FTC "approved"?

"It is also funny that when the FTC took Amway to court the judge threw the case out saying that Amway was the best, most ethical form of entrepreneurship he had seen in America."

"Yes Quixtar uses the same marketing plan and they should because it is the ONLY one that has been FTC approved so there won't be any more legal fights like there were in the 70's." IBO Site Visitors

"Ok, the SA4400 we'll just do it this simple. SA4400, I'll just tell you this. .SA4400 and you can see where they go through the four steps.....But the numbers are right there and you can point to them. One of the reasons is this document was published by Government's lawyers, which means it will have no appeal-ability factor and it is very yucky to look at..." Double Diamond - Greg Duncan - Tape:"Amway the 21st Centruy" RP857

"What makes it not a pyramid and what makes it approved by the Federal Trade Commission is you break away from whom referred you to this and you make that 4% bonus check. Diamond Distributor-"Joe"- Open Meeting Charleston, SC 1/2001


The statement above from a double diamond falsely asserts that the US Government compiles the SA4400 for Amway. Ever since the 1979 FTC (The Federal Trade Commission- an agency of the United States Government) ruling that Amway was not ruled an illegal pyramid scheme, prospects have been constantly deceived that the Amway-Quixtar business opportunity is somehow "approved" by the FTC.

"Are you aware that those numbers have to be approved by the government before they were made available on those slides? I Believe if there were any discrepancies in the slides that the government officials that reviewed it would have picked it up. I believe the government's math before yours. "

"The stats that you claim Quixtar has and that you are quoting from Quixtar are from the FTC, not Quixtar. Please represent that correctly." IBO Site Visitors

As certain lines of sponsorship release Amway-Quixtar data, IBOs again generally believe that the data has somehow been "approved" or blessed by the FTC.

"The FTC has determined you will save 30% on the products if you buy everything" WEB bulletin Board - Kelly R-WWDB distributor

"So I remember thinking, "I wonder how the pricing is". You know what I found out? Statistically, 82% of the products are the same price or less than Sears or Penny's. Number one. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION APPROVED!--82% of the products are the same price less than Sears, Penny's or Speigels." "BoShort"- Emerald Distributor - Training Tape

Even supposedly well trained, high level distributors perpetuate the deception that the FTC continues to bless the Amway-Quixtar business. In case above, giving approval to price competitiveness comparisons.

An easy to make telephone call to the FTC (1-877-FTC-HELP) will reveal that the FTC has never approved or endorsed any part of the Amway-Quixtar business.

In my telephone call to the FTC, they vehemently denied that:

  1. the FTC has "approved" or endorsed the business opportunity
  2. the FTC "approves" or reviews statistics of income and occurrences of such income levels
  3. the FTC "approves" or certifies price comparison studies.

The FTC web site can be found at http://www.ftc.gov/

I have written Amway/Quixtar for a copy of this approval letter. Despite repeated inquires they refuse to even acknowledge my request to confirm or deny the presence of such an approval.

"You know we get so excited in Amway. You know tell anybody a story in Amway and it's been multiplied 10 fold by the time nightfall comes. And, and that's great 'cause I love excitement, but the FTC gets a little nervous about that. You know they serve a good purpose in our country to keep things on the straight and narrow. And, that's why the SA4400 is so important. They have a rule that you can't write things down permanently unless it is in the SA4400. Only the SA4400 can do that. To be strictly legal with them, and set a fine example for them, you and I really can't write these numbers down ($50,000 per year for directs, and $250,000 per year for diamonds) for them. But, they can write them down. I can tell them anything I want. They can write them down. We are so clean and so legal, the FTC loves us.... Why don't you write the number $50,000 in that square. Ken Huskmier, I'm sure, is smiling back there being very proud of me, because that is what makes this so clean. I didn't write this down. They did. Pretty cool. ...So write down annual income, first year $50,000.....These are not things you can show to a prospect. These documents are only for you. But, you can tell them to them, and he can write them down. Double Diamond - Greg Duncan - Tape: "Amway the 21st Century" RP857. Reviewing the Private Franchising model

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