Casey Combden Screws Downline
and Goes For Broke

casey_combden.jpg (9628 bytes) Update 3.12.05: Casey Combden is now backpeddleing and moving quickly to ensure this top pins that the "skimmed from the screwed" tool money or payola will still flow to them as before. He has decided that the plans to rake off the money almost wholly for himself, in light of the massive IBO backlash to his "cold reading" on stage would not be the best thing to do now from a PR perspective. So, to all the Casey Combden directs, do not be dismayed as the individual IBO will still be screwed and you will still, for now, get your kickback and bribe that is almost certainly your only real income under Casey Combden.

18.11.05:  In a daring move, which isolates him from all his major downline Pins, Casey Combden as broken the unwritten covenant with his downline and is attempting to take over all tool profits from his group. 

Apparently sicken with greed after hearing that the tool's income of one major US kingpin was $14.2 million, Casey now wants to cut all his downline diamonds and emeralds out of the tool's profits distribution scheme to increase his own profit.

Previously each InterBIZ diamond IBO had their own tool selling website and is now pushing is own website,, which stands for "Show The Interbiz Plan Online Tonight  (STIPOT) otherwise known as "SHITPOT".  Once the Beta site being tested.  It will be one  With the new "you do not have to be present to show the plan".

Casey's new site is intended to replaces the old individual Interbiz sites that allowed the diamonds and emeralds to handle their own tool business. With the new system all the income can flow to Casey direct and going over hidden accounts in Las Vegas.  Mass defections of distributors have begun already over Casey's Combden's rapacious appetite for tool sales. 

This centralization of the tools business would allow Casey to selectively pay or not pay any Diamond falling out of favor.  Currently the diamonds control their own customer databases and credit card information so they can not be cut out of the business at the whim of their upline.  Most if not all lines of sponsorship do not have written contracts for tools commissions.  This allows the person running the system to exercise extreme control over those he pays the commissions to.

Casey's move cannot be explained.  It would seem any move to isolate downline IBOs from the tool system profits would be to decimate his own tool's distribution system and is cutting his own neck.  Without the support and promotion of the system by many people it does not seem possible that his business will have the ability to survive.

Casey's new website contains an audio.gif (922 bytes) E- presentation, which might to be a violation of Quixtar's rules 8.3.11.  They are audio.gif (922 bytes) Beta testing a web site where one does not have to be present to contact, to show the plan, do a followup, and to introduce them to the products in a non personal manner.

8.3.11. Must not present the IBO Plan or solicit participation in the IBO Plan through any broad-cast communication methods including mass mailings, telemarketing, national or international advertising, radio, television, facsimile services,  computer communication networks including the internet, or any other means by which personal contact with a prospect is not present. However, IBOs may use digital media or maintain an inter-net website for use with prospects, provided the contents of such media or website meets the requirements set out in the IBO Prospecting/Client Product Website Bulletin, and otherwise comply with the Rules of Conduct.

Apparently the IBO sends people to the website and has them listen to Casey's recorded plan, and calls back after a while.

All of this will surely create a major disruption in the InterBIZ line of affiliation.

ps. From: Debbie Schulhauser, wife of Rod, who is Casey's business manager in Canada, Casey is building a new home in Las Vegas and says the plans are "stunning".

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