Quixtar Legal Wants All "Perfect Water"
Videos Removed From the Web

This just in from a site visitor:

"I work at World Wide Dreambuilders. I just got off the phone with Bill Hawkins, who had just talked to Quixtar legal. They want all Perfect Water videos removed from YouTube."

It seems Amway distributors hit a nerve at Quixtar legal, and might be possibly guilty of what they have accused Mona Vie of in a lawsuit filed in Utah.  Amway distributors have been making unsupported claims of increased flexibility, strength, and balance within seconds of drinking their "perfect water" brand of bottled water.  As long as Amway wants to be the self appointed policeman of the MLM industry, don't forget what Amway's founder once said. audio.gif (922 bytes) 

One thing non-WWDB Amway distributor's should ask themselves is why only certain groups in WWDB got a head start with the product?   Why did WWDB distributors first have the water to promote, when it seems other groups had no access to the water?