Integrity in the Business

"The Amway business is built on a foundation of integrity"

Amway Amagram March 1998

"What this business is all about is integrity. In every aspect in every way. You see some how by a miracle you and I got involved in the business that the leadership of this organization has an incredible amount of integrity. Diamond Distributor - Randy Haugen - Tape: "This is Amway" DBR 932 Mr. Haugen resurrected the false P&G Satanism rumor in the 1990's using the Amway voice messaging system "Amvox". Click here for more

Many lines of sponsorship go to great pains to explain how ethical and honest the business and their business associates are. This is needed to keep their credibility high in the minds of new recruits. Without implied credibility the business could not survive. Only after time will you really learn about your sponsor and upline.

Most distributors will not outright lie to you but they have been trained by their system to "bend" the truth in order to mislead prospects. Perfect examples of misleading people come from high level distributors:

"Sell him some of these (private franchising review worksheets) and say 'why don't you go out and do some one-on-ones with this, between now and your house meeting.' Tell them that they need to come back and see you do it and meet you, you're quite successful in this business. What's quite successful mean? It means you've been in a day longer than he has! Triple Diamond-Ron Puryear -Video:"Nuts and Bolts" RP-17V

"When I leave, my wife says this...listen "Bo won't tell you this but he's building a huge business". What is the key word? "Building" You could be brand new .."building" a huge business. She doesn't say he's already built a huge business. She says "listen Bo won't tell you this but he's building a huge business. And if he's offering to help you , talk advantage of it." Credibility. You can't edify yourself. But somebody else can edify you". Emerald Distributor Bo Short - Tape "Practice" PN1105

Many distributors will be less than up-front and will have hidden the Amway name until a more appropriate time.

"...we show a little bit of the video, up to the point where it says Amway. I cut it off prior that." Diamond Distributor Billy Florence - one time head of the Amway Distributor's Association Ethics Committee- Tape: "Building Your Network With Posture" DBR434.

"The best news is that we are going to remove the Amway words from this (private franchising model) and you can use it as a two step" Double Diamond- Greg Duncan - Tape: "Amway-The 21st Century" RP857

" very good. It doesn't mention Amway and it is an official piece of literature by Amway" Ron Puryear-Triple Diamond-Tape: "Basics of the Business" RP681

" can give him a PFR (private franchising review) and hope he has bad eyesight, or wait until we get the Amway name on the back page, so you can go at least this far with him. You don't have to show him the back page on a two step. Triple Diamond-Ron Puryear-Video: "Nuts and Bolts" RP-17V

As seen in the preceding section on "obtaining information", the result of the "Am-speak" phenomena is the slow degradation of personal ethics and integrity. It all starts with the many deceptive contacting strategies. They are based upon the blatantly deceptive "curiosity" approach. Amway Co-founder Rich DeVos comments on the honesty of the "curiosity approach".

"There is the curiosity approach and the direct approach....The curiosity approach is when you don't volunteer everything that they think they may need....You protect them from their own prejudices....Now I don't just volunteer that I'm in Amway, or that I'm in Quixtar." Diamond Distributor-Bill Hawkins-Tape: "Prospecting in the 21st Century" RP863

To most people not blinded by the dream, the system taught prospecting strategies outright lie to garner a prospect's initial interest.

"My sponsor was upset that I was telling the whole truth day 1 with all my prospects."

"I think they would be better off being up front on everything. It was a real roller coaster of emotions trying to figure right/wrong etc." IBO Site Visitor

Many prospects are not told the real purpose before a meeting. Many prospects are approached under the guise that they are being sought out for an opinion to help the prospector make a decision. The prospect readily meets to help their friend. The prospect feels honored the prospector so highly regards their opinion. The willing friend will soon find out the only purpose was to try to sell him on the business.

"I'd really appreciate your opinion and who knows, you might be interested yourself"

"I have something I want to get your opinion on" Interactive Distribution Manual DA1 pages 20,22

"I do web development as a job, they used this info to suck me in. 'You maybe able to help out our business with your skills in the industry.'"

"The guy had phoned to arrange a meeting to discuss "job prospects", as I had indicated my IT background" Site Visitor

"Very often an individual does not suspect he is being recruited. The friend or relative has just had some incredible insights and experiences and want to share them, or says he or she "just needs your opinion". Steven Hassan- "Combating Cult Mind Control" Page 49

Many prospects are supposedly referred by a friend. The approach is structured to imply that the friend is in the business and endorses the opportunity. The tactic reduces skepticism on the part of the prospect.

"They contacted me and told me that my friend Julian my was involved in this opportunity and has said I should be quite interested.... Julian was on medication for knee surgery and it was made quite apparent in their visit they were not going to leave until they had been given names. He wanted to be left alone and they were saying "Cmon surely there are more people, family, perhaps friends from work, people you have me".... They had been lying to me about my friends involvement" Site Visitor

The "save 30% " line is the perfect example of using deception to get people people's interest. Most likely, you even heard if from your sponsor. Most distributors, as well as Diamond Distributors perpetuate this line. Most distributors have not done the work to prove the savings for themselves.

"I also have a habit of analyzing numbers and immediately figured out that I had been lied to about saving and the PV system. " IBO Site Visitor

Still another example of deception is their 6-4-2 Sales and Marketing Plan. They deceptively exclude the actual historical average sales per distributor. I have seen 9 sets of Amway sales reports to Emeralds. The average IBO had 55PV rather than 100PV as shown in the typical plan. This almost doubles the recruiting efforts needed to make it to direct, or 7500PV. Experienced distributors know these facts from their own business but continue to repeat the unrealistic plan since "the numbers are easy". Showing the truthful numbers would be "negative".

"It was hard to Show The Plan (STP) to people when the numbers I show people are wrong " IBO Site Visitor

I could show you a plan to make a million dollars in the stock market in one year starting with just $2,000. It is just as unrealistic as the Amway 2-5 year 100PV plan. Few people will execute either plan to completion. You will need to find the right stocks, just as you will need to find the right six-ten people in AmQuix. I can also show you a plan to make $1 million by picking up aluminum on the side of the road. It will take a lot of time and hard work, just like AmQuix, but if you follow the plan long enough and hard enough you will succeed. You have to decide if the payoff is worth the time and money investment. The one big question in AmQuix is how long is long enough?

"The Private Franchising Review and IBO Plan are a little misleading with the $200 BV = 100 PV. However, it is prefaced by a disclaimer" WWDB IBO Site Visitor

"The guy had setup the automatic / per month over 12 months auto-delivery. He has a wife and a kid. Some months the amount of purchase was 296$ and other months 350$. His highest PV was 86." Prospect

 Plan presentations deceptively show 100PV being made with only $200-$250 in purchases. The histograms below show the average sales $/PV for core products in the SA13 catalog to be $3.21/PV and $5.12/PV for the Personal Shoppers Catalog.

"...One of the things my 'sponsor' emphatically told me, "for every 2 dollars spent, you get one PV." This was a big selling point to me and my fiancée. As I was looking through the "catalogue" trying to get my PV up to the first 100, ready to place my first order... I realized that their 2-1 ratio was seriously off base. Simply, I was out and out lied to." New IBO Site Visitor

Once you know the typical falsehoods and how they work you can trap them into lying. This will expose your sponsor's true credibility.

"At one point my wife asked "so is this like Amway ?" to which the guy replied "No, we're not related to Amway", only to completely reverse this statement five minutes later when discussing the online Mall feature of Quixtar which, surprise had Amway as the cornerstone. That, and the fact that ALL the literature mentioned Amway...."I even told Scott that I'll bet you it's Amway before we even went to the meeting! Maybe I should try getting a job with one of the psychic friends networks!" Site Visitor couple

23 reasons why Quixtar is not Amway

Another common deception is their "pin" or PV which represent various sales levels. You will be introduced to many "successful distributors".

"Sell him some of these (private franchising review worksheets) and say 'why don't you go out and do some one-on-ones with this, between now and your house meeting.' Tell them that they need to come back and see you do it and meet you, you're quite successful in this business. What's quite successful mean? It means you've been in a day longer than he has! Triple Diamond-Ron Puryear -Video:"Nuts and Bolts" RP-17V

AmQuix success is measured by PV level alone, and not by the more important net profit reported on taxes. This means a "successful distributor" will not necessarily be profitable. Secondly, most distributors always claim the highest PV level they ever attained. Many distributors, who have fallen out of qualification for the pin they claim, are presenting a false yet "positive" impression of success. They are not being honest reporting their current PV level. It would be "negative" to admit the truth of this failure to maintain the sales needed for re-qualification.

"You should know we are Platinums in the business and have been involved for a few years now" Q: I'm curious since few Platinums write me. Did you re qualify as Platinums are is that just the highest you attained? A: "We hit platinum and fell back in volume." e-mail exchange with Site Visitor

Oral Deposition of "Diamond" Distributor Tedd Fish (Complete Deposition)

Q. Are you a qualified Diamond? (August 2000)

A. No

Q. How long has it been since you've been a qualified Diamond?

A. Since the first time I went Diamond.(1988)


"We had begun to figure out that people had to qualify once and they could continue to claim the pin until it was publicly called to someone's attention. As long as everyone maintained a strict "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, everything would go along just fine. Talk about denial." Site Visitor

"Our group's volume has dipped below 3000pv and has remained there for the better part of 18 months. We still get recognized as platinums at all our diamond's functions, but deep down we felt we were deceiving all the believers downline and crossline" Web Bulletin Board

The need to be positive breeds an environment where "positive" lies are less sinful than "negative" truths. "Negativity" in this business is like being associated with something evil. So many site visitors have told me that many people's dreams will become so important that they eventually "check their ethics at the door".

"It is really hard to handle that all the people who seemed so honest and so trustworthy, really weren't"

"But, telling people that they would save money by buying Amway products instead of the inferior products they would find in the stores was a flat out lie. I knew that wasn't true but we had to follow proven "system" in order to succeed. " Former Distributor

"The breaking point for me came when we were showing some good friends of mine the plan, and my sponsor said something about his full time employment which contradicted what I had told them ahead of time, while I was building up my sponsor's credibility. Then came some awkward backpedaling. I could see the suspicion rising in their eyes and I will never forget it. These people were friends of mine, and it was because they trusted me that they were even there. I felt at that moment that I was betraying their trust. I would look at my friends and family with my wheels spinning, analyzing them as to their suitability for "the business." In return they just innocently looked back and smiled; they had no idea how corrupt my gaze had become" Former IBO

"When Allie and I got into Amway in 1989, Allie was a teller with the Royal Bank in High Prairie, yet when you look at the True North web site the Crawfords have her picture in their with the caption "bank executive". Is this lie supposed to fire people up that even "bank executives" get in this business? So where do the lies stop if they are as obvious as this and how much of what you are being told and taught is lies?" Former Diamond Distributor - Don Lorenzc

I saw this in their misleading contacting strategies, and plan numbers. I also saw this in my sponsor. He is the son of a minister, is active in his church and a teacher. I witnessed him on the telephone outright lie to his principal. He was apologizing for not calling in sick for school on a Friday, when in fact he took the day off to prepare for the Florence Spring Leadership weekend seminar. His dream was more important than his values, credibility and responsibilities. The majority of distributors commenting on my site only say that my site is "negative", and not that it isn't factual.

"Anyways...I shall pray for your soul because you will burn in hell for not believing in the Lord. I feel sorry for you. I can see why you are so negative and that you would spend so much of your time so try and tear a business down."

"I feel sorry that you focus on false negativity" IBO Site Visitor (he never stated what was false when asked)

This highlights my observation that many distributors believe that saying something positive, yet false or deceptive, is more ethical than saying something, which is factually true, yet "negative". Even for many of these "highly credible" individuals, the end will justify deception and lying.

"...I feel like I did when I was young and got cheated on by a boyfriend."

"There were too many "illogical" alarms going off in my head, and my conscience was relentlessly hounding me."

"...The manipulations were getting too much for me as well as the complete lack of integrity".

"...I was also made use of at a "Seminar"; claims about my so-called recruitment figures were quite simply untrue, but this did not deter people who were obviously 'on the make' from tweaking the facts and thereby gaining kudos." Former Distributors

"Loyalty and devotion are the most highly respected emotions of all. Members are not allowed to feel or express negative emotions, except toward outsiders. Members are taught never to feel for themselves or their own needs but always to think of the group and never to complain. They are never to criticize a leader, but criticize themselves instead." "Members are taught to suppress any negative feelings they have about the group and always show a continually smiling, "happy" face". Steven Hassan "Combating Cult Mind Control" Page 64, 41

I get many pro-AmQuix letters. They say I am a negative person. They personally attack me instead of the ideas and concepts I present.

"..I bet you are a person who tried but then didn't have the BALLS to go through with it! You got scared! So instead of accepting responsibility for your inadequacies, you BLAME others, instead of your own lack of courage and persistence (the TRUTH hurts don't it?!!!) Q12 Direct Distributor Site Visitor

"Now not to accuse you of being Hitler, but you definitely fall under the category of a "Dream and Hope Nazi." Rudy Distributor Site Visitor

Many seem to think the business is some sort of ritualistic trial of courage and persistence. My reply to this distributor was that I was indeed "scared" to do the business. I would be scared of investing hard earned money and time in any business that had so few real competitive advantages, in which I did not believe. Everyone seems to do it on faith alone.

Replying to pro AmQuix e-mail, I ask how much they reported as profit on their taxes due to the AmQuix products business, not including tools revenue. I never hear back from 99% of them. In only one case did a guy agree to exchange financial data. I gave him all my personal income and tax data he requested. He questioned none of it. He, on the other hand, reported $11,000 in profit having only $8,000 in net Amway bonuses and $16,000 in expenses. I asked him how he got $11,000 profit from those numbers, which seemed to me to suggest a $8,000 loss. Where was the missing $19,000 in revenue to turn a $11,000 profit? He claimed he knew nothing about "accounting". He decided to opt out of our deal once it was clear I was getting to something he didn't want to elaborate on. So much for distributor credibility and being open and honest. When it comes to getting the truth and hard data, you will find you will out last the persistence of the typical Amway distributor. They will be the one to call it quits and "flush you" before you give up on them.

The fast growth method is to get a list of names from the prospect. Once they have a list they will try to build one downline leg for the prospect, even if the prospect says he is not interested. The point is to prove to the prospect that people can be recruited. Most prospects do not prove to themselves that the products, prices and services are worthy of their time and effort. The action of the upline demonstrates just how easy it is to recruit their unsuspecting friends. The new prospect with a downline built for him will be more likely to stick around for a year or two. He will stick around not because he thinks the business has significant competitive advantages, but because if he leaves he has just lost his brand new downline.

"Give them something to lose by building depth in their group" Script-Interactive Distribution Manual DA1 page 40

"He suggested that I consider joining and "holding my spot" while the leaders build my tap root under me."

"I was being hassled by these people from a site called to hand over names etc of my friends"

"I have quit. They told me they will refund my registration fee. I had already contacted everyone on my list, but they are still going after them to try and sign them up." Site Visitors

One downline leg will never be profitable so the new recruit needs to get additional legs on their own to make a profit. Most prospects never make it beyond this one leg. If these distributors do not value the products they will soon quit. The organization always grows down in depth, giving new recruits the impression of terrific growth all the while the organization above them shrivels up as distributors leave.

"Most of my upline in Amway have dropped out except for one couple whom were PSDD. Now I hear they are Emeralds, The upline pearls divorced about 2 years ago and since quit, 4 were silvers including my sponsor, another 2 were 4000 or above and were all in one line (one leggers is what one crossline called them)." Former distributor - Site visitor

Fast growth requires getting new people active as soon as possible. The clock is ticking and the best way to keep people in is to get people sponsored below them. New people getting in will distract them from being concerned about making money for some time.

Most distributors know very little about the rules or actual numbers of the business. Most distributors have not even read the Rules of Conduct before they recruit others. Many recruits are hosting meetings before they know anything of the business or are even official distributors. Most are unaware of the Retail Sales Rule in the USA, which requires selling of products to qualify for performance bonuses. Many direct distributors don't finishing learning all the rules until they break their first direct and learn they don't have enough side volume to collect the whole 4% leadership bonus. Surprise! After reading this site most visitors will know more about Amway than distributors who have been in for a year.

"..if you've seen the plan twice, go do it!" "I don't understand everything, but I'm excited about what I've seen." "Your goal is not to get your people to listen to you. Your goal is to get your people to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about - which might not be you" Scripts from Interactive Distribution Manual DA1 page 41, 25, 38

"It is hard to comply with rules when upline doesn't tell you simply because they don't follow them either!"

"Unfortunately, they pull you in so quick and pump you full of so many motivational tapes and sayings, that we signed up anyway. We were also pulled in because we trusted our friends. I don't think our friends truly understood the true cost of this program and how many dollars and "points" it would actually take to do well." IBO Site Visitors 

"Mind you that all the while, Quixtar/Amway members are throwing the word 'integrity' around like a football. My Webster's dictionary defines 'integrity' as such: "uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principals; soundness of moral character; honesty". Somehow, I fail to see how misrepresentation and honesty are one and the same." WEB Site - Mad Rants

"Then, when you start finding out the truth (deception, secrecy, manipulation and much, much, more!!!), you have only 2 choices: perpetuate a lie OR be a decent human being and leave it behind. We chose the latter." Former Directs (that's 7,500PV+) from New York State


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"Anybody that goes to as much trouble as Britt does to tell you how honest he is you better have doubts about it." former Britt line Distributor