Due Diligence

 Like any prudent investor you too need to perform your due diligence before investing your time, money and reputation in Amway/Quixtar. Here is a checklist of things I recommend to do first for your self.

"If you go check a business out, I suggest you go all the way through all the hoops., to really check it out. To see if it is something for you." Emerald Distributor Jamie Nettles - Open Meeting

The Rationalist: The death of gut instinct.- From the SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) website

Site Visitor Summaries of their Due Diligence

(By the way, my price study [which I'll have to scan] was enlightening. I'll send you a copy.

I compared their 'In Home Shopping Service Catalogue' [IHSS] to Von's grocery store [popular here], and their 'Personal Shoppers Catalogue' to Sam's club [similar to Costco]). IHSS did prove to be a savings on average if compared 'per use' to Von's. But the Amway Personal Shoppers Catalogue was a joke. Not a single item I compared was even close to Sam's club. I compared a lot of different types of merchandise. Need tires? You'll spend 150% more at Amway!)

I invested a total of 12 hours in personal meetings with my potential sponsor and his upline (including the 2 hour presentation). I invested over 40 hours seeking information on the web and other sources.

I came to the table seeking information. It is clear from my questions that I was searching for documented evidence of viability concerning this business. I was provided none. The best evidence they have to offer is a parade of a random few 'success' stories and some ideas about how to do it.

In my mind, I am more than satisfied that to become an Amway Distributor you must do it on faith alone. They are unable, or unwilling, to produce documents that substantiate their claims. Business is not done this way for good reason.

For this reason, and others, I will not endeavor to invest money or time to this business. It's a bad bet all around. It is truly a negative sum game wherein only a few 'hit the bigtime' while most are just contributors. Meanwhile, in my opinion, they leave a trail of people behind them that feel like they just don't have what it takes to be successful. Sad.

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