Self Improvement System

Numerous former distributors have written me telling me how valuable the AQMO self-improvement systems are. It cannot be denied that many people walk away with better life habits after being involved with the business. Many distributors have commented on all things that they have learned from their involvement in Amway.

"..I have learned much about leadership, and have a very good job as a result of what I learned." Former PSDD, Founders Direct Distributor

"The books they suggested I read helped me to understand how to work with people and help me understand that I was here for a purpose.....I chose to change. I merely made the decision to apply the principles taught on the tapes and in the books and applied some of them. " Site Visitor

"Much of my success is due to the principles taught me by INA: I would never have received them (principles, personal skills) from any other source that I have to date encountered. My life is better for the experience BUT I must admit, "getting out" of INA has been very hard for me (guilt)." Inactive Distributor

Some say they what they learned was worth many times the cost they incurred. Many also told me that if you want to make money, you need to apply the principles of success learned to some business other than the Amway products business. In the end, this is true because the typical AQMO business model is flawed. The business has few competitive advantages. If it were not for the continuous learning, and positive atmosphere provided by the system, most would have long ago quit due to the constant rejection.

"Rejection is the work of our business....What you get paid for in this business is taking it on the chin". Diamond Distributor Ben James tape BPB-28

Other distributors over time will debate whether some of the leadership skills learned were really not manipulation skills.

"As for the "leadership skills" you develop, there is some truth to that, however, many of the "people skills" are merely "manipulation skills". I know...I mastered them..."I have some time Tuesday night or Thursday night at 8:00...what works better for you?"..."OK, Joe, why don't we tentatively book it for 8:00 Thursday, and if I don't hear back from you, I'll see you at your house at 8:00". I have four or five for anything you can throw at me. I ask myself, "Is this skill in dealing with people, or is it manipulation?"." WEB bulletin Board

There is little net profit in the products business when expenses are factored in. The expenses are just too are high relative to each distributor's personal sales. Common sense tells anyone that without sales to disinterested third parties, there will not be enough volume moved to generate enough gross profit to cover the expenses and time of so many distributors working the business.

"We also did learn a lot of good principles that apply to all areas of life. It was just sad that they don't actually apply to building the Amway business." Former Distributor

"Yes, I lost money in the business last year. The education system made me a net profit of almost $40,000 last year. Why? Because principles I learned and mentoring I got from my upline Diamond, Emerald, and Platinum taught me how to maximize my financial potential in my current occupation and assist me in my finances with my other interests. I was able to meet Robert Kiyosaki and attend a seminar that he gave that I still refer back to by my notes that will help my income untold amounts in the coming years." Site Visitor

The business is also seen by many as a way to spread Christianity, despite being marketed initially as a viable home business.

"I think after years in the biz I can honestly say you have missed the whole point.......You see, people will be motivated by the cash up front, but I will tell you this, we (my wife and I) have baptized 2 couples and gone with them to the Temple to see them be sealed with their families. You analyze that for a while my friend....." IBO Site Visitor

I have received numerous e-mails. They all say the same thing; "I've learned a lot but haven't made a profit in the business". So in the end, is it ethical and credible for the AQMOs to market their life improvement system under the deception of saving money on products or saying it is a profitable part time business?

"What I hear some of you saying is that, "our other business is more important than our Amway business, and you better not touch it." Well, maybe you ought to get out in your other business; get out from under the cover of Amway and see how well you do. Sell motivation; get on the road; see who shows up. Virtually every company that tried it has gone broke, or at least disappeared. But I got to tell you, we got to get back to the fundamentals in the Amway business." Rich DeVos - co-founder Amway Corp- Directly Speaking Tapes Listen to Rich say it.

How could they continue to market their tapes and seminars, or evangelistic activities if they could not first deceptively use the AmQuix business opportunity to open the door for them? They are just like Anthony Robins or any other motivational marketer, except they deceptively used the AmQuix business opportunity to spark your interest.

"Some of you have got to ask yourself whether you're really in the Amway business or whether you're in the tape business. You got to ask yourself whether you're really in the rally business or in the Amway business. You must ask yourself if everything you're doing is to support your Amway business or is it really for a secondary motive." Rich DeVos - Co-founder Amway - directly speaking tape

"The business is a paradox: almost everyone I know who was involved in INA is better in their personal and business lives now, as a result of their experiences. But they never built a business in INA. Kinda makes me scratch my head....." Inactive Distributor

Many IBOs write and ask me if AmQuix is not the key, then what is better. If you like the AmQuix products and can sell them as well as teach others to sell, you could have a money-making business. Most people do not like to sell. What is better than AmQuix for most? The default option of "learn how to budget, save your money and invest it wisely" might be a better alternative for the majority. A savings discipline coupled with a reading program to enhance financial literacy, efforts to improve job skills and leadership will make most site readers better off than wasting their time with the100PV business model. Reading books is one way to improve yourself without having to do AmQuix. See this detailed page on what else is there if not AmQuix.

"The one positive to come out of my Amway experience was a change in my attitude. By reading books like The Magic of Thinking Big and taking the positives out of the motivational tapes, I was able to start believing in myself at a time when I really needed it. I applied it to my life OUTSIDE of Amway, and it helped get my career back on track. Thankfully, I got out before any financial or social damage got done, and the whole thing did not cost me any more that the initial sponsorship kit." Site Visitor

"One of the reasons I am not completely against the tool "system" is because reading the books and listening to the tapes has enabled me to overcome some of my fears and reticence of talking to people, which has been of considerable value in my ability to build my computer service business as well as Amway/Quixtar, and also in improving the communication with the rest of my family. Previously, literally years could pass without my having any contact with my brothers and sister, or my parents, let alone the more distant relatives." IBO Site Visitor

"For all that bothers me about that company, there's something that always something about it that intrigues me. I guess all that dream-building made a big impact on me, and I did indeed read a lot of books and listen to hours of tapes. The impression that was left on me was-- in general-- a very powerful and positive one, in spite of who brought it to me. It made me a strong believer in free enterprise and conservative thinking (for better or worse), and I have never been the same since. I just wish the company would exorcise the demons out of the organization, and work on those obscene retail prices." Site Visitor

"This business is not for everyone and everyone should decide for themselves. If I had seen your site when I first saw the plan I would NOT have become an IBO. This would have been a tragic turn in my life. There have been people that I showed the plan to and they went to a negative site like yours and they made a decision not to get into the business. I feel sorry for them and what they missed. I know if I had not spent the $3 to $5,000 thousand per year on the system I would have bought a new car instead of a good used car, maybe a 7 day vacation instead of combining a vacation and a function for 7 days, or an entertainment system so I could watch a bigger TV screen. Imagine how much more information I would have if I watched TV for those 6 years instead of reading 100 books." Site Visitor


If you want to obtain new life experiences, both good and bad, you might throw yourself in to the fire and give AmQuix a whirl for a few months. AmQuix is fully accredited by the School of Hard Knocks. Experience is always the best teacher. Your payments to the AQMO system will be tuition to throw yourself into a situation where you will learn many people skills and about people's motivations.

"Every situation is for our good. It's a teaching tool. Every experience you have is for your good and for your growth". Diamond Distributor-Diana Douglas-Tape: "Noah Built his Own Ark" GCS159

"I won't even get into the money I lost, the terrible fights I had with my boyfriend, I the pressure.... I'm glad I went through this because it made me grow up and not be so naive." Former IBO at 17

"I spent thousands getting a education I didn't want but will never forget." former Britt line distributor

"Maybe I had to go through that Amway fiasco in order to learn what things matter most in life" Inactive WWDB Distributor - Site Visitor

If you are a quick learner you can learn the positive habits they teach and hopefully not be assimilated in the group and waste your time trying to recruit others. This is basically what I did in the short time I was around them.

"I was in the business 7 years and learned a lot about people and about business in general. By and large it was a good experience, but I learned all that I needed in the first year and wasted the next 6"

"Thus "The Business" is still a paradox to me in many ways. As a Gold Producer with a Ruby leg, my perspective now is that I would never again get in Amway/INA/Quixtar to build a business. I would perhaps get in it to learn the business skills (i.e. personal development skills), but I would be sure to leave after about a year or so: that's all it takes to learn how to grow ourselves personally and you don't learn anything new after that. I have yet to find any organization outside of AmQuix that teaches as many people the business skills I learned while in it; I wish there were: it would be cheaper." Site visitors

Looking back it was fascinating for me to observe what was going on and observe the manipulations of huge groups of people. What turned me off were the many things they said that defied common business sense, and the many deceptive techniques taught and the blatant disregard of the Amway Code of Conduct Rules. Honesty and integrity was said to be all around me but it was never demonstrated nor observed.

"I think they are great motivators, however, and maybe they should just stick to that; we all need motivation. " Prospect Site Visitor

Continuous Learning

People should never stop learning. If you do not get in to Amway/Quixtar, consider starting a personal reading program, which will expand your leadership and financial literacy skills. Look at how you spend your time and decide if watching the idiot box (TV) is really worth you time. If you sit in front of the boob tube watching sit-coms and Jerry Springer, you will not learn much that will put more money in your pocket, or expand you intellect. Your local library will have most any book you could be looking for to help you in your goal of financial independence and self-improvement, so start there. It's free!

"You might mention in your "alternatives" section that Toastmasters is a way to begin learning about speaking and communicating, and can provide leadership skills for someone willing to take the initiative to run for club president." Site Visitor

Books I recommend: The Richest man in Babylon, The millionaire next door, Acres of Diamonds, The Great boom Ahead-Dent, How to make money in Stocks-O'Neil, One up on Wall Street -Lynch, Beating the Street-Lynch, How to profit in bull and bear markets-Weinstein. A typical AQMO reading list.

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