The Amway/Quixtar Hall of Shame
"In financial planning you trust no one. In Amway you trust everyone"
John Sestina- Quixtar Executive Diamond and CFP

Emerald's Joe and Lorinda Brassuer

Emerald's swindle downline and others on "H20 Water treatment" scam.

Quixtar and Jams team up to destroy Diamond

Bruce Anderson wins $301,000 judgement in Florida state court to only have his case retried in JAMWAY kangaroo court (Amway mandated arbitration).  The kangaroo court judge from JAMS/Endispute assesses him $729,000!

Double Diamond Hal Gooch

Hal Gooch shoots a black baboon and has racist remarks captured on video tape. 

RIAA v. Amway and various diamonds

Amway pays $9,000,000 to settle music copyright infringement case. 

Crown Ambassador
Dexter Yager

Charged with sexual harassment by Amway employee.  Amway employee claims to have been fired as result of the incident.  

Diamond Harriet Lyons

Fake Quixtar Diamond Harriet Lyons charged with 54 counts of fraud bilking investors and downline IBOs out of at least $2 million.

Hal & Harriett Lyons

Couple fake Diamond status, attend Diamond Club, and bounce tens of thousands of dollars in checks to Quixtar. Harriet goes to jail for defrauding $300,000 from a 77 year old woman.

Executive Diamond
Joe and Doris Shaw

Couple bilks at least 140 investors out of up to $10 million in real estate loan fraud used $2 million to inventory load Amway products. Doris files bankruptcy while still soliciting victims! Doris Shaw arrested for fraud, and pleads no contest to fraud charges.  Related murderpdf_icon.gif (914 bytes) story from Ann Arbor Observer.

Emerald Trevor Jones

 Utah Emerald IBOs scam 50 others for $2 million in Ponzi scheme, which supposedly bought accounts-receivable of Asian latex glove manufacturer.

Diamond Al Keranen

Diamond distributor Al Keranen takes 180+ Amway distributors for $12 million in real estate swindle.

The Ponzi Scheme -

Quixtar Crown, Don Storms, promotes investment Ponzi scheme. Over $17 million was scammed, much of it from downline IBOs.

PSD Direct Paul Grant

IBO running 4Nexchange investment scheme pockets at least $2.13 Million, much of which came from Quixtar IBOs. Paul Grant sentenced to 5 years in prison and to repay $18.7 million to investors.

WWDB Ruby Alfonzo Lacson

Ruby IBO sells unregistered securities in Washington State's largest stock swindle. $90 million lost by over 5,000 investors, many of whom were Amway/Quixtar IBOs.  Alfonzo goes to prison.

Emerald Dan Strader

Emerald Dan Strader and son of Tele-Evangelist Karl Strader, bilks $2.1 million from elderly investors in real estate scam. Dan goes to prison.

Amway sued for Patent Infringement

Artistry cosmetics accused of using patented formulas from TTI Inc.

Amway Cheats Inventor

Amway tries to cheat inventor out of product he asked Amway to market

Amway defrauds the
government of Canada

Amway pleads guilty to criminal fraud for tax evasion in 1983. This case was to collect the back duties, fees, and fines that had been evaded. The Canadian department of Revenue claimed Amway owed C$148 million. The case was eventually settled for $45 million.

Amway Corporation and
The Story of Emerald
Eric Scheibeler

Quixtar/Amway Corporation breaks bonus payment covenant and forces Emerald IBO into bankruptcy by holding bonus checks after he exposed fraud by his upline. This is not the first time the Corporation has withheld bonus money to pressure their "independent distributors" to see the "corporation's way. Rick Setzer had the same problem in his suit against Amway.

WWDB Diamond
David and Debbie Shores

Diamonds walk away from financial obligations. Diamond dream house sold in bank foreclosure sale.

WWDB Diamond
Greg & Kathy Gilmour

State of Wisconsin has to take Diamond couple to court on two occasions to pay over $12,000 in back State income taxes and fines.

Crown Ambassador
Bill Britt

Despite being the teacher of family and Christian values Bill Britt separates from his wife Peggy. Bill is caught in many compromising situations with another woman documented with 911 phone calls.

Crown Ambassador
Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager and InterNET Services Corp. ordered to pay $125,000 in copyright infringement suit of Les Giblin's book "Skill with People".

Network 21

Jim Dornan's Network 21 sued for selling pirated copies of the book "Skill with People". They settle out of court for $250,000.

Craig & Cara Loupelle

Loupelles' buy way to Diamond with fake direct leg to boot. Loupelle’s story from their office manager.

False P&G Satan Rumor

Thirteen years after Amway denounces the Satan P&G rumor being propagated in many Lines-of-sponsorship, Diamond Randy Haugen repeats the rumor on Amway's Amvox voice messaging system.

Sana Jennings-Fossum

Amway distributor accused of diverting $190,000 in Alumni funds to private account. $14,000 paid to Amway from the Alumni association accounts.

Jim & Patti Hearn

In a complicated swindle, Hearn used her influence to authorize the Jefferson County Schools to purchase hundreds of $322,000 worth of Encyclopedia Americana from her Amway distributorship. The Hearns were sentenced to 9 months in prison and 10 years probation.

Emerald -Mark Dean

Arrested for forging drug prescription.

Eric Snead

According to an AP article in the Boston Globe on January 6, 1999, Eric Snead, Amway distributor, "has been arrested after allegedly pocketing more than $207,000 the Foxwoods Resort casino paid for the delivery of mail-order catalogs and merchandise, police said." The Foxwoods Resort Casino had ordered Amagift gift albums from Snead, which they were planning to give their 11,000 employees as holiday gifts.

Last Tuesday, Amway Corp. representatives in Ada, MI announced that Snead's distributorship has been terminated.

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