Who moved their Cheese?
A list of former Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Platinums and those missing in action

Last update: 14.02.2010

If the business had "effortless residual income", why would all these former high pins leave it all behind? This page is only meant to debunk the age old residual income myth still used as a line for new prospects to the AmQuix business. No one would give up their residual check if it they didn't have to work to keep the checks coming in.

Team In Focus: 6 Diamonds terminated, 11 resign in protest. The TIF Story, Quixtar's side of the story.

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  1. Werner & Erna Gommeringer
  2. Leonard & Paula Hall - Last seen promoting Melaluca. Hall had problems with Amway and the tools business.   Leonard is doing Xango now
  3. Ken & Doris Pittman - Germany - Quit and started own MLM called Euronet
  4. Kenny Stewart - Business terminated by Quixtar due to the suit in Federal Court.
  5. Don Storms - Doing Mannatech now.  Suspended for participation in a failed Ponzi investment scheme

Triple Diamond

  1. Keith and Jimmie Lee Bellknap - Setzer
  2. Robert & Jo Crisp - Yager (Forbes 1985 article)

Double Diamond

  1. Brig Hart - Pronet - Looks like Quixtar finally kicked him out for being a pain in their butt. He is in a new MLM now.
  2. Fred Harteis - Resigned from Quixtar in January 2008.
  3. Randy Haugan
  4. Lennon Ledbetter - in MLM "Purity 12"
  5. Carlos & Carmin Marin - Yager (with new MLM www.empexis.com)
  6. Bob & Debe Schmidt - Moved to Neuvision and then to Xango.
  7. Jon and Lynda Willis. Reading Berkshire, England - Terminated by Amway for buying legs.
  8. Don Wilson

Executive Diamond

  1. Marshall & Diana Douglas - TIF resigned   Now doing Oasis
  2. Trevor Chatham - Australia
  3. Casey & Jeannie Combden - now with BHIP
  4. Billy Florence
  5. Emilio Mantaraz - Spain
  6. Cliff & Cathy Mintner - Now selling Fruta Vida
  7. Terry & Yvonne McEwen - Foley- sold business
  8. Joe & Doris Shaw - Defrauded 140 investors for up to $10 million.


  1. Tom & Caryn Avelsgaard - Australia.
  2. Andy & Polly Andrews (Chose to be terminated) - (TIF)
  3. Bruce & Wendy Anderson - Business was seized through a Quixtar/JAMs arbitration
  4. Don & Jan Ashlock AtlasMall CEO Don Ashlock ILD (Doug Wead and Bob Smiley (ILD) are on the advisory board for Don Ashlock's AtlasMall.com. http://www.atlasmall.com/index.cfm?action=advisoryBoard).
  5. Renton & Karen Ball - now with elottery
  6. Jim & Denise Ballacera - Globalnet
  7. Gerry & Sharon Betterman (Chose to be terminated) Now doing Mannatech - TIF
  8. Winston & Joy Broad - Working as funeral director, Australia, sold business to Sword and Mills.
  9. Jim Brollier - Vince Berland-Flying Eagles
  10. Dave Butler - UK IBS was not allowed to renew
  11. Gayle Collinsworth (Chose to be terminated) - TIF With husband Without husband
  12. Doug & Julie Cassens - TIF resigned
  13. Wade & April Cowart - Yager-Wilson-Haugen-Anderson
  14. Dave & Vickie Dealing - Britt. Dave killed with another IBO in a car accident returning from a seminar, Vickie is said to have left the biz.
  15. Alan Decker -Autralia - now with Monavie
  16. Mark & Claire Doyle
  17. Bruce & Rita Dreyer - Britt/Renfrow/Taylor - Faked diamond
  18. Roger & Paula Galloway - now with success university.
  19. Pat Gregory - UK IBS was not allowed to renew
  20. Bob Gregson - now with elottery
  21. Chuck Goetschel
  22. John & Susan Haagen - TIF resigned
  23. Claude and Lana Hamilton - now in Monavie
  24. Jerry & Polly Harteis - resigned
  25. Jim & Julie Harstad  - WWDB now with Eniva
  26. Jerry & Kay Huffer - TIF resigned
  27. Marc & Shelli Hellinghausen - TIF resigned
  28. Mike & Lynn Jakubik (Chose to be terminated)- TIF
  29. Randy & Carol Jaramillo - Diamond removed from Globalnet (in MLM http://www.myhothand.com)
  30. Bert Jensen - Germany -Now with Tahitian Noni International http://tahitiannoni.com/233504
  31. Ed & Yvonne Johnson - Working as attorney and Xango distributor
  32. Al Keranen - Went to prison for bilking 12 million from other Amway distributors in a Ponzi scheme.
  33. Art and Bonnie Leazer (Britt) Now with NAA
  34. Dave McKewen - England
  35. Peter & Lynne Maddision - Australia
  36. Mark & Patty Middleton - now in Oasis Life Sciences
  37. Al & Helen LeBlanc - Storms Al's Web site  Al's book
  38. Hal & Herriet Lyons - Yager - Recognized at Diamond Club 2002 then terminated from Quixtar
  39. Barry & Luronda Joye - TIF resigned
  40. Tim & Lisa Leets - INA and he now work for Jarammilo's company.
  41. Adrian & Sue Lewis -TIF resigned
  42. Don & Allie Lorencz - (True North) (with MLM Melaluca)
  43. Rick & Eve Maxwell - TIF resigned
  44. David & Lisa Mitts - Pronet - sold business.
  45. Kevin & Patricia Mahony -Chatham
  46. Jim & Sue Pare - Jim is doing Electrical work with his son. Now with Dubli
  47. Bryan & Roxanne Parks - TIF resigned
  48. Denny & Lori Plauck - TIF resigned
  49. Jim & Kathy Paulin - left Amway for Mona Vie.
  50. Jack and Effie Ried - left Amway for Mona Vie.
  51. Todd & Brenda Rainsberger - TIF resigned
  52. Ron & Melanie Rummel (Chose to be terminated) - Melanie Rummel now doing Mannatech TIF
  53. Charlie & Kim Schmitz - Pronet sold business after tools business was taken from him
  54. Jerry & Mandy Scriven - UK, IBS was not allowed to renew
  55. Bo & Sandy Short - (resigned out right, did not sell business to anyone) now with Oasis Life Sciences.
  56. Robert Stonelake - (Forbes 1985 article)
  57. John & Pat Terhune (Chose to be terminated) - TIF
  58. Celia Thornburn & Graham Duck (Gulick-Smart) Terminated by Amway Australia
  59. Loren & Sandra Watts - Terminated - Yager - set up Omegatrend MLM
  60. Doug Wead - In Xango
  61. Frank & Dawna Zecher - TIF resigned New picture without wife

Diamonds working jobs again
Gail Cravin - Working real estate for Bissell-Hayes in North Carolina
Lisa & Joe Edwards -Britt
David Fraisier has a JOB as a Real Estate Agent in Slidell, Louisiana
John & Robin Gurley http://www.bgnproperties.com - Bogus
Fred and Madelon Holpp WWDB/ILD - selling Real-estate
Brian & Lorraine Levy -  new zealand now have one qualifying leg and he is working as an accounts clerk after 13 years as a diamond.
Gary Libby - run an outfitting business in Maine and Labrador - Libby Camps
Tyler Libby - run an outfitting business in Maine and Labrador
John and Pam Marta WWDB/ILD
Jim Nealis is back to his old Neurological job
Jim & Dinah Martin - Jim is practicing Veterinary Medicine in KY.
Jack & Jane Pawlack - Now operates a taxidermy and safari outfitter business
Gary & Nana Schneider  - Diamonds in Pratt group of Gainesville Fl. Back to selling real estate.
Tim Tower - NH Diamond, now in the aviation biz. http://www.lmtaviation.com/about.html
Ron Victor (crown) - passed away in 2006.  Daughter Jenah Victor runs the business.  
Randy and Susan Walker - Randy works in another business and Susan does accounting from their apartment


  1. Ray & Pat Ambrose - Setzer/Yager
  2. Carson Atkinson -WWDB Carson is manager of a scuba diving company
  3. Om Bhatnager, Childers/Huebner.. Winnipeg, Canada..Small business, now with Dornan, also working in IT locally
  4. Warren Bruce
  5. Bob & Amy Brunjes - Howard organization
  6. Kevin & Wanda Campbell
  7. Brian & Andrea Colclough
  8. Jim & Julie Conroy - Knickman - Pronet
  9. Chris Cornilles - Wilson - black balled out of the business.
  10. Linton Deane - (sold business to his upline brother Craig Deane)
  11. Bob & Gerry DeYarman - Now in Melaleuca
  12. Jeff & Darlene Freund - InterbizUSA under Jim Pare
  13. Randy & Patti Hoffman - Harteis
  14.   Ed Huculak - Childers/Huebner, Winnipeg, Canada.. now a local newspaper publisher
  15. Ed & Sue Ganzor - Boggus (now in mortgage business)
  16. Steve & Judy Jakubenko - IDA, with Monavie
  17. Trevor & Deann Jones - Bilk IBOs in Ponzi scheme.
  18. George & Lisa Lesesne - Florence
  19. Sidney & Connie Linville - Now in Melaleuca
  20. Ray Lucier - Storms (wife's name?)
  21. Ray & Nancy Lussier
  22.  Ron & Pennie Mesmer
  23. Dom Moss .. ex- wwdb emerald ( down line from Jim Brooks ) has Tire & accessory business on Vancouver Island
  24. Homer & Jane Pateridis - Storms
  25. Norm & Cathy Persio - Now in Melaleuca
  26. Jeff & Joni Pro bant -
  27. David & Rose Roberts - Yager
  28. Juan Ortiz - he works for a credit card payment company-has ownership)
  29. Jerry and Sue Smart
  30. Ed & Barb Sawicki - Harteis
  31. Neil and Ruth Salway were Emeralds in IBS
  32. Grant Scheard - Harteis
  33. Eric & Patricia Scheibeler - Harteis
  34. Steve & Tina Steenmyer -- wwdb - Tina working real-estate
  35. Dan Strader - Sentenced to prison for 45 years in investment scam
  36. Dale Windle - Pronet
  37. Curt & Connie Whipple - Libby
  38. Kass Wronski - Now in Melaleuca
  39. Alex and Stephanie Zangari. - Harteis

Emeralds working jobs again
Paul Beach - Moved from WWDB to INA
Randy and Janet Council - Randy installs septic tanks, Janet is a stay at home mom.
Mark and Susan Chaney - working for a Water Conditioning Company doing sales - (Libby-Wilson)
Al & Alice Cicchese - selling real estate again in Fl, Al is signing and selling CD's.
Arthur & Lyn Davis (Australia - Gulick-Smart)
Chuck and Dianne Fahnestock - Harteis
Patrick Findlay & Sarah Findlay - WWDB
Fred Falduti & Merry Falduti - Britt-Zeender - Fred is doing real estate.   Merry works and Skyline Weslyan Church in Rancho San Deigo east of San Diego.
Jeff & Darlene Freund, interbiz, Jeff sells insurance for a bank
Sammy Gardner - Real-estate financial consultant
Brent Gove is now a realestat broker in Sacramento for remax.
Martin Gover WWDB - sponsor of EDC Dan Yuen. Is working at what appears to be a courier type job
Steve & Nancy McDonald - Britt - still is an attorney.
Will Moran Emerald True North (crawford-wilson .Org), working as a financial planner with Robert Frost group in Edmonton,Alberta 
Bert Oliver (Foley emerald) is back at work as a lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale.
Greg & Kathy Sheffield (Florence)
Dr. Jim & Melinda Romano- practicing medicine again in stuart Fl- (brother-in-law of Jim Hayes)
Jill Speck - Runs own clothing company www.carlofranco.com
Tom & Brenda Orr (Harteis) Salesman for a newspaper  
Don and Laurie Lloyd - BWW. Don is back doing drywalling and suspect that Laurie is once again teaching school.
Garry and Lisa Sadden - BWW. Garry is now selling cell phones.
Helen Stehbens - new zealand back working as a dentist after retiring 8 years ago
Joe and Lorinda Brasseur: - BWW. Joe is plumbing again and Lorinda is working as well.
Joe Thayer - working real-estatee
Rick & Dianne Yakome - Filed for bankrupcy Sep. 2007 - WWDB



  1. John & Deb Amoroso - Yager-Storms-Mazzeo
  2. Rob and Lisa Hutchinson - Markiewicz - Britt
  3. John and Beth Lavoie - Yager-Storms-Mazzeo
  4. Corey & Stacey Lessmann - Markiewicz
  5. Matt & Carrie Simmons - Kosage WWDB
  6. Dr. Stephen & Wendy Weil - Team ANS.  Now in Oasis


  1. Stephen & Wendy Weil - Terminated by Quixtar for participating in another MLM (Oasis Life Sciences)


  1. Patrick & Jennifer Brady
  2. John & Julie Marks
  3. Steve and Lee Prevost
  4. Richard & Lee Moore - Terminated by Quixtar for participating in another MLM (Oasis Life Sciences)
  5. John & Celia Moyer - Terminated by Quixtar for participating in another MLM (Oasis Life Sciences)
  6. Anthony/ Debra Underwood - Terminated by Quixtar for participating in another MLM (Oasis Life Sciences)


High Pins "MIA" missing in action or doing other MLM's too - Do you know their status? write an e-mail

Verb & Connie Anderson- Foley
John & Leeanne Bell (Emerald - purchased third leg- Combden, Kerr) Now operate a riding school/stable in Durham, Ontario.
Jim Bellecera Director of Marketing at Infinity2
Lloyd & Pam Glover Diamond -Yager (in 1993 Profiles, missing from 1995)
Clive & Paulette Clough - Foley
Ken and Gail Craven (website) (Britt)
Greg and Cathy Jahnke (Diamond Britt) (sighted at 2002 Q12 meeting)
Mickey Hamlett.- is inactive (Diamond Britt)
Randy Siciliano (Diamond Britt Renfro) (subject of Cairn's suit in 1984)
Eugene & Sarah Kim (Diamond WWDB)
Steve & Shauna Faught (Diamond WWDB)
Scott and Lynn Shaw - Diamond - full time financial planner - Yager-Harteis
Tom and Joyce Jagger - Diamond - no longer building, practicing medicine - Yager-Harteis
Dan and Mary Bell - Diamond- no longer building - Yager-Harteis
Peter and Cindy Chelovich - Diamond- Owns large import business- Yager-Harteis
John & Nancy Lear - Emeralds IBS
Renton & Karen Ball - Emerald IBS
Jerry & Mandy Kent - Emerald IBS
Lee & Sandy Mcann - Emerald IBS
Nigel and Louise Pugson - Emerald IBS
Frank and Karen O'rawe -Pearl IBS
Bernie & Janet De-Souza UK (Diamond-International Business Systems)
Lyndon & Janet Farrington UK (Emerald-International Business Systems)
Neil & Ruth Salway UK (Emerald-International Business Systems)
Ed and Barb Sawicki (Emerald Harteis)
John & Nancy Lear UK (Emerald-International Business Systems)
Bob & Betty Wells WWDB (although qualified Q12 in 2001)
Gene & Sheryl Lamazor (WWDB)
John & Pam Marta (ILD)
Bob & Mary Smiley (ILD)
Hank and Karla Kiefert-I.L D
Keith & Yanny Lockwood (ILD)
Dennis & Connie Long (ILD) (living in Encinitas, CA)
Keiji and Jean Bulette (ILD)
Chuck and Roxi Burns (ILD)
Joe and Glenda Humfleet (Ambassadors International -Setzer) - in 1994 not qualifying at direct
Gene and Kay Abney (Ambassadors International -Setzer)
Kay and Carolyn Fletcher (Ambassadors International -Setzer)
Tony Glass (Ambassadors International -Setzer)
John and Karen Perkins (Ambassadors International -Setzer)
Coleman and Charlotte Orr - Coleman passed away in 2006
Mick & Helen Lawrence (Yager/Gulick ) part of Trevor Chatham's group
Bris and Kerry Bovil. uk IDA
Bill and Maureen Cherry. uk IDA

Mike and di Beasley (IBS UK)
John and Julie Lee (IBS UK).

From a site visitor: You may want to think about adding "inactive" Emeralds and Diamonds, such as the ones in the still active Morrison lawsuit. These 25+ Diamonds, Emeralds and others have remained inactive, but may still have distributorships that pay them a few bucks every month... This list includes:

Kelly Robbins
Mark & Martha Hughes

Joe & Dawn Morrison
David & Rose Roberts - sold distributorship after lawsuit was filed
Randy & Janet Councill
Rick & Linda Werner
Dr. T.M. & Cynthia Hughes
Tony & Marianne Cutaia
Phil & Wendy Neely
Dr. Marion & Jean McMurtrey
Donald & Celeste May
Mark & Deanna Pruitt
Jeff & Cecilia Musgrove
Victor & Kathy Brook

** It was estimated these folks represented approximately $200 million in annual Amway sales - which is not just a fraction of what it once was at the height of these distributorships ('95 & '96).

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