WWDB Diamonds selling competing Energy Drink?

allin_energy_drink.jpg (24142 bytes)A site visitor sent me a link to a page about a poker tournament sponsored by "All in Energy Drink".  CEO of the company is a Greg Duncan.   The vice president is Rod Jao.  Curious enough, both of these names belong to current or former diamonds in the WWDB organization. 

Rod Jao was a 1995 WWDB canadian diamond, under Dan Yuen, who is under triple diamond Greg Duncan.   There is a poker profile for a canadian Rod Jao also on the internet.  

The energy drink is similar to the Amway Global's (aka Quixtar's) XS energy drink in that it is sugar free but it has about 28% less vitamin B12 than the XS energy drink has.

You can buy the "All-in" energy drink online too at the  allinenergy.com website for $25 for 12 cans.  Quixtar's XS drink costs $23.88 for 12 cans.   

It would be interesting to see what Quixtar has to say about selling competing products.