Quixtar Admits Perfect Water Claims to be False

bennettteam_bicep_test.jpg (22580 bytes)May 12, 2008  QuixtarRulesAdmin

Yes, there are false claims being made in the video. Also, as I mentioned in my initial email, all materials must be reviewed by the Corporation prior to being posted on the Internet. We need this video to be removed immediately, and I also need to speak with you further either by phone or email regarding the video.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Karen O'Neill
Rules Administration


In an unprecedented move Quixtar finally admits some of the claims being made about their "Perfect Water" are false!  Even Amway zealot David John Steadson BSC, GDipHsc Graduate Diploma in Health Science, otherwise known as "insider" and "IBOfightback" says the ridiculous claims of the water are "scientifically absurd" .     Until now Quixtar has only taken the stance that the IBOs should not be making "unapproved claims".   Quixtar never dared to actively move and say the claims their distributors were making were actually false, but they have gone on record now.  In a communication with the youtube account "Bennettteam" Quixtar rules administrator Karen O'Neill states that "there are false claims being made in the video".   

Now according to Gary VanderVen at Quixtar/Amway/Alticor their crack employees screen new products and their claims before they are taken on by the fine and reputable Quixtar/Amway Global corporations.

"Before a product is launched, there are dozens of people at Quixtar and Alticor who work on determining what can be said about a product that's accurate, factual, and representative of most people's experience with that product.  Claims substantiation typically involves marketing, research and development, quality assurance, and legal, among other departments.

Rules gets involved when someone is making claims about a product which fall outside of what we've published or provided for use."

It seems despite all the departmental review at Quixtar/Amway that they missed the outrageous claims being made on the Perfect Water web site.   Click here for a copy of their former website showing the outrageous claims and how to test a person.

What is still being said about the Amway's Perfect Water?

hey, for real, it works. I've always been a skeptic and i always have to see to believe and try for myself, and I've tried it and seen it and I've done over 100 tests. The stuff works. It's all in the science man. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, don't make judgements until you do.

the water works, no bs, it does....i was very skeptic myself but it works. I walked in to a gym and a guy maxed out at 310 pounds, getting it off the bar only 3 times. I let him shake it off and then gave him the water. He got back on the bench and squeezed out 6 1/2 reps, explain that....

I actually just tried this water today... and it does actually work. i thought my friend was gonna pull a prank on me then i tried the water and i could stretch farther and balance longer.

I work for a gym and we sell this water and we do this plus 2 more tests to new members and all of them are blown away... its not a hoax, all it is is more oxygen fused together to water for faster transport to the bodies cells,, more oxygen in the cells= more strength.

I've tried it and it works. No doubt about it. I'm more flexible, more explosive and better balanced during my workouts than i've ever been. I can't say if there are any yet-to-be-discovered side-effects, but i know for sure that the water does what it promises to do.

Awesome results on the biceps test!
I have not done any strength tests yet, I'll have to try that.
I did witness Tuba jump clear over a guy during a basketball game...whether or not that was a direct result of Perfect Water, I'll let you decide!

k, this stuff really works, i work in a gym and we sell this.. it slike mkiracle water, all it is is alot more oxygen is fused with the water which is transported thorughout ur body alot faster... more oxygen in more of your cells = more strength