Relationship Marketing

Distributors are trained to take an interest in you and make you feel important. One of the first books you will be asked to read in your AmQuix career will be "How to Win Friends and Influence People". It is no doubt a good book and teaches many useful interpersonal skills.

"...Another thing I notice they always try to lure you in by trying to relate to you. Whatever interest you name you have, they automatically pretend they like it too, to gain your trust." Site Visitor

"The recruiter starts to learn all about the potential recruit--his hopes, his dreams, fears, relationships, job interests. The more information the recruiter can elicit, the greater his chance of manipulating the person." Steven Hassan "Combating Cult Mind Control" Page 49

These and others are the people skills learned, which are used to make you drop your defenses. It opens you to be more receptive to their propositions, many of which defy common sense. They go to great efforts to learn about you and discuss things, which interest you. The personal relationship developed is the shield, behind which the poor business results of the majority of distributors are hidden. Most distributors are "faking it until they make it". Many of these people will become your next "best" friends, as long as you stay active. They will never be good enough friends to show you their Schedule C on their tax return.

"Everyone in my local group who's actually doing the work at a go-getter level is making money in Quixtar" All (various directs and above) are making more money in Quixtar than in their day jobs" .Scott: How do your really know? Did you see their IRS 1040 Schedule C? "Your first question was whether I've seen upline tax returns. Of course not." Site Visitor e-mail exchange

"But no one who 'loved us' has called us, except one or two people downline" Former PSDD, Founders Direct Distributor

Site visitor e-mail says it is best not to prospect your relatives, and close friends. The whole process can strain relationships when they "don't see the light". You need these relationships later if you decide not to continue the business. If the business were so good, why can't a total stranger see the savings benefits for himself without having someone else's name dropped to lend the prospector credibility?

"...I was asked to meet a friend of mine. He was up on vacation. I was happy to see him although he was quite vague as to his purpose. I met him and he started on the program you describe on your site. This is not the first time I have been approached by "old friends." Each one totally avoided the PURPOSE of their desire to see me; they just wanted to talk to me in person. The sad part is that it hurts. I no longer consider these guys my friends. I have lost all respect for them. I want to improve my financial future, but I want to do it honestly without imposing and alienating my family and friends." Site Visitor

"...Whether intentional or unintentional I feel that we have been abused that our home and sense of friendship has been violated by this non-sense." Site Visitor

"..We came clean with our downline and they left the business as did our sponsors...we couldn't live a lie and we felt we owed our downline the truth. Had we known, we never would have brought them into something involving so much deceit." Former Distributor-Site Visitor


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