Most of Quixtar Bonuses are now paid at
"Quixtar's discretion"

One of the hallmark arguments of Amway and Quixtar supporters is that "if you do the work, you will get paid".  Well I down loaded the latest Quixtar bonus plan (QBI) and found a statement there that correlates to what is now pretty much common knowledge;  Quixtar is not paying bonuses to all of the people who earned them.  If Quixtar doesn't like you, or who you associated with, or how you run your "independent" business then they have the option not to pay you.   It is simple as that.   There are numerous stories on and off line, of Quixtar cutting off peoples' bonuses, who did the work for the bonus, yet Quixtar refuses to pay them.   Oh, and of course if you want to challenge them, you get to file your case in Quixtar private court with Quixtar's own private army of trained arbitrators from JAMS.     The cost to fight Quixtar in JAMS arbitration will not be worth the money you are trying to collect.  So like many, you will just resign and learn from your mistake of dealing with such a company.   Besides since it is written in fine print that it is at their discretion, you have no legal right to the money for the work that you did. 

Yes folks, read the fine print in the QBI bonus plan pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) and you will see for bonuses above the normal 25% that they are paid at Quixtar's discretion.   Yup, you heard it right, you can do the work, and still not get paid for it.    Check out page 20 of the QBI "discretionary" bonus plan. 

So when someone shows you the plan, ask them why you would want to get into a direct selling opportunity where all of the big money you can earn is at the discretion of the people paying it.   You can spend a lot of time and money building your supposedly "independent business", only to have Quixtar rip your income away from you at their "sole discretion".   How many of you would take a job on the basis that you "might get paid" at the end of the year at your employers "sole discretion"?

And, don't forget, Quixtar can change the rules at any time at their discretion.   So one time Quixtar approved methods can in a minutes notice be against the rules.  See Quixtar's endorsement of stacking with their custom SA4400pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) , which later became the reason not to pay everyone bonuses. 

So which bonuses are now discretionary?  Almost all of them now.   Do the might get paid... you might not.

Hey maybe their new $60 million dollars in bonuses is financed by all the bonuses they decided not to pay to the "independent business owners" they do not like!

Did you get screwed out of your Quixtar Bonus?  Write me.