Crown IBO's - Britt's File for Separation

According to The Burlington Times-News, Bill and Peggy Britt filed for separation on November 21, 2003. (See the newspaper article and this complaint for a restraining order on Bill) Here is the case number 2003 CvD2647 as well

It is not yet clear the reasons for the Britt separation, however there are two documented 911 incidents with a women, Phyllis Frankel of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

In case number 02173-159 on 6/22/2002 a 911 call from the Britt's Ponte Verda Beach, FL home, Phyllis Frankel claims to have been in a fight with Mr. Britt.

In case number 03069-321 on 3/10/03 a 911 call in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Phyllis Frankel was demanding that Bill Britt get out of her home. Bill Britt then got on the phone and said they were having a "S-22", according to the report (disturbance).

 A little searching in Google reveals that Ms. Frankel is a real estate agent in Ponte Vedra, FL. It seems a bit strange for Mr. Britt to be arguing to the point of two 911 calls with one being at 9:45 p.m. with a real estate agent!

No doubt Mr. Britt was just really upset with the price he was going to have to pay for some new property and lost his cool. We'll have to wait and see just what property Mr. Britt was interested in that night!

Certainly over time there will be more information about Ms. Frankel and her relationship to Mr. Britt. Here are some photos of Bill and Phylliss.

Britt normally lectures the audience on living clean, traditional
lives. "Don't wear pants in the family," he admonishes
the women, who make up half his audience.
Forbes Magazine 12/9/1991

"...Britt has gone on to become one of the greatest
mentors in the history of our company..."
Rich DeVos - Cofounder Amway - Compassionate Capitalism pg 191

Crown: Bill Britt: "Everything we teach is founded on God's word"

Crown: Bill Britt: "If you get right spiritually, you can go Diamond"

Bill's and Peggy's separation is mentioned in the accompanying newspaper article. A very interesting piece of the article is the reference to Mr. Britt's business acumen where by Peggy claims him to have lost over $20 million in fraudulent investment schemes. Peggy was trying to enforce a restraining order to keep him from investing $50 million more money in fraudulent investment schemes. Here is Peggy's court complaint for the restraining order.

The Burlington Times-News

"This time he focuses on the visions of financial security. Britt talks of the multimillion-dollar business he has built selling Amway products."
Forbes Magazine 12/9/1991

All this seems a bit hypocritical for a man who continues to go on stage preaching family values, morals and expounding his reputation as a savvy international businessman.

Just days after this page was posted Bill Britt was told he could not attend any more IBOA board meetings. Ron Puryear announces Britt's "retirement" and banishment from World Wide Dream Builders functions.

Banishment from speaking at major functions is standard operating procedure for Amway/Quixtar lines of sponsorship. It has been documented in the divorce papers of Roger Sticler, and Dean Kosage. Crown Paul Miller was banished from Britt stages after his and his wife's affairs were made public.

 Ron Puryear announces Britt's "retirement".

Mr. Britt's profile was also removed from the WWDB web site. His profile had been on their site for years.

The Burlington Times-News
Couple fights over assets
Brandee Hayhurst
Friday November 28, 2003

A woman embroiled in a lawsuit over water contamination has filed a restraining order against her husband, saying she fears he will throw their money away on fraudulent investments

Judge James Roberson granted Peggy Garner Britt a 10-day restraining order against Billy Bernard Britt on Nov. 24. The matter is scheduled for a hearing on Dec. 2 in Alamance County Civil District Court.

Several Burlington residents living near a manufacturing facility on Tucker Street Extension filed a lawsuit against the Britts in March, saying the couple once owned the facility that contaminated their wells.
The residents also sued American Multimedia Inc., American Media International LLC, Burlington Property LLC, Bill and Peggy Britt Ltd. Partnership, David J. Forsyth and Jay C. Jones Jr.

The defendants filed a countersuit in June, saying that Heritage Casket Co. and Marsellus Casket Co. caused the contamination.

According to the restraining order, the couple separated on Nov. 21, and Billy Britt is living in Florida.

Peggy Britt alleges that her husband intends to use $50 million from their bank accounts in questionable investments. She said her husband intends "to place cash assets the parties acquired during the marriage in dubious investments off shore, or in the alternative place them within an investment involving an offshore trust or trusts."

Peggy Britt also contends that her husband told her he lost $20 million "as a result of fraudulent investment schemes over the past couple of years." The couple has hired an attorney to attempt to recover the money, she states.

She says she unsuccessfully asked her husband to cut off his investment advisors, who "have questionable backgrounds." Peggy Britt also stated she was concerned her husband would give those advisors control over their company books.

She is asking for control of their properties on Kenmore Road in Chapel Hill and for half of the cash and other assets.

According to N.C. Secretary of State records, Billy Britt is president of companies that rent cars, aviation and real estate; a farm; an investment company; Executive Planners, which provides tax services; and Executives Unlimited of Durham, which provides motivational rallies.

Peggy Britt's attorney, Wade Harrison, did not return calls for his comment. Billy Britt could not be reached for comment.

This picture of Bill and Peggy Britt at a 1st quarter 2003 Function.
Look at the expression on her face. Do you think she knows about Phyllis Frankel?

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