Amway's number one occupational hazard

Toll_Road_Crash.jpg (43365 bytes)On December 21, 2008 four Amway distributors were killed in an auto accident driving home from an Amway convention in West Lafayette IN .  My condolences go out to the families of the four distributor's involved. 

This is not the first time Amway distributor's have died on the road in the line of business.    It is unfortunate that accidents happen, but people can minimize the dangers of being on the road in poor conditions.  People need to think rationally and logically about the road conditions and their own physical condition before and while driving.  Unfortunately from what I can tell, driving is the number one life threatening occupational hazard in the Amway business. 

Many tapes produced by the Amway lines of affiliation glamorize the "Amway Road Warrior" and the "do anything at all costs for your business" mentality.    Tapes I've listened to heroize the late nights and long hours spent on the road driving to conventions, meetings and showing the plan.  There are however serious risks with overdoing your time on the road by under estimating the road conditions and your own physical condition. 

I've had first hand experience with both bad road conditions and also being drowsy at the wheel.   Fortunate for me I was not injured in both cases.   These were however a wake up call to me that says a $40-$60 hotel room is certainly the best option when conditions are bad or you are tired.  The hotel bill and possibly missing some work, or part of that all important Amway meeting, are a much better alternatives than spoiling Christmas for your loved ones or some other stranger by being in the emergency room, or worse yet in the county morgue.  

Irrational decisions about road conditions and your own physical condition can cost you your life and possibly the life of a stranger also involved in an accident. 

You tube video of falling asleep at the wheel bug_video.gif (383 bytes).   Electronic stability control bug_video.gif (383 bytes) can help you maintain control of your vehicle in critical conditions.   Demand electronic stability control in your next vehicle and use tires specifically designed for winter use in snowy conditions. 

Bosch ESC:   Bosch videos on ESCESC saves lives pdf_icon.gif (914 bytes)