Introduction to Bo Short

What follows is feedback offered by Bo Short in response to the numerous inquiries I receive regarding his resignation from Quixtar. Bo has agreed to address the issues he is most-often asked about. Additionally, Bo has agreed to continue to address new issues as they arise.

I think it is important to point out that his opinions and experiences are based on having successfully built the business.

To recap his experiences in the business:

  • Enrolled- 1991
  • ruby-1992
  • emerald-1993
  • diamond-1995
  • Numerous tapes used within various training systems
  • Bo was the first IBO to place an order via

Fax received August 6, 1999 1:43pm:

"On behalf of the Quixtar development team, I would like to congratulate you on being the very First Independent Business Owners to place a live order via! The opening of the Quixtar beta test today is truly an historic occasion, and you are now a part of history as the IBOs who placed the first live order via the Quixtar Web site. Thank you for participating in our early testing, and congratulations on being a part of Quixtar history! Sincerely, Randy Bancino, Senior Manager, Internet Business Group, Quixtar."

  • His brother authored the Wall Street Journal Best-seller The Quixtar Revolution
  • Bo was invited by the "corporation" to sit on the BSM (Business Support Materials) Task Force. It is interesting to point out that he was subsequently told the task force was being dissolved after participating in only one of their conference calls.


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Discussion with Bo Short