Amway entices people to renew their
Amway Distributorships with Apple Ipods!

From a site visitor:

Hi Scott,

This is really wierd, enticing Amway buisiness owners with an Ipod to renew their business. Does Timhorton send such emails out or does McDonalds or any other franchise...Do bussiness owners need to be given incentives to renew their business. If you are making money in the business why would you not renew on your own. Is amway making $ from renewals.Have their profits dropped to that level that they have to operate like a membership store

The icing on the cake is the auto renewal... will give you double the chance to win the price. I just could not believe this.

I am  neutral towards MLM's, as there are people who are successful with both Amway and the books and tape money, but this is just not one would expect from a business.

see  pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes).pdf attachment renew 2011