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Update: This wording seems to work on E-bay. these ads with these disclaimers have not been pulled.

"572987374 20 IBO Motivational TAPES - NOT Amway/Quixtar US $8.83 2 03/30 17:41 "

"459931412 I'm a "QUIXTAR" "AMWAY" IBO selling 300 tapes US $41.00 8 10/10 17:42 "

"These tapes are not "AMWAY" or "QUIXTAR" products but were prepared and distributed by the Yager organization. These are 300+ motivational audiocassette tapes from some of the best diamonds. Including: Yager, Pratt, Carrillo, Victor, Stewart, Gooch, Kline, Foley, Woods, Meadows, Brown, Hart, Rummel, Short and many others. Mostly from the Yager line. A ton of great stuff for pennies on the dollar. Buyer pays shipping. Check or money order accepted (check must clear before shipping. DISCLAIMERS: "AMWAY" requires that I point out these are not an "AMWAY" or "QUIXTAR" product but rather the product of an independent business organization. "AMWAY" and "QUIXTAR" are registered trademarks of the "AMWAY" Corporation or its affiliates and use of the names is for identification purposes only and not an endorsement of these tapes or this auction. "

Amway and Quixtar are actively trying to eliminate the sale of all AQMO materials on auction sites like E-bay. A valid auction for old Amagrams was shut down at "the rights owners" request.

I received the following for an auction I bid on:

430365831 - 100+Amway Amagram INA NtwrkNw Britt Worldwide

was ended early by eBay for a listing violation. A Verified Rights Owner, such as a copyright, trademark, or patent owner, notified eBay that the auction item or material contained in the listing infringes its intellectual property rights. eBay takes no position on the authenticity or authorized nature of such items, but we take appropriate action when requested by a Verified Rights Owner. Since the auction was ended early, you as a bidder are not required to complete the transaction. Sellers that feel their auctions may have been ended in error have the opportunity to get in touch with the relevant person or company or contact eBay.

In another two auctions where is was said "used by Amway IBOs" was also shut down even though it did not say "Amway tapes". The greedy diamonds must be losing out on the new tape sales and have asked for help to squelch the secondary tape market.

427119257 - 20 tapes used by AMWAY IBOs - Carrillo, Schne

427108989 - 15 tapes used by Amway IBOs - Rummel, Douglas

was removed by eBay for a listing violation. A Verified Rights Owner,........

From E-bay:

Hello Scott,

Thank you for contacting us. I sincerely apologize for our previous response, as we misidentified you as the seller in the auction rather than a bidder.

The listing in question was removed at the request of the representatives of Quixtar, Inc. Since the auction was removed by the rights owner, you are not obligated to complete the purchase of this

Amway Corporation has advised us that it makes every effort to protect its trademarks, its corporate logotype, label designs and various product names so that others cannot use them. They also have matters where distributors violate a contractual agreement and sell their products online. You can learn more about their position by clicking on
the following link:

You can also contact the Rights Owner, Amway, at the following email
address: They may be able to assist you further in
resolving this situation.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


eBay Community Watch Team

From Quixtar:

Actually you are arguing our point and you don't even realize it. Those materials are privately produced by organizations other then Amway and Quixtar. The reason sellers are having problems listing on auction sites is that people are attempting to use our corporate names to advertise their materials. Besides the generic trademark issues, how do you know these materials are actually related to our businesses? As we know with auction sites, who knows what some of this stuff is. This is completely and absolutely a trademark issue and nothing more. Sorry you don't see it that way but, that's the way it is. Hope this helps and talk to you soon, J

My reply:

Hi J,

Your point is well taken but you have ignored the specifics of the issues:

I understand the products issue since it is in the rules. Take those down.

1) How does the ad for old Amagrams violate your trademark? Amagrams are made by you guys! It is an Amway made product. Where in the rules does it say you can't sell your Amagrams?

2) The tapes ad did not say "Amway Tapes" it said "tapes used by Amway IBOs". Again Amway IBOs are selling the tapes, what is false about this? Pretty soon Ford will claim a trademark infringement when some advertises a "Tires used on a Ford Explorer" for sale.

Technically you may be right, morally the Corp is wrong. It is just hypocrisy that you let your Motivational Organizations push all this crap on the IBOs and then disavow all relationships with them in this manner.

The AQMOs are using the Amway/Quixtar business opportunity every day to sell their tapes.

Until the AMOs provide a market to get rid of the stuff, I will rub Amway's nose in this, just to show how AmQuix appears to support the AMOs BSM profits above the financial well being of the small guy. This really makes it look like the Corp is sleeping with the big pins.

What is the risk of not stopping the resale of AQMO tapes on e-bay. Has an e-bay buyer complained that the got tapes not used in Amway when advertised that they were?




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Site Visitor Response:


Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 5:33 PM

Subject: BSM Tools

Thanks for shutting down my auction. I couldn't sleep well the past few nights knowing that I might be destroying the Amway/Quixtar name with the same support materials that were shoved down my throat by my upline. If these things are so great then why would you not want people to have them instead of sitting in my closet. I don't see anybody shutting down the group that builds the business through misleading information. A group that never told me about or had me sign a BSM arbitration agreement. A group that told me Satan was making me quit when it was the fact that I couldn't stand the blatant lies being told to my family and friends. Speaking of protecting "Names", maybe I should file a lawsuit that would bring justice for my "GOOD" name being destroyed by this business. Or maybe I would just like to re-coop some of my money without having to go through my upline and forget this whole mess.

Thanks again,



I was so mad when they pulled my auction. I thought it was just about all over and I wouldn't have to look at these tools anymore and move on with my life and then they just twist that knife in my back. I'll let you know if they respond but I doubt they will. I wish there was something I could do locally to warn people of these losers "contacting" at the local coffee houses and book shops. Maybe we need a local seminar for re-building your life after "the business". Keep up the good work Scott.

Thanks again,


P.S. Did anything ever come out about the shutting down of That is what triggered that something was funny about the business when they started going after IBOpro (Quixsource). That's when I knew the Britts and Yagers controlled it all and it was all about the tools. Just curious but I think something is fishy with that one.