Your Sponsor

The next big decision is what line of sponsorship you want to be in and who your sponsor should be. Take this research very seriously. You do not usually buy the first car you see and the same goes for your line of sponsorship.

"Your upline is so important to you. You have no idea" Executive Diamond Louie Carrillo Tape DBR659

"People in this business are a dime a dozen, good ones are hard to find. What is the secret? Doing something when you get in and doing something with the right people...on the right team" Bo Short Tape "Practice" PN1105

"I'll guarantee you the only negative he has was with his line of sponsorship (speaking about prospecting former IBOs)" Triple Diamond-Ron Puryear-Video: "Nuts and Bolts" RP-17V

You should select a group rather than signing up with the first to approach you. There are many Lines of Sponsorship, sometimes abbreviated as "LOS". They will all truly want to help grow as a person, but many will have no concern if you make a profit. After two years of having this site, I can say there are major differences between lines of sponsorship.

"...Petitioners' advisers were not experts as much as they were upliners with a financial stake in petitioners' retail and downline sales. Neither petitioners nor their advisers appeared to be even vaguely interested in the importance of cutting back their expenses. Nothing in the record indicates that petitioners either sought or received any advice about how to curtail spending."


I recommend finding a sponsor who is reporting a profit on his taxes with the AmQuix products business. You need not duplicate the methods of someone losing money in the business. If you comply with the Amway Retail Sales Rule stressing sales, personally sponsoring enough people and minimizing expenses there is no reason you should lose money in AmQuix. AmQuix could really work. Most people lose money because they are not taught to run a profitable business from the beginning. This means having high personal sales while minimizing expenses. This is only common business sense, which is routinely thrown to the wind by many sponsors and many lines of sponsorship.

You should research and test your sponsor and upline if you want to avoid getting in what other distributors call a "bad group". From site visitor opinions, this will be a critical factor in profitability and quality of experience.

"I don't know much about the Dexter Yager side of the organization but it looks like there's a bunch of VERY misguided people over there. Again, it's not the company that's bad, it's the misguided IBO's that ruin everything. I'm just thankful that we're in a strong organization" IBO Site Visitor

"I am not currently in but am seriously considering joining once again. I was in the Britt group several years ago and was very, very dissatisfied with the way the way they operated. This time I will be signing with a different group." Former IBO, Site Visitor

Unfortunately, the different AQMOs, Yager, Britt, INA, WWDB, Pronet, etc do not publish audited data, let alone any data, which could be use to determine which system has a higher level of distributor retention, sales, and distributor profitability. It is taboo for one line of sponsorship to compare themselves to another line of sponsorship (AQMO). I have seen spreadsheet style reports issued by Amway to Emeralds and above, which contain sales growth data, distributor retention rates, and sponsoring data. Ask to see these data if you want to get a feel for whose group has consistent growth. It is only common sense to get in the group with the best record of accomplishment. As in any business, there will be personality conflicts. Try to identify them in your research up front.

"...As is sometimes the case in any business, there were some relationship issues with our business associates (upline) that were not satisfactory either. If I do reenter the business I will be more careful in selecting an upline" Former Distributor Site Visitor

" I found another organization to sponsor me. The differences in the way the two organizations are run are amazing, even given that further upline, I am still a part of the original organization I was in before."

"...there were so many lies, and I am still trying to deprogram. I wish I could get my products from Amway without any upline benefiting from it." IBO Site Visitors

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