Classic Amway Sound Bytes

Amway Amway - Fanny Alger .mp3  3 meg
Value Village People - This is Amway (live). 6.6 meg
Value Village People - This is Amway (remix)  7 Meg.
Amway is a blast for me!  1 meg.
On the cover of the Amagram   2.2 meg.

"I am Amway" by Paul Harvey .mp3 420k

"Recruit, Train, and Motivate" - .song .mp3 372k by the Sanborn singers
"What is this thing called Amway" - song .mp3 275k by the Sanborn singers
Pat Boone "Are there any more squares out there?" - song .mp3 440k
Pat Boone "We were Amway" - song .mp3 457k

Rich DeVos on the Donahue show - web page with sound bytes
Rich DeVos "Directly Speaking II - 6.2 Meg

Rich DeVos - "Selling America" side 1 -2.7 meg, side 2 -2.7 meg
Rich DeVos - "Four Winds" side 1 - 3.9 meg, side 2 - 1.8 meg

Birdie Yager discovers an additional chapter to the book of Acts in the Bible  3.2 Meg.

Amway Lawyers speak to 1983 Yager Emerald  and Diamond Club
zip_icon.gif (941 bytes)Diamond Meeting side 1 - 7.6 meg
zip_icon.gif (941 bytes)Diamond Meeting side 2 - 9.1 meg

zip_icon.gif (941 bytes)Emerald Meeting side 1 - 9.4 meg
zip_icon.gif (941 bytes)Emerald Meeting side 2 - 9.5 meg

Dexter Yager on never released recordings from 1983 Pearl Club
Tape 1 4.8 Meg, Tape 7 6.8 Meg
Tape 2 4.8 Meg, Tape 8 7.0 Meg
Tape 3 4.5 Meg, Tape 9 7.0 Meg
Tape 4 6.8 Meg, Tape 10 6.6 Meg
Tape 5 6.8 Meg, Tape 11 6.1 Meg
Tape 6 6.4 Meg, Tape 12 6.1 Meg

Recordings I am looking for:
Rich DeVos - Directly Speaking I
Randy Haugen Amvox message about P&G and the Satan rumor.
 Crown Direct Dexter Yager - speaks about the system money.
The false P&G Satanism rumor. 387K mp3 file Dexter threatens Rich he'll stop drawing circles. 324K .mp3 file
Gays, gals and guys. 246K .mp3 file Making more on the tools business. 66K .mp3 file
Friends and the business. 159K .mp3 file  If you really care about someone you will sponsor them 21K .mp3 file
Gold and Silver Directs are broke 22K .mp3 file  Your growth will stop if you don't use the system 41k .mp3
God has anointed this business 6K .mp3 file At diamond, the system is more income than from products 138K .mp3
Don't tell the whole story 52K .mp3 file Don't give them the details 96K .mp3
Spend your tools income on the business 36K .mp3 Teach them to get six because that sounds easy 129K .mp3 file
Emeralds are busy 30K .mp3 file Diamonds are very busy 100K .mp3
There will be casualties in the business 170K .mp3 file Tools give hope to save America 36K .mp3
 Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos Directly Speaking - about the systems and abuses

"But I think for most of you, you'll recognize that if we aren't careful with our image, some day it'll be so bad, you won't be able to sponsor anybody. And then there won't be any sense in talking about it anymore"

You present wonderful numbers, what about what it will cost? 42K Wholesaling only is an illegal business 123K
Some board members have big tape systems 52K .mp3 Uplines exert pressure on donwline to buy tools 101K
Tools abuses- The "tape system" could be an illegal pyramid 235K If we don't change, we won't exist 25K .mp3
The success numbers have not changed with tape systems 234K Everyone needs to show the same plan 88K
Are people in the Amway business or the motivation business? 69K Want to make money? Retail products. 102K
The tools/tape business may be an illegal business 54K Grow with retailing 39K
Don't brand anyone a loser 141k .mp3 The curiosity approach is not honest 79K
Rich DeVos in Directly Speaking II Side 1 .mp3 in 3.6 meg in .zip Rich DeVos in Directly Speaking II Side2 .mp3 in 2.7meg . zip
Donahue Show 1983 Interview with Rich DeVos 4.1 meg .mp3  


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