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This page is intended to give the new prospect a little quiz to see if the person is ready to face many of the hardships in the business before they spend a lot of time and money on the business. IBOs have thanked for having my site to help prepare their prospects better.

"By the way-Thanks for presenting this Article on the internet-One of my new recruits read your article and I think she will probably quit. These types of articles let me know who has the will to build the business and who doesn't."

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I get a lot of mail from current distributors, such as the quote below.

"You see one of the very best things about the Quxitar or Amway business is that anyone with $100 can get started. This is also one of the worst things, because with such a small unqualified startup price there is little or no motivated accountability to ever do anything with the business." IBO site visitor

It is so easy to spend the $100 or so for a kit and just say "what the heck, let's give it a try". Amway distributors must tow a fine line between saying how good the opportunity is versus saying how much time and effort the business really takes in order to just break even! Their quest is to recruit people in their downline and not turn them away. Telling them how difficult it really is, doesn't help get new people in.

"It is very difficult to make a profit in the Amway or Quixtar business if you do not put a lot of hard work into it on a consistent basis and treat it as a business instead of a hobby." IBO site visitor

"Point is this....the majority of people who do not achieve in this business simply do not make the investment it takes. That is the time investment." IBO site visitor

"Amway requires an enormous amount of time," Schwartz said (a 28- year Amway veteran). "The channel is one that is not attractive to people who are concerned with the amount of time that they have in their lives. ... The channel, for all practical purposes, is dead." Scott Leith The Grand Rapids Press 05/18/2000

Amway reports that just over 50% of distributors renew each year. They do not release any other data, which shows renewal rates by how long a person had already been in. Amway is very proud of the fact that their retention rate is so high compared to other MLM's. Consider the fact that the business is supposedly so easy by "showing others how to save money on what they buy everyday, and having them teach others to do the same". It amazes me that the products, prices and service don't keep more people in just buying for themselves and yield a 90-95% retention rate.

From a site visitor who was not properly prepared

"I became a member of Quixtar in the latter part of March. I have already spent over $700.00 doing exactly what my upline and sponser have told me to, my wife and I have three children two girls which are three and two years old and a son who is just 10 months old. We are struggling to pay our bills we both work full time jobs. When we were introduced to Quixtar we both thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to excel and to be able to spend more time with our children. We were told that the education we would get out of this would be invalueable and necessary to build our new # 5 ranked ecommerce web based business in the world well needless to say we were hooked. So when I started talking to people about Quixtar trying to get my first 10 people I got a lot of "is this Amway?". .....Hopefully your site will prevent others from wasting time and hard earned money on something that unless you are financially set and have plenty of time wont work."

The poor retention rate leads me to believe there are other factors, which distributors only learn over time. These factors will not be pointed out to them by their sponsor. It is plain that most sponsoring is done on the lower levels of the organization, by people who are new to the system. Most sponsors can't possibly point out all the not so great features of Amway/Quixtar as they haven't been around long enough to experience them. Pro Amway/Quixtar feedback repeatedly points to the fact that distributors do not make it in the business because they just don't work the business hard enough. They don't show the plan 10-15 times /month, period. They don't invest the time. Showing the plan of course sounds easy when you think you actually save money on what they are buying, or that the product line is the greatest thing. Recent sales growth (-28% in two years) would seem to imply people are not moving more and more product, but less and less. If the purpose of the business is not to move products in a competitive manner and make money, what is the purpose? Is it to sell hope and a better way of life: the Amway way of life? Some distributors actually write and tell me this. See below.

"I am sorry you did not have that experience, but what right does that give you to take the hope away from people who may have nothing left to hold on to? Do you want to be responsible for the children in the marriages that don't get healed? We have two small children who would be living a completely shattered life (as I did as a child) with divorced parents. That alone is reason to be involved in this business. Secondly, I believe that the morals that are taught in this business are a necessity in the moral graveyard of our society today! Where else do you hear people talk about getting your priorities right and turning off your television! If you want to stand before God and have to answer for the dreams you have shattered, the accomplishments you have stolen of your wounded pride, I will pray for you." IBO site visitor

Having been in the Boy Scouts, where the motto is "BE PREPARED", and having earned the rank of Eagle Scout, I think, ALL potential IBOs need to BE PREPARED to do this business and ask themselves some hard questions. Ask yourself these questions now rather than suffer the consequences in a few months or a few years down the road. Even if you answer "no" to several of the "integrity" questions it is indeed good because you will be setting up the ethical standard for how you will do the business. My stand on the need for retail sales is firmly defined in other parts of my site. The questions below are geared for the networking only business model. Your input is welcome.






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If you've ever heard the tape "Pigs don't know pigs stink" Dave Severn tells a story similar to this, but it's about a person graduating from college.

Imagine if after you had bought your kit and your opening it and there's a midget at your feet. This midget goes "PSST!"
You ignore him going though your kit looking at your future.

"PSST!" You look down at the midget and say "What?"

"Hey dummy. 95% chance you'll lose money." "What?!"

"Yeah. 95% chance you'll lose money."

You doubt the midget. You aren't no dummy and these are class people."No way. These people would have told me that."

The midget just shakes his head and looks you in the eye. "Pigs don't know pigs stink."


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