as well.

As I mentioned, I enjoy debating issues and if you would like, we could continue this conversation. However, in the absence of any information outside of my web site (and now this note), I'd recommend that you delay any treatment recommendations. Are there ethics about telling people to seek therapy when you do not know them?


From: rekha mahimtura <>
Sent: October 18, 2000 11:42:48 PM GMT
Subject: My reply to your SCAMWAY-amway page

Beloved Larsen and Glasser,

I am really thankful for your service to the broke community of Mr & Mrs Status who will always choose to live in poverty, mediocrity and misery because "THEY", WILL, I REPEAT, THEY WILL LISTEN TO YOUR OPINIONS. Thank you in the name of JESUS, ALLAH, SHIVA, MOHAMMED, JEHOVA AND ALL THE OTHER GODS that you had the wisdom ,to be the men who will go down in history, to be responsible for gutless lifeforms who will for ever serve, kiss ass, and lick every inch of my dogs hairy, sweaty, pissey balls to keep their jobs. I enjoy the fact that you men are a dream stealers, it gives me great statisfaction that nobrainers like yourselves are keeping AMERICA, THE LAND OF OPP'S, FOR RICH, I REPEAT FOR RICH PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO OWN AND OPERATE AND PROFIT FROM STUPID GUTLESS WONDERS LIKE YOUR GRATEFUL DECIPLES AND YOU. I am glad to learn that you grateful deciples who have bosses like me, follow nimrods like SCOTT and G GLASSER because baby you were ment to live in the MODERN SLAVERY MOVEMENT [aka JOB:Jackass OF BOSS ]to the end of eternity.

Thanks again, oh by the way you numbskulls may not have the gutts to send this message accross. I only intened it to be read by you two.

Riches to the men and women who take advantage of being in business for themselves in this Awsome country of USA. ONLY the rich are allowed to have SLAVES. Abundace of misery poverty and mediocrity to the employees of America. Get that nose brown America.




On Tue, 22 Feb 2000 03:53:07 EST writes:

> Your Stupid!

> That says it all.

Dear Namless,

Thank you for taking the time to write and debate the issues.

How much are you reporting as profit on your taxes this year from your business?

I can only hope you have a few retail customers who generate enough margin so that you are not reporting losses on your taxes.

If you send me such a note and you are reporting losses, I reality think you have to be the stupid one.

I love replies like yours, it shows what true cowards many Amway/Quixtar distributors are when they are asked to debate the issues and all you can come back with is ignorant one liners like yours. It shows how many IBOzos don't take the time to think about the reality of the situation.

Why did you even waste your time to show me you true ignorance and lack of objective thought by sending me such a note?

Oh, just one little English lesson. "Your" is an adjective meaning "of or belonging to". What you meant to write is "You are stupid", or "You're stupid", which is a conjunction.



On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 19:25:47 -0400 "Michael Greene"<> writes:

So, what is your point ??

Michael L. Greene

A Independent Business Owner Point, Click, Shop Earn !! At The Digital Destination

IBO # 2554674 email


To: <>

Sent: Friday, October 01, 1999 11:17 PM

Subject: Re: ???????

It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.

If you haven't figured out the point of my site by reading it, then you deserve to lose your money in Amway/Quixtar.

Why don't you send me a E-mail when you retire with the 2-5 year plan. I won't be holding my breath.

Good luck and good hunting.


On Sat, 2 Oct 1999 18:21:46 -0400 "Michael Greene">


What is obvious is, you have no life.


To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 12:14 PM

Subject: Re: ???????

It is obvious you have no brain!

Tue, 12 Oct 1999 Hey punk ass would you like to meet somewhere and discuss this face to face????

Wednesday, October 13, 1999


Punk ass, that is really great. That is the first time I have heard that from an Ambot. How much bigger is your vocabulary? What do you want to do now, have a good fight?

If you want to sit back and throw out standard "ama-rebuttals" like "get a life", and "what's the point", and not debate the issues I address in my site, it only tells me you are not using the brain God gave you. Why did you even write me if you can't put up a decent rebuttal to the issues I raise on my site?

How much profit did you report on your taxes due to you Amway PRODUCTS business last year?


Wed, 13 Oct 1999

I don't have the time time nor desire to continue this dialog; I'd just as soon kick your ass which will only take about 10 secs and that is nine seconds more of my time than you warrant. Either except or find another playmate

p.s. I am unlike others.

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